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Fast Company Press Author Introduces Innovative Strategic Planning Framework to Help Leaders and Organizations Achieve Legacy-Defining Strategic Impact



Fast Company Press Author Introduces Innovative Strategic Planning Framework to Help

Leaders and Organizations Achieve Legacy-Defining Strategic Impact

Create and lead your organization’s vital strategic planning program

with Dr. Carol A. Poore’s book, Strategic Impact


AUSTIN, TEXAS [JAN. 5, 2021]––All organizations and communities need a strategic plan to trailblaze the future while navigating constant change, amidst a distressed global business environment and continued uncertainty in 2021 due to COVID-19. Today, author Dr. Carol A. Poore Ph.D., MBA released her book Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan (Fast Company Press) to help business leaders create and execute legacy-defining vital strategic plans.


Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan presents a pioneering method that will help leaders guide and customize their organization’s strategic planning program. Poore delivers innovation through virtual strategy workshops, digital communication opportunities and new, accessible cloud-based tracking systems. Her three-part framework—applicable to most organizations regardless of size, scale or structure—simplifies the strategic planning process and ensures a clear, comprehensive and customizable approach for you and your leadership team, resulting in strategic goals being better tracked, communicated, celebrated and implemented.


Endorsed by the global Association for Strategic Planning, Poore’s framework modernizes strategic planning and focuses on creating a life-changing workshop, written plan, and goal tracking system leading to communicated and celebrated strategic impact.


Vital Strategic Planning =

the Strategic Planning Workshop

(the Shared Leadership Experience)


the Written Strategic Plan

(the Shared Story of Strategic Intent)


the System for Tracking and Communicating Results

(the Shared Goal Outcomes—this is Strategic Impact)


This clear, comprehensive framework enables leaders to:

  • Declutter the typically complicated strategic planning process.
  • Deliver a destiny-shaping program in an efficient, budget-conscious way—including mission-driven small businesses and nonprofits with limited resources.
  • Plan and lead a life-changing leadership workshop experience culminating in strategic goals.
  • Craft a compelling written strategic plan which can be digitized and communicated through social media.
  • Implement an effective tracking and communication system to monitor progress and ensure accountability.
  • Engage employees, customers and key audiences in celebrating your organization’s strategic impact.


Poore believes an organization’s strategic planning program can strengthen valuable internal and external social capital, helping leaders create valuable networks that can be mobilized to achieve competitive advantage, collective action and strategic impact.


“Most executives are excellent at running their organizations, but may not be quite sure how to develop an exciting leadership experience that will lead to a successful strategic plan and most crucial – implementation,” Poore noted. “It’s important to consider your strategic plan as your company’s grand employee engagement tool leading to strategic impact for the organization, as well as for each individual employee.”


Strategic plans must help organizations engage leaders, share a clear direction and mobilize the entire organization to achieve the desired strategic goals. However, few organizations are experienced at quickly putting together a comprehensive strategic planning program from start to finish.


Poore describes the motivation behind her book, “Strategic planning doesn’t have to be an exhausting, foggy exercise with no clear process or outcomes. I’m pleased to bring executives, consultants and emerging leaders a comprehensive and nimble approach, so that they can develop a successful strategic planning program that engages their workforce and external clients in the process and results in goals being achieved and celebrated.”


On behalf of the Association for Strategic Planning, former president Jim Stockmal provided peer review and praise, “Dr. Poore draws on her many years of experience to provide practical tips for preparing for and conducting strategic planning sessions—including virtual ones. Her approach brings in the best thinking from renowned strategic thinkers and from the fields of appreciative inquiry, organizational development and change management. Strategic Impact is chock-full of useful tools and tips a leader from any size organization can apply to effectively conduct strategic planning. A very useful and practical guide.”


As a business and community leader, speaker and author, Poore consistently delivers a dynamic presence and empowers her audience to deliver a strategic process that goes beyond the details. This life-changing experience lets anyone define and achieve their legacy.


Poore received her Ph.D. in Public Administration, her MBA and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Arizona State University. Carol is a member of the Association for Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Society. She has served in corporate executive positions, advanced university growth in the role of vice provost and developed a high-profile community health center as a nonprofit CEO. Through her consultancy, Poore & Associates, Poore has led community planning initiatives and advised small businesses, nonprofits, local community organizations and government entities during legacy-shaping times of change.


Get your copy of Strategic Impact today everywhere books are sold. Additional webinars, workshops, articles and strategic planning resources are available at www.carolpoore.com.

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