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Globecast announces Globecast Live to bring any event to any screen





Globecast announces Globecast Live to bring any event to any screen



Paris, 18th March 2019 Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced the launch of Globecast Live: any event to any screen. This allows customers – both broadcast and B2B – to benefit from a fully integrated contribution and Digital Media Hub (DMH) content processing workflow.


Combining its years of live content acquisition expertise – from major sporting competitions to smaller-scale B2B events - with its DMH cross-platform suite of content publishing services, Globecast has created a turnkey live content solution from any event to any screen.


Globecast Live works for both the broadcast and B2B communication markets, allowing the capture and publishing of live content suitable for: intranets, extranets, social media, short- and long-form VOD, linear broadcast and OTT services in all their forms. Content can also be stored and made available for later use via Content Marketplace, which is part of DMH.


Globecast offers a range of cost-effective contribution solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed. From the innovative M’ICar (small vehicle) offering a hybrid of cellular bonding and Ka-band satellite connectivity through to a complete range of fiber and/or satellite connectivity solutions that can be tailored to any event. 


Globecast Live handles any video format. Two-way communication with those in the field – live video and intercom – is also available, as well as file transfer.


Liz McParland, Commercial Director for Contribution and Global Coordination, Globecast, said, “We have taken more than 20 years’ experience in the live content acquisition market, working across sport, news and special events, to create a turnkey suite of live content gathering services that can be used in conjunction with Digital Media Hub. This means we can offer end-to-end live video solutions for any and every occasion, tailored to each customer’s requirements and available from a single supplier.”




About Globecast

Globecast helps customers to manage content and to deliver it wherever, however and whenever required. The company provides agile and seamless content acquisition, management and distribution services globally, constantly innovating and investing in new technologies to create customer-centric new services. Globecast has created the number one global hybrid fiber and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. It delivers any type of video service including: TV Everywhere OTT, satellite, cable, video-on-demand, using CDNs and cloud-enabled media solutions. It supplies Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution (CAAD) services to over 130 networks| LinkedIn | Twitter


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