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Women, It’s Time to Live In The Moment. This Guide Shows You Where to Start!




Women, It’s Time to Live In The Moment. This Guide Shows You Where to Start!

This board-certified physiatrist gets real about her mental health in new book to help you with yours


AUSTIN, TEXAS [Aug. 25, 2020] – As COVID-19 closes in on fall, this new guide shares how to take care of ourselves to truly connect with other people by treating anxiety, managing our schedules and prioritizing self-care instead of focusing on the many factors we can’t control. The book is called Own Your Present: A Psychiatrist’s Guide To Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle by Candace Good, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, business owner and mindfulness coach. Own Your Present is now available everywhere books are sold.


As the first book on Well Spirit Press, Good mixes cognitive therapy and mindfulness techniques in a conversational approach. Good intertwines neuroanatomy and teaches concepts like non-judgment and accepting our authentic self. “There were ups and downs in my journey as I talk about my less than perfect moments and trauma-related obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). There aren’t a lot of doctors lining up to talk about their mental health issues but it’s so important to normalize the experience and end the stigma,” shared Good.


Own Your Present provides you with a path to a more mindful life, helping you live in the moment. She shares personal stories of her struggles with anxiety to provide readers with an authentic look on moving beyond your past and silencing our inner critic to accept our individual imperfections. Good offers practical advice, therapy techniques and activities to help you begin or deepen your mindfulness practice. Owning your present is not only noticing a moment or a gift before you, but also committing to a journey of rediscovery to your authentic self, so you can show up when it truly counts.


“I’ve tried a lot of different things, including therapy and medication, to manage my own anxiety,” expressed Good. “I found breathing and meditation to be the most powerful for stress reduction. It is my hope readers will laugh a bit about my story for relieving stress, even as a practicing psychiatrist, to live in the moment. The stories and activities in my book encourage others to stick with mindfulness because the practices are key to living with more contentment in uncertain times.”


Good is a board-certified psychiatrist, business owner and advocate. Good also founded Sig, a wellness studio in State College, PA, to make breathing, meditation and the conscious movement of yoga more accessible to the people who can benefit from it the most — such as those with anxiety and other stress-related conditions. She received her medical degree in 1999 from the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA, where she maintains a clinical faculty appointment. She has her Health Professional Training from the Maharishi Integrative AyurVeda Institute.


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