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Marketing Professionals Urge Apple to Adopt Standards Promoting Interoperability and More Predictable User Privacy

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / July 03, 2020 / Following Apple’s announcement that it has decided to maintain IDFA and extend its influence on the AppStore by limiting the action and management of application publishers, IAB Europe in partnership with the following associations listed below, sent a letter to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. This letter which can be seen here alerts Apple in particular to the potential economic and competitive risks of such a decision.

16 associations who co-signed letter to Apple:

  • BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft)
  • CPA (Collectif pour les acteurs du marketing digital)
  • Digital New Deal (Think Tank)
  • EMMA/ENPA (European Magazine Media Association/ European Newspaper Publishers’ Association)
  • EPC (European Publishers’ Council)
  • FEDMA (Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing) Bertrand Gié, President – Geste (Les éditeurs de contenus et de services en ligne)
  • IAB Europe
  • IAB France
  • IAB Tech Lab
  • MMAF (Mobile Marketing Association France)
  • NME (News Media Europe)
  • SNCD (Syndicat national de la communication directe)
  • SRI (Syndicat des régies internet)
  • UDECAM (Union Des Entreprises de Conseil et Achat Média)


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