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Microgrids Are Being Used for Everyday Energy Solutions

GRASS VALLEY, CA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / January 13, 2021 /



GRASS VALLEY, California, January 13, 2021— Made-to-order microgrids are a recognized energy solution for large industrial, government and agricultural facilities. New more agile systems with pre-design and prefabrication are now expanding microgrid applications for small and midsize operations. BoxPower, a leader in the solar microgrid space, is filling this niche with new integrated microgrid products that offer quick, affordable energy solutions and increased reliability to keep businesses running while reducing utility expenses.


Microgrid Uses for Small Businesses and Community Energy

Rural communities, small businesses, and manufacturing are now able to find flexible and affordable ready-to-install microgrid products. BoxPower CEO Angelo Campus is witnessing a rapid change in microgrid demand. “As outages increase across the country and world, the value of a microgrid is increasing rapidly,” says Campus. “This combined with the decreasing cost of inputs will cause the microgrid adoption to skyrocket.”


The game-changer in the microgrid market is the pairing of a software design tool that rapidly optimizes products for each customer’s needs and turnkey, pre-engineered hardware products. “We can now scale standardized modular products, with an accurate way to quickly size systems for each customer,” says Campus. “The use of these technologies has enabled BoxPower to reach more customers than ever.” Campus considers this a rare moment where energy demand, decreasing costs and environmental factors are dovetailing with new technologies. “We are able to allow customers to pick and choose what benefits they wish and then pre-fabricate accordingly for their needs. We can shave energy costs and do so in a way that brings solar and battery together for an optimal energy solution.”


BoxPower’s featured 2020 projects illustrate the heightened demand for microgrid solutions in rural communities:


●       Sagehen Research Facility (Truckee, California): Wildfire mitigation

●       Mendocino Community Health Clinic (Mendocino, California): Affordable hospital energy resilience serving rural low-income patients

●       Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief (Guayama, Puerto Rico): Disaster relief, resilience hub

●       Pilot Point Grocery Store (Deering, Alaska): Remote indigenous community essential service support

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a localized energy-generating grid that can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate autonomously. A microgrid consists of localized energy generation and, increasingly often, battery storage. Microgrids can be standalone power sources, but generally work in conjunction with existing grid infrastructure. Microgrids eliminate grid disturbances, like power supply shutoffs, and can operate indefinitely, strengthening the overall power supply system.


Microgrid Benefits

Microgrids provide reliability as its chief value proposition. Products such as BoxPower’s microgrid systems are affordable because they lack the extensive design and engineering costs that typically make up a large portion of microgrid costs. BoxPower’s modular components create energy systems that are quickly and affordably scalable—allowing a lower start-up threshold. When connected to the grid, unused energy is stored in the battery and sold to the grid at the optimal time, offsetting the initial capital or financed cost.


About BoxPower: BoxPower provides clean, reliable, and affordable energy to rural consumers. Our ecosystem of software and hardware solutions optimize the performance and accelerate the deployment of microgrids. From energy audit to operation, BoxPower provides turnkey engineering, construction, and management services. Learn more at boxpower.io or contact Jenna Herzog, Marketing Manager at jenna@boxpower.io.





BoxPower job site at Sagehen Research Facility, Truckee, CA.


BoxPower system at school in Guayama, Puerto Rico.     


BoxPower system at grocery store in Pilot Point, AK.