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"Too Hot To Handle."

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / September 15, 2020 / Haute Déco is showcasing **NEW** handles at FOCUS this week, the brand is now stocked in the US brass district too! Some of these may be, “too hot for you to handle!” Haute Déco has been more aptly described as door jewellery, the handles are infused with a distinctive house-style: a mix of timeless, effortless elegance and considered detailing as well suited to pared-down decor as to bolder interiors in which colour, patterns and texture abound.

We hope you are excited as us about the NEW TEAL handles and new collections called LODGE, SOLITAIRE and TROUSSEAU.


SOLITAIRE - A tribute to the ancient Greek belief that diamonds are fragments of fallen stars, the new Solitaire cabinet knob from Haute Déco takes its name from the revolutionary prong setting invented by the house of Tiffany in 1886.




LODGE: Sculptural pulls inspired by the ruggedness of timber


Haute Deco’s sculptural Lodge pulls are a new take on the concept of decorative hardware inspired by Nature. Freeform and organic in shape and texture, they have a monolithic sculptural quality that harks back to a sense of the primitive. The set is made up of three handle: a smaller one for drawers and furniture; a larger one for wardrobes and a more substantial handle for Push-Pull doors. Each piece is freeform and looks quite different depending on the angle from which it is approached.


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