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DJ Turfcare Supports Retailers with Five-Day Delivery & RHS Endorsed Organic Ranges

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 29, 2020 / If the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it is that gardening has an important and valued role to play in the physical and mental health of many of us. As such, we are witnessing unprecedented sales of gardening products with demand continuing to outstrip supply. With many retailers struggling to achieve even minimum stock levels, one leading supplier, DJ Turfcare, is welcoming new customers aboard thanks to its speedy delivery and market-leading organic fertiliser ranges.


With delivery available for its Viano range from just five days, DJ Turfcare is continuing to lead the way, and has proudly done so throughout lockdown. The company reports that its UK customers are enjoying uninterrupted supply, which means the tills can continue to ring as consumers enjoy the fruits of their labour in their gardens, allotments and vegetable patches long into the summer season.


DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins said: “I appreciate that times are hard for many suppliers, working with skeleton staff and being limited by raw material or manufacturing delays. However, these issues are incredibly difficult to explain to consumers and retailers are being left with no alternative but to seek new supply partners. We’ve already welcomed several new customers and are ready to welcome more, all whilst not compromising on our fast delivery to store. Five days is all it takes to receive orders, with the long-term picture looking strong as our Belgium-based manufacturers, Viano, continue to increase production and UK bound delivery.”


DJ Turfcare offers UK consumers access to one of the most respected lawn care product portfolios available on the market today. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society since 2018, the range delivers high performance results, whilst also setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability with its 100% organic-based products.


It is this organic message which David believes will stand retailers in good stead for the long term. He added: “Our organic-based fertilisers provide a real and tangible alternative to existing chemical-based fertiliser ranges. Many of our retail customers are telling us there is a natural move towards organic products as consumers look to minimise their impact upon the world in light of the Corona pandemic. Couple this with the fact that our customers are telling us there is an issue with supply of traditional chemical-based ranges, and it becomes a clear choice for retailers who may have previously been considering moving to a more environmentally responsible supplier. It’s a win-win for all parties, with the planet winning most of all.”


DJ Turfcare’s flagship product – and the one that continues to top the bestsellers list - is Mo Bacter, an organic-based, slow-release fertiliser for lawns, which destroys moss by secondary action. It is easily spread, contains no chemicals, is pet and child-friendly, and completely harmless to garden plants. MO Bacter has legions of dedicated customers, all returning year after year to give their lawns a much-needed boost.


The second product in the portfolio is Recovery, which is praised by customers for its ability to completely transform tired, dry and brown lawns. Recovery contains the unique ingredient, Humifirst, which creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant making it perfect to use before laying turf, seeding, after drought or as an autumn lawn feed. Like Mo Bacter, Recovery has a proven track record for delivering expert quality results and is used by consumers who want to create a pristine lawn without the professional price tag.


Finally, Bio-Lime completes DJ Turfcare’s RHS endorsed offering. Created to combat black layer and all the acidic and sour conditions that can provide an ideal environment for moss to thrive, Bio-Lime essentially ‘sweetens’ the soil to raise its pH. Benefitting from almost year-round application usage, Bio-Lime is praised for its chemical-free formulation, making it an environmentally friendly solution to existing chemical-based products, and the perfect choice for the growing ‘green’ gardening sector.


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DJ Turfcare’s RHS endorsed product offering can be purchased from www.djturfcare.co.uk, as well as from a wealth of UK garden centres.