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Strengthening Allied Health Professionals' contribution to health and wellbeing

Sun, Aug 25, 2019 20:27 EDT

An Allied Health Professions Director from NHS Grampian has accepted the position of Visiting Professor at Robert Gordon University (RGU) to collaboratively support changes in healthcare delivery to meet the challenges of an ageing population. Delivering the integrated healthcare models of tomorrow will mean that training for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), such as Physiotherapists, Dietitians and Occupational Therapists, will have an increased focus on prevention, early intervention and becoming first point of contact practitioners. The appointment of Susan Carr, NHS Grampian's Director of Allied Health Professions and Public Protection, as Visiting Professor deepens the collaborative development of RGU's demand-led teaching and research in line with the workforce needs of the sector.

Unite repeats call for strong Culpable Homicide legislation in Scotland

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 21:43 EDT

Unite the union has today (23 August) repeated its call for the Scottish Parliament to pass the Culpable Homicide (Scotland) Bill proposed by Claire Baker MSP following the tragic death of a construction worker in Glasgow. Yesterday (22 August) a construction worker died after an incident at the £40m revamp of the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow City centre. Unite is the largest trade union representing construction workers across Scotland. The Culpable Homicide (Scotland) Bill proposes to create statutory culpable homicide criteria whereby death is caused "recklessly, or by gross negligence". The proposed legislation aims to address trade union concerns regarding the existing health and safety regulation. Health and Safety Executive figures show a 'sharp increase' in the number of Scottish workers who never return home to their families, which has risen from 17 in 2017/18 to 29 in 2018/19. This is the equivalent to a 70 per cent increase in workplace deaths. Unite believes the fatality at work figures illustrate the reasons for the existing legal framework being ineffective, in addition to the lack of company directors being successfully prosecuted for health and safety breaches. Stevie Dillon, Unite regional coordinating officer, said : "Unite have repeatedly called for greater enforcement and regulation in the construction industry including stronger health and safety standards. In cases like the tragic death at the St Enoch's Centre, we demand a full investigation and where it is shown that the incident occurred through recklessness or negligence then directors must face the consequences of their inaction. It is absolutely tragic that there has been a 70 per cent increase in deaths related to workplace incidents in the last year across all industries. Claire Baker's Culpable Homicide (Scotland) Bill provides a clear way forward to tackle this scourge in the workplace, and it's an imperative that this proposed legislation becomes a priority for the Scottish Parliament."

100-Year-Old Optometrist Still Sees Patients; Earns National Award

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 20:59 EDT

'It's Not Work When You Love What You Do'  Daniel Nast Jr., O.D., a 100-year-old optometrist who continues seeing patients at the Mind-Eye Institute in Northbrook, Ill., proudly holds the President's Award, which was presented to him by the American Optometric Association (AOA) for his more than 77 years of distinguished service to optometry. He is flanked by Barbara Horn O.D. (right), president of the AOA, and Deborah Zelinsky O.D. (left), founder and research director of the Mind-Eye Institute. Dr. Horn says the AOA President's Award is given to only a limited number of optometrists for exemplary service to their profession. Dr. Nast has been an AOA member for 65 years.

Wearables now worth over $50bn per year as growth quietly continues

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 20:22 EDT

IDTechEx's latest report on the topic has found that wearable technology products will be worth over $50bn in 2019. In fact, the total market size has doubled in size since 2014, placing wearables as one of the most consistently successful markets around consumer electronics in the last 5 years. However, in 2019 headlines have been less frequent, investment has become more focused, and generally the hype around wearables has all but faded. IDTechEx's most comprehensive study of wearable technology looks at how this sector has evolved over the last few years, and how things will change in the coming decade. The report " Wearable Technology Forecasts 2019-2029 " can be found at www.IDTechEx.com/wearable . The report describes how the growth in the last five years has been driven by several key product types including smartwatches, continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGM), hearing aids, headphones and AR, VR & MR. The report looks at each of these sectors in detail, providing assessments and market data across all of the key players, technology, and in the current themes for each product area. In addition, there have been many new types of wearable technology product in this time, ranging from new types of electronic skin patch, to smart apparel based on electronic textiles, to other new form factors for devices from footwear, to rings, to headbands. In assessing 48 separate product types, the IDTechEx report is unique in its breadth of coverage across all wearable electronic products. The report looks at the wearable technology landscape as a sum of its parts. The chapters in the report focus on each of the individual product sectors within the much wider theme of wearables. It is within these product sectors that the most comparison can be drawn, with discrete sets of players, themes, technology and progress, and relatively minimal overlap and competition between sectors. Each chapter in the report addresses a different sector, including smartwatches & fitness trackers, smart eyewear (including VR, AR & MR), hearables (including headphones & hearing aids), smart clothing and e-textiles, electronic skin patches, and overviews of various other themes. Through researching the topic over the last decade, IDTechEx have encountered thousands of different companies (e.g. maintaining a database of over 1200 companies), had site visits, face-to-face meetings and telephone interviews with several hundred of these companies, and have included key data from many of these conversations throughout the report. The approach of looking by sector, but then observing the bigger picture of how these sit under the "wearables" banner reveals some very interesting trends from recent years. For example, IDTechEx track a series of relevant metrics to understand the "state of the industry", including search trends, patent trends, investment data (funding and number of rounds), number of product launches, and key revenue and product shipment volume data across each of the 48 product forecast lines included in the report. When aggregating trend indicators together, it is possible to see the clear hype curve for wearables, peaking in 2015 and falling since. This hype curve actually correlates relatively well with the growth rate in the overall industry, increasing to a peak at 36% growth between 2014 and 2015, but falling to the 10-20% range per year ever since. However, despite the clearly reduced hype, this growth has led to a doubling in annual revenue generated in the sector in this time. This data is summarized in the figure, as shown:

SGS Explains Best Practice to EEE Manufacturers Moving into the Circular Economy

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 11:12 EDT

Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are increasingly moving away from the 'linear economy' in response to the demands of authorities and consumers. The old progression of 'make, use, dispose' is no longer acceptable. Manufacturers instead need to focus on developing commercially viable products that comply with market regulations and yet also conform to the demands of a 'circular economy'. The primary driver behind the concerns of environmentally aware consumers and NGOs is the 'linear economy' model's inefficient use of resources. It uses high levels of raw materials and, because the product is disposed of when it reaches its end-of-life, it is wasteful. Consumers and authorities are starting to request products where the materials, components, and even the products themselves can be reused or repurposed. In a 'circular economy', resources are utilized for as long as possible. The key principles of the 'circular economy' are sustainability, renewability and reusability. Manufacturers should be designing products with a focus on reuse, recovery and/or recycling. Durability, and the ability to restore, need to be considered in a model that intends to: Minimize the use of raw materials Maximize the useful life of materials and other resources through resource recovery Minimize the waste generated at the end-of-life of a product and its packaging However, this model is not without its own difficulties. The costs associated with developing products in the 'circular economy' may be more unknown than those in the 'linear economy'. For example, to create a product that conforms to the 'circular economy' model, it may have to be more robust and this sometimes means more of a raw material is required. The right raw material might also be environmentally unfriendly in comparison to a less robust material. These costs need to be offset against the greater value gained from developing a product that can be renewed, reused and recycled. It may be that by improving a product in these terms, the negatives created by making the product more robust are cancelled. To design products for the 'circular economy' manufacturers need to introduce its philosophy from the very start of the design process. A new product needs to be designed to consider raw materials in relation to compliance and performance ability. Design engineers should also consider the perspective of ease of disassembling for reuse or material recovery. Leaving this until the end of the product development process may incur far greater costs for the company. Manufacturers also need to ensure their supply chains are robust in their ability to procure and supply materials and products that meet these design criteria. Manufacturers should understand the materials they plan to use in their products, and the regulations put in place in relation to these materials that aim to protect the environment. The supply chain therefore becomes a vital part of the process. Manufacturers need to control their supply chains to ensure source materials comply with published regulations and do not originate from violent regions or areas where human employment practices fail to meet internationally accepted standards. Best practices in terms of developing and producing EEE in the 'circular economy' involves a different attitude to product and raw material testing. Factors such as compliance testing and evaluation can no longer be left to the end of the development process, they need to be considered from the start. In this way, manufacturers can create products that conform to the demands of authorities and consumers, but which are still commercially viable. SGS Electrical and Electronic Products SGS understands the applicable regulations and can assist manufacturers of electrical and electronic products with evaluation and testing. In addition, with a global network of specialist laboratories able to provide assessment capabilities to the supply chain, SGS is ideally positioned to help manufacturers meet the design and construction criteria for the circular economy model. Learn more about SGS's Electrical and Electronic Product Services. For more information, please contact: David Linder Chemistry & RSTS Technical Manager Tel: +1 973 461 7901 Email: crs.media@sgs.com Website: www.sgs.com/ee LinkedIn: SGS Consumer Goods and Retail

The World Championship Horse Show Continues TODAY & TOMORROW at the Kentucky State Fair

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 10:32 EDT

2019 KENTUCKY STATE FAIR World's Championship Horse Show SCHEDULE World's Top Saddlebreds Ready to Compete in Louisville Today and Tomorrow Louisville, KY - The 117th annual Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show starts this Saturday evening and kicks off eight, exhilarating days that will feature over 2,000 of the world's top horses, all competing for $1 million+ in awards. And everyone is invited to experience this spectacular show with complimentary balcony seating for the morning and afternoon classes, with evening tickets available for purchase at Freedom Hall. The daily lineup, culminating with the World Grand Championship Finals on Saturday, August 24, is as follows: Friday Morning, August 23, 9:00 AM - Equitation - Walk-Trot, Rider 8 Years Old & Under Championship Junior Exhibitor Hackney/Harness Pony Pleasure Driving Championship ASB Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship Equitation - Walk-Trot, Rider 9-10 Years Old Championship Junior Harness Pony Championship Two-Year-Old Three Gaited- Division, ASB Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving Championship Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited, Rider 13 & Under Championship Two-Year-Old Three Gaited - Division II of Class 179 (IF NECESSARY), Adult Amateur Hackney/Harness Pony Pleasure Driving Championship Kentucky State Fair Junior Equitation Championship Two-Year-Old Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony, Driver 13 Years Old & Under Championship Junior Park Three Gaited Championship Two-Year-Old Fine Harness Mare ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Country Pleasure - Rider 13 Years Old & Under Championship Junior Roadster Pony Championship Two-Year-Old Fine Harness Stallion/Gelding; Friday Night, August 23, 6:30 PM - ASR Futurity of Kentucky - Two-Year-Old Fine Harness Finals - Class 116 (IF NECESSARY), Five-Gaited Pony Championship Amateur Harness Pony Championship, Ladies Amateur Three-Gaited Championship, ASB Western Country Pleasure Championship, ASB National Three-Year-Old Futurity - Five Gaited Finals - Class 114 (IF NECESSARY) Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited, Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship Amateur Roadster Pony Championship Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited, Rider 13 Years Old & Under Championship, ASR National Three-Year-Old Futurity - Fine Harness Finals - Class 122 (IF NECESSARY), Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited, Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship, Amateur Hackney Pony Championship, Three-Gaited Pony Championship, ASB Amateur Park Three-Gaited Championship, Amateur Roadster to Bike Championship, SB National Three-Year-Old Futurity - Three Gaited Finals - Class 120 (IF NECESSARY), Ladies Amateur Five-Gaited Championship; Saturday Morning, August 24, 9:00 AM - ASB Country Pleasure Driving Championship Junior Hackney Pony Championship, ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship, Junior Park Pleasure Championship, ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Rider 13 Years Old & Under Championship, ASB Adult Show Pleasure Driving Championship Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony, Driver 14-17 Years Old Championship, ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited, Country Pleasure Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship, ASB Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Championship, ASB Junior Exhibitor Park Championship, Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony Under Saddle, Rider 17 Years Old & Under Championship, Three-Year-Old Fine Harness Mare Roadster Under Saddle Championship Junior Exhibitor Five Gaited Show Pleasure Rider 17 Years Old & Under Championship, Three-Year-Old Fine Harness Stallion or Gelding; Saturday Night, August 24, 7:00 PM - 226 Ladies Three-Gaited Championship 227 Harness Pony World's Grand Championship 228 Roadster to Bike World's Grand Championship; 229 Amateur Three-Gaited Championship 230 Fine Harness World's Grand Championship; 231 Ladies Five-Gaited Championship 232; Three-Gaited World's Grand Championship 233 Roadster Pony World's Grand Championship Amateur Five-Gaited Championship; Hackney Pony World's Grand Championship; Five-Gaited World's Grand Championship.

Birmingham street art stunt highlights misleading labelling of meat and dairy products

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 10:01 EDT

Banksy style artwork in Birmingham paints a picture of foggy food labelling in UK A street art stunt by leading farm animal welfare charity, Compassion in World Farming, has shined a light on the need for clear and honest labelling on meat and dairy products. "This week, there has been widespread speculation about the true origins of a rumoured Banksy in Birmingham, which features a pig caged in an upturned shopping trolley," said Natasha Smith, UK Campaign Manager at Compassion in World Farming. While some suggested that the piece may have been created by renowned graffiti artist Banksy, others were slightly more sceptical . But in fact it was part of Compassion's Honest Labelling campaign. "We commissioned this stunt to show how easy it is to make assumptions when things aren't clearly labelled - whether a piece of art, or a pint of milk," Natasha explained . "From looking at many meat and dairy labels, it can be almost impossible to know the level of welfare that the animal has experienced - just as it was almost impossible for people to know whether the Birmingham street art was really a Banksy." There are currently no labelling laws in place to show how animals farmed for meat and dairy were reared. With more than 70% of the animals raised in the UK each year being factory farmed, shoppers are often misled and could be buying intensively farmed meat and dairy products without realising it. Labels on intensively reared products frequently display misleading images of rolling landscapes and happy animals, suggesting animals have been farmed outdoors, when in reality the livestock are crammed into barren cages, kept indoors all their lives, or kept in such close confinement that they are unable to express their natural behaviours. Generic, meaningless phrases are brandished across many factory farmed food packets, such as 'farm fresh' and 'all natural', when in fact more appropriate slogans would be 'raised in confinement' or 'grown quickly, without access to the outdoors'. Natasha continued: "Honest labelling empowers consumers, is fairer to farmers, beneficial for retailers and - most importantly - improves the lives of millions of animals each year." Compassion is calling on the UK Government to introduce mandatory method of production labelling for all meat and dairy products. To support the Compassion's Honest Labelling campaign please visit www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/honest-labelling For more information and images please email mediateam@ciwf.org.uk or call 01483 541 886 Notes to editors: Compassion in World Farming was founded in 1967 by a British dairy farmer who became horrified at the development of intensive factory farming. Today Compassion is the leading farm animal welfare organisation dedicated to ending factory farming and achieving humane and sustainable food. With headquarters in the UK, we have offices across Europe, in the US, China and South Africa. To find out more about Compassion in World Farming visit: www.ciwf.org

Struggling parents glad summer holidays are almost over, Barnardo's finds

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 07:41 EDT

Parents are breathing a sigh of relief now the end of the school holidays is in sight, a survey by Barnardo's reveals today. Research undertaken by the UK's largest children's charity highlights how instead of being an idyllic six weeks it has been a difficult time for many. In the poll more than 200 staff members (216) said families they were working with were worried about the summer holidays, with almost 80 per cent of these reporting that money was one of the biggest concerns. Their worries included having to find the funds to provide additional meals for their children who would normally receive free school meals, and feeling the pressure of having to pay for activities and outings. A lack of support services and childcare were the next biggest concerns for families, according to the children's services staff who took part in the Barnardo's survey. The staff report that having to juggle work and childcare places significant strain on families already struggling and sometimes leads to parents leaving their place of work, adding to the financial, emotional and psychological stress on the family. And they also said families with children with special educational needs struggled to get childcare or find activities suitable for their loved ones of the summer break. The summer holiday was made easier for the families of 50,000 disadvantaged children who were offered free meals and activities over the six week break in clubs across England, funded by £9.1m from the Department for Education. Barnardo's wants this scheme to be extended next year. Barnardo's Chief Executive Javed Khan said: "School holidays should be a magical time for children where they can have fun experiences and make memories to last a lifetime. "But instead too many children will go back to school with memories about their parents being stressed about the impact the six weeks off has had on their families, not just financially but emotionally. "With all the pressure of school for today's children, every child has the right to have a healthy and happy summer break. I'm encouraged by the Government's free summer schemes and serious consideration needs to be given to extending these further next year." Notes to editors Barnardo's was selected as one of the co-ordinators for this year's Department for Education funded summer holiday programme, ensuring children in Leicestershire had a happy and healthy school break. About the survey 406 Barnardo's staff from its services across the UK responded to survey questions on school holidays. They were asked a series of questions including on how the families they are working with are feeling about the school holidays. When asked 'Are you working with families who are worried about the school holidays?' 53.2% (216) said yes, 25.86% (105) said no, and 20.94% (85 respondents) said they did not know. When asked 'what are their main concerns': 78.97% said money, 64.02% said lack of support services, 62.15% said childcare, 61.21% said nothing to do, 59.81% said lack of routine, 27.57% said loneliness and 16.82% said other - with reasons given including increased stress/ mental health issues and concerns about safety. Contact: 24 hour press office number 020 8498 7555

GCSE Religious Studies numbers plummeting, new report finds

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 07:39 EDT

GCSE Religious Studies numbers plummeting outside the faith school sector, new report finds. Fears that Religious Studies (RS) at GCSE and A-Level may become a niche interest have been raised this week by a report into the sizeable drop in student numbers in the last school year. From 2017 to 2018, the total number of students taking GCSE Religious Studies fell from 253,712 to 229,189. Equally seriously, 701 schools stopped entering students in GCSE RS altogether. The vast majority of this drop (87.9%) is made up by non-faith schools. In Roman Catholic schools, 95% of students still take the GCSE in Religious Studies and 68% in Church of England schools, but only 30% of students in schools without a religious character took GCSE RS in 2018. These figures represent a dramatic drop, but there has been a downward trend in GCSE RS entries since 2011, and there is a real worry that the subject is disappearing outside the faith sector. Religious Studies helps young people understand a range of beliefs and values, and the 2018 GCSE reforms ensure that all students study at least two religions, so the subject has relevance far beyond faith schools. The study also revealed a social class gap in which students have access to GCSE RS. Schools which participated in the RS GCSE on average had lower levels of students on Free School Meals, compared to schools which did not (17.4% against 11.1%). Schools which entered pupils in GCSE RS also had higher levels of pupil attainment for students from disadvantaged backgrounds (39.7 against 31.5 in the school census "Attainment 8" measure). Fiona Moss, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for Teachers of Religious Education (RE), commented: "NATRE have been lobbying for some years on the 'unintended consequences' for RE of government policy in several areas. This includes the significant reduction in the number of pupils studying GCSE and the increasing number of schools failing to provide pupils their statutory entitlement to RE, especially at Key Stage 4. This study shines the spotlight on the current system for holding schools to account, especially the English Baccalaureate. Questions must surely now be asked, not only about the declining levels of provision for Religious Education, but also about whether or not this data supports the view that government systems often work against the interests of the very students they claim to be trying to support." Speaking for the National Association of local Standing Advisory Councils on RE, Paul Smalley welcomed the report, stating: "The perception that ceasing to provide high-quality Religious Education will enable pupils to succeed in other subjects has been shown by this report to be false. This report, and the new Ofsted inspection framework which highlights the need for a broad and balanced curriculum, shows the importance of ensuring that all state schools carry out their obligations to provide high quality, rigorous Religious Education for all pupils in all years." A spokesperson for the Department for Education declined to comment. Dr David Lundie is Senior Lecturer in Education at Liverpool Hope University, and the co-director of the Centre for Education and Policy Analysis. The research reported here was made possible by a grant from the Culham St Gabriel's Trust to research Religious Education and Social Disadvantage. Statistics quoted here compare data from the Department for Education's school census in 2018 and 2017.

Primary school teachers face new term 'exhausted and anxious' after spending holidays on lesson preparation

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 07:18 EDT

Primary school teachers face new term 'exhausted and anxious' after spending holidays on lesson preparation Thousands of primary school teachers have had to use their summer holidays to prepare lessons and activities for the new academic year - and it's impacting on their mental health and leaving them facing the new year exhausted and anxious. Nearly a quarter (23.7 percent) said it impacts on their sleep and over a third (34.4 percent) report it making them anxious. Over a third (35 percent) said it prevented them from doing a leisure activity. And nearly half (49.1 percent) complained that it stopped them spending time with their families. The results are from a survey of nearly 1,000 teachers by PlanBee , the leading lesson plan and resources company run by former primary school teachers. Some teachers spent as many as 18-20 days on preparation for the new school year, with over a quarter (26.8 percent) having to allocate up to eight days. Some even said they worked throughout the holidays. The most onerous task was lesson planning, with nearly half of respondents (49.3 percent) identifying this as the key task during the holidays. Asked how the holiday workload made them feel, teachers used words such as 'frustrated', 'overwhelmed', 'resentful', 'drained' and 'depressed', though some considered it just 'part of the job'. One said: 'It doesn't seem to be a holiday as I'm always thinking about work'. Another wrote that they were 'resentful of the fact that I cannot "switch off" completely'. Another said they were 'overwhelmed', adding: 'It is very tricky to juggle it with looing after my own young children in the holidays'. Another simply remarked: 'It's too much.' One commented: 'I'm constantly torn because I want to take time for myself and to recharge my batteries but I also don't know how to take a step back. Unfortunately, due to the pressures and lack of resources/funding and support at the minute, I can't see it changing any time soon.' PlanBee founder Becky Cranham, a former primary school teacher, said: 'Teachers have always spent some time over the summer holidays preparing for the next academic year. But these findings show that some are having to devote great swathes of what should be rest and recuperation time to planning the coming year's activities, and that suggests that something's going wrong with the workload they're expected to handle. She added: 'As well as impacting on their mental health, it's stopping them from spending time with their own children. And that's not right. We need teachers refreshed and positive in September if they're to be at their best in the classroom.' [ends] For further information, and to arrange an interview with Becky Cranham, email susan@empra.co.uk or phone 07739 364899.

Have yourself a very slimline Christmas

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 07:12 EDT

With the children returning to school, it won't be long before the baubles, tinsel, chocolates and gifts are all available in the supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas. If you've overindulged this summer holiday, then now is the time to start thinking about the forthcoming festive parties and start to focus on the waistline. Simon Bandy, General Manager at Health Plus, here shares his tips for shedding some pounds in the lead up to Christmas and the party season: Eat breakfast like a king: There's an old saying, 'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.' If you fill up at breakfast it kick-starts the metabolism, and gives the body a tank of energy to burn throughout the day. Having the smallest meal at the end of the day means that you won't have excess calories when you are generally the most sedentary. Be prepared: If you spend time preparing healthy snacks for home and work then you are less likely to fall off the dieting wagon. If you have crudités ready for when you are feeling peckish or high-fibre snacks like dried fruits and nuts around the house, then you can curb the hunger without the guilt. Water: Don't underestimate the power of H20 when you think you are feeling hungry. More often than not the body is thirsty so have a large glass of water and wait 20 minutes before bounding to the kitchen or the shop. Simple maths: You've heard the expression, 'Eat less and move more' - this is a simple formula for losing weight. Fewer calories in and more burnt through exercise will result in weight loss. Remember, to lose 1lb in weight you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume. To help aid weight loss try Health Plus Xtra-Slim capsules (£21.95 for 90 capsules) which create a thermogenic reaction in the body, burning fat cells and allowing proper weight management and helping to maintain the metabolism. Make the naughty list - Don't totally restrict everything from your diet. If you do this it is highly likely you'll break your diet through binging on your taboo food. Better to include a little of what you fancy as a weekly treat. Stockists: www.healthplus.co.uk , www.amazon.co.uk and at all good independent health shops nationwide. Simon Bandy is available for further comment on request. Twitter: www.twitter.com/health_plus Facebook: www.facebook.com/healthplus

Glee exclusive feature: Vegans and organic gardeners drive demand for natural garden products as market for planet-friendly gardening gets set for rapid growth

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 06:17 EDT

Flick through the pages of any trade or consumer horticultural magazine and you're likely to see a mention of the 'trend' for green gardening. In fact, far from being a passing fad, the shift to planet-friendly gardening started in the 1980s when organic TV gardener Geoff Hamilton took the helm of BBC Gardeners' World. Three decades on, in a world where concern about the planet is escalating, and politicians are declaring a climate emergency, eco-friendly gardening is firmly engrained in British culture. With a growing band of consumers choosing to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables organically, it's no wonder that demand for natural plant feeds and pest controls is skyrocketing. However, the organic movement has evolved, to encompass soaring interest in vegan gardening. Championed predominantly by a younger generation of eco-savvy consumers, the number of shoppers who are switching to a plant-only, planet-friendly diet is on the up - and that's driving sales of vegan gardening goods, with this fledgling category set to expand exponentially. The figures speak for themselves. In 2016, The Vegan Society revealed there were 540,000 vegans living in the UK. In the space of just three years, that figure has soared to an estimated 3.5million vegan Brits, according to research by Comparethemarket.com, published in The Independent . According to The Vegan Society, in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation. Demand for meat-free food in the UK increased by 987% in 2017 alone. Last year, the value of the UK plant-based food market hit £443million, with the society claiming that veganism "now gets almost three times more interest than vegetarian and gluten-free searches". It's no wonder that manufacturers are clamouring to capture a share of the vegan pound. With the UK population about to hit 67million, vegans remain a minority, and that's why synthetic plant feed and pest control products still dominate the market. As the garden trade gets ready for Glee, the industry's leading exhibition (NEC Birmingham, 10th - 12th September), we look at the latest developments in the sector, and investigate how the market for fertilisers and bug killers is being shaken-up by the unstoppable rise of veganism.

Jardinopia launches new Cane Companions brand at Glee 2019

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 05:50 EDT

Jardinopia, the company that brought the popular Potty Feet™ to the market, has confirmed it'll be launching a new brand at this year's Glee (10th - 12th September, NEC Birmingham) - introducing Cane Companions™. As part of their long-term business growth strategy, Cane Companions™ is just the start of Jardinopia's plans to bring more innovative brands to the garden and gift retail sector in the coming years. This growth is underpinned by the company's aim to bridge the gap between garden sundries and gifting, by creating ranges that drive more impulse sales and will see consumers selecting traditional gardening products as popular gift ideas. Cane Companions™ will offer beautifully crafted 'cane toppers', that draw their inspiration from Potty Feet's ™ popular animal, wildlife and bird designs. The GLEE launch will see 14 designs initially made available, including fairies, owls, mice, bees, dragonflies, cats and dogs. Each Cane Companion™ design will be presented in gift packaged sets of three and will offer a more design driven alternative to traditional cane toppers, in much the same way as its sister brand Potty Feet™ did in 2018/19. Each Cane Companion™ is manufactured from a special formula of polyresin and crushed stone for a hardy and long-lasting design and will benefit from a traditional antique bronze finish. A special silicone insert has been added internally, ensuring a secure fit on canes of varying sizes, and making them more secure in windy weather. Each Cane Companion™ topper will be frost proof and UVA resistant. Jardinopia's Tony Barnett said: "Cane Companions™ represents an exciting time for both Jardinopia, and also the wider garden and gift retail market. Traditional gardening sundries are rarely viewed as the ideal gift solution. However brands such as Cane Companions™ and Potty Feet™ have been created to blur these lines. From gift oriented and easily postable packaging, to merchandising displays that 'fill the table' we are able to offer a full range of products and brands that capture the eye in the retail setting and help to drive category growth. We're excited to share this new brand with customers new and old at Glee next month." The launch of Cane Companions™ is just the start of Jardinopia's ongoing adventure, which will see more than 10 exciting garden gifting brands under development join the portfolio in the coming seasons. A new global licenced range with Aardman will boost the Potty Feet™ offering, featuring the beloved characters of Wallace, Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. The forthcoming Spring Fair exhibition (2nd - 6th Feb, NEC Birmingham) will also see an additional global licence launch - full details of which are under wraps until the show. Jardinopia continue to support their chosen charities, with 10% of their profits going towards worthy causes. To find out more about Jardinopia and Potty Feet™ please visit www.jardinopia.com , and join them and the Aardman characters on Glee Stand 6S81 . Please also visit www.aardman.com to find out more about this British institution. Find out more To keep up-to-date on the latest Glee news visit www.gleebirmingham.com . To enquire about exhibiting at Glee 2019 call +44 (0)203 3545 9752. www.gleebirmingham.com You can follow Glee on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Glee_Birmingham Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Glee.Birmingham1 Please add Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/glee_birmingham/ Please add Pinterest account https://uk.pinterest.com/GleeBirmingham1/

No deal Brexit must not result in dangerously exhausted lorry drivers, warns Unite

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 05:27 EDT

Unite, the UK and Ireland's largest union, is warning that the government must ensure a no deal Brexit does not result in exhausted lorry drivers, who pose a danger to other road users. Unite which represents over 50,000 lorry drivers has never been contacted by the government about planning for a no deal Brexit, despite lorry drivers being in the frontline of coping with the disruption that a no deal Brexit will create. As a result Unite's national officer for road transport Adrian Jones has written to the new transport secretary Grant Shapps and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove seeking an urgent meeting to discuss Brexit related matters. Of particular concern for Unite is the prospect that the government could relax or suspend the regulations which govern driving time for lorry drivers. Currently HGV drivers are restricted to driving for nine hours a day (extended to 10 hours twice a week) and a total of 56 hours driving a week, however their actual working week can be far longer when taking into account other duties. There are also strict rules on rest periods between shifts. A highly confidential survey of over 4,000 HGV drivers, undertaken by Unite last year, found that fatigue and tiredness were already massive issues for drivers. The survey found that 29 per cent of drivers had fallen asleep at the wheel. For many drivers this did not simply mean that they had momentarily closed their eyes but they could not remember passing junctions or their head had hit the steering wheel. Exhausted drivers are a danger to themselves and other road users. In 2017 (the latest available figures) there were a total of 267 deaths involving HGV including 21 drivers. As well as the potential relaxation of driving hours, Unite is also concerned that proper welfare facilities will be provided in places such as Kent and other areas which are expected to suffer from widespread disruption in the event of a no deal Brexit and whether provision will be made for drivers to take rest breaks away from their lorries, during major delays. Although the government has met employer's representatives it has become apparent through the Operation Yellowhammer leaks that they were not given the full information and what they have been told cannot be passed to Unite, as they had been forced to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). In most cases the government only lifted the NDAs which acted as a gag on information this week (Wednesday 21 August). Unite national officer for road transport Adrian Jones said: "We are just weeks away from a no deal Brexit and yet the government has not thought it necessary to speak to the key group of workers who will keep the UK running. "The problems associated with a no deal Brexit will not just be confined to Kent, it will create delays throughout the entire lorry and logistics network in the UK. "Unite will totally oppose any relaxation in driving regulations. This would result in exhausted drivers, with potentially lethal consequences for road users. "In a sensible world the government would rule out a disastrous no deal Brexit. "Failing that Grant Shapps and or Michael Gove need to urgently meet with Unite explain what plans are in store for drivers and rule out any relaxation in the driving regulations. "The bottom line is that workers have a legal right to not work if they believe they would be placed in danger. The government must remember that when planning for a no deal." Notes to editors Lorry drivers exclusion from Brexit planning risks safety and increases disruption, warns Unite Sharp rise in 'hidden' lorry driver deaths results in calls for urgent reforms Lorry drivers' lives being placed in danger due to long hours and lack of facilities, Unite warns


Thu, Aug 22, 2019 18:57 EDT

THE 2019 KENTUCKY STATE FAIR World's Championship Horse Show & The STARS of the Saddlebred Industry: MEET TRAINER DANNY LOCKHART Top competitors from all corners of the globe convene in Louisville to compete through Saturday, August 24

How Calrec can Assist and Connect you - IBC 2019 stand 8.C61

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 18:31 EDT

Hebden Bridge, - Calrec's powerful Assist and Connect applications are both centre stage at IBC 2019 on the Calrec stand. As the industry embraces new standards and workflows, Calrec has expanded its suite of applications to give broadcasters more efficient tools without the requirement to purchase more hardware. Calrec's Assist is a browser-based interface that allows users to set up shows, memories, fader layouts, patching, bus setup, labelling, input and output levels, input channel parameters (including mic gains), routing and more, without needing to be in front of the console. At IBC, Assist is the interface for controlling Calrec's VP2 and Type R virtual consoles, and for setup and local control of Calrec's Remote Production, RP1. Virtual operations enable stations to reap the benefits of Calrec consoles without a physical control surface. Assist can be accessed from multiple locations via a web-browser and different access levels can be granted to different users; an operator can be given basic control functions whereas an engineer can delve deeper to fine tune the setup or recall different setups as needed. As the industry continues to unlock the benefits of IP infrastructures, Calrec's Connect application is a user-friendly stream manager that manages the discovery and connection of IP streams. Connect turns complex IT infrastructure planning into a simple interface; connection discovery is automatic, meaning complex networks can be quickly built and managed with little IT knowledge. Calrec's browser-based Connect app can be accessed anywhere and includes built-in broadcast features like input controls, network diagnostics, GPIO-style logic connections and make, break and change stream connections. Crucially, unlike many other stream managers, it recognises all accepted registration/discovery protocols including NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 to provide in-depth configuration in a simple way across the whole facility. Both apps join a range of products that reflect broadcasters' evolving requirements. As viewers change how they consume content, broadcasters are adopting new workflows to help them engage and retain more viewers. Calrec is helping its customers through virtual, remote and IP production models, radio, and a range of IP-enabled consoles from the flexible Type R console to the powerful Apollo. This full range of products will be on show at IBC. PHOTO CAPTIONS: Network: This screen shot of the Connect application shows network-wide routing of media streams between devices on a simple X/Y matrix. The left-hand side shows sources, with destinations listed across the top. Sources and destinations can all be filtered by device and/or streams, and can be expanded, collapsed and searched by the user. Device-config: This screen shot of the Connect application illustrates the device configuration view and illustrates how the transmitting streams are configured on any selected device.

TRICO signs distribution deal with Optimal UK

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 18:19 EDT

PONTYPOOL - TRICO is delighted to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with Optimal UK to supply the Exact Fit, Flex, Neoform and TX wiper blade ranges to its network. The original equipment (OE) manufacturer and supplier is confident Optimal UK's commitment to delivering premium quality products, with fast and efficient customer service, is a perfect match for the TRICO ethos. Each style of wiper blade is designed for a specific purpose but all made to the same OE standard, qualities that appealed to Optimal UK, according to its managing director, Geoff Jones: "We take great pride in our Optimal brand and its OE quality products, offering only the highest standard of components throughout the entire range. "We see TRICO in the same way, with an OE product and an established brand in the aftermarket. We are looking forward to working closely with TRICO." The Exact Fit replacement range makes it easy for motorists to restore their vehicles to factory pedigree. Made from natural rubber and high-strength steel, Exact Fit wiper blades offer long-lasting performance, direct fit - with no loose clips or adaptors to install - and almost 150 references that provide 99% front and rear wiper coverage. TRICO Flex wiper blades allow customers to step up from conventional to premium blade technology. The range not only replaces OE-fitted beam blades, but also upgrades conventional hook arm blades to the latest beam technology. With 97% car parc coverage and only 14 part numbers, the slim-line collection allows customers to offer a comprehensive wiper solution with minimal stock commitment. Neoform, meanwhile, is a stand-alone range, upgrading conventional wipers to premium beam technology, which provides customers with a smoother wipe and longer service life. Like the Flex range, Neoform is made with a memory curve steel beam, and one of its pivotal advantages is the exclusive dual-point coupler, which works to eliminate streaking during extreme weathers. Finally, the TX range of wipers is for heavy-duty vehicles. These are a high-strength, all-metal conventional blade that covers the needs of the truck and bus sectors, offering quality performance in demanding environments. TRICO Senior Brand and Product Manager, Sam Robinson, said: "We're delighted to welcome Optimal on-board as a national distributor of TRICO products. In the short time that we've been working together, we've been impressed with the team's enthusiasm, knowledge and desire to get the TRICO brand and products out to customers. "We're looking forward to even more buying group members and independent retailers having access to the highest quality wiper blade products available in the aftermarket."

BigChange Mobile Cloud Tech Delivers 40% Productivity Gain for HSS Groundcare

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 17:56 EDT

Leeds, - HSS Groundcare, the only national groundcare hire and maintenance service in the UK, has rolled out new mobile technology that has boosted field engineer productivity by 40 percent. Providing visibility of operations nationwide, the new system supplied by Leeds based BigChange connects back office cloud software with mobile devices and vehicle trackers as part of a paperless, real-time system. HSS Groundcare is part of the HSS Hire Group which employs almost 3,000 people across 250 UK locations. The specialist groundcare and landscaping service operates from 12 locations nationwide and looks after 21,000 individual assets. Although HSS Groundcare supply and hire equipment, such as lawnmowers, chippers and strimmers, the primary activity is the servicing and maintenance of equipment and the company provides a same day call out service. HSS field engineers are equipped with rugged tablets running JobWatch, the 5 in 1 app that replaces all paperwork. As well as digital job cards, the devices allow access to a library of useful documents such as procedures and equipment manuals with technical diagrams. On the move the tablets sit in dashboard cradles and provide navigation and BigChange GPS trackers keep customer services up to date on the whereabouts of each engineer. "Utilisation is the key for us and since implementing the BigChange system this is where we have seen enormous benefits. We need to keep our engineers as busy as possible and with this system we have increased utilisation from around 50 percent to 90 percent," says Colin Newton, HSS Groundcare Director. "Gone are all those idle hours sitting around the depot and our engineers are much happier busy doing their job." With clients including local authorities, sports grounds and golf courses, HSS Groundcare provides services that include repairs, servicing, fault monitoring and operator training. With BigChange, job sheets and reports can be easily tailored and managing business has become a lot easier. The system is also proving invaluable for meeting KPI obligations. With contract performance typically assessed on response times, time taken to fix equipment and the first time fix rates, JobWatch provides instant and accurate data on all jobs. "BigChange has given us a massive improvement in efficiency and as well as the improvement in resource utilisation - more or less doubling the number of jobs we do a day," says Newton. "Previously we couldn't keep track of the work and reporting to customers was particularly difficult. JobWatch now gives us all the information we need and that is vital for customer service."

"Raspberry Wheat" and "Oxford Dark Blue" named best independent craft beers in the Midlands

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 17:06 EDT

Raspberry Wheat Beer by Milestone Brewery and Oxford Dark Blue by White Horse Brewery have taken home the two top spots at the SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2019, winning overall Gold in "Cask" and "Bottle & Can" at the prestigious awards. The "Brewers' Choice" awards, run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and hosted by the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival, are judged by brewers and beer experts looking for the very best independent craft beers from the region. Milestone Brewery's Raspberry Wheat Beer is brewed with heaps of fresh British raspberries, which give the beer a rose-gold appearance and a light floral, fruity aroma. The beer proved a huge hit with judges and took home the overall Gold in the cask competition. Accepting the award for Milestone was brewer Gary Gooch, "It means absolutely everything to win this award! We have been going for 16 years but we've never won big with this one despite it being a beer we are hugely proud of - so it's amazing to take home the overall Gold! We think it's a great beer and hugely seasonal as we use real fresh British raspberries, which we puree by hand before adding to the beer. They give the finished beer a rose-gold appearance and beautiful flavour and aroma." White Horse Brewery's Oxford Dark Blue, which nods to Oxford University's colours, is a dark British bitter with aromas of chocolate and coffee, and a fruity full-bodied flavour. The classic British ale scored extremely well with judges and took the overall Gold in the Bottle & Can competition, collecting the award was MD Anneli Baxter, "This award is all down to the brewers, the hard work from our brewery team who all contribute into making our beers taste the best they can. We're delighted to win. It's a beer that is traditional but it's full of flavour, with loads of chocolate and coffee, which just leaves you wanting more." SIBA's Chief Executive James Calder presented the breweries with their top awards and had this to say on the quality of entries at this year's awards "The winning beers really are the best of the best from the SIBA Midlands region and will now go on to fight it out with the best beers from across the UK at our National Finals in Liverpool next year. I'd like to congratulate all of the winners, particularly our overall Gold Champions Milestone and White Horse, and also thank all of the brewers who help out in the running of the competition. It's a competition run by brewers, for brewers, and the whole operation was this year better than ever." The competition took place immediately before the opening of the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 2019, which continues through to the weekend. For more information on one of the UK's biggest and best beer festivals, visit https://pborobeerfest.camra.org.uk or follow the event on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PeterboroughBeerFestival . Image caption: White Horse and Milestone Brewery celebrate their awards with SIBA Chief Executive James Calder (Left) and Competition Chairman Guy Sheppard (centre) High resolution image link: Click here SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2019 DATE OF JUDGING: 20 th August

CP Communications Covers Multi-Venue CrossFit Games with Hybrid Broadcast and Production System

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 16:41 EDT

Live event production expert builds hybrid RF and bonded cellular network with expansive fiber infrastructure for venue-based content acquisition and distribution, while managing the event's global IP-based transmission St. Petersburg, Florida, - CP Communications , a leader in innovative solutions and services for complex live event productions, exhibited the full power of IP streaming and bonded cellular networking for live sports production at the 13th CrossFit Games, which represents the world championship event for the athletic competition. Contracted by Carr-Hughes Productions, CP Communications provided all content acquisition, networking and delivery services across all areas at the multi-venue, 20-acre Alliant Energy Center complex in Madison, Wisconsin. The complex includes an exhibition center, vendor pavilions, a sponsor's row, a beer garden and an outdoor competition area - North Park Stadium - built specifically for this event. CP Communications established a base at the exhibition center outside the Alliant Energy Center, and built a fiber infrastructure from its 40-foot CP-1 Digital Communications Trailer to cover the entire competitive course. The fiber infrastructure also delivered the live event production feeds that were distributed throughout the complex, allowing fans, participants and sponsors to watch the events in real-time. The 13th CrossFit Games took place August 1-4, with a focus on aerobic, weightlifting and gymnastics for the nearly 200 male and female participants. The fiber infrastructure was based around four, 48-strand fiber trunks to a demarcation point, where anywhere from 24 to 60 fiber strands were run to the various competition and spectator areas. The fiber network accommodated all audio, data, and video acquisition, transport and distribution services required between these locations and CP-1, which served as CP Communications' production workspace in the broadcast compound. MultiDyne VF-9000 high-density video fiber transmission frames and MD-3000 fiber transceivers were used at all locations to move and process signals between any point, with a Dante® network deployed to support audio and intercom on the same fiber backbone. CP Communications' technical personnel covered the event outside using multiple cameras (a mix of wireless RF handhelds, PTZ and POV cameras, and hard cameras on scissor lifts), with Mobile Viewpoint Airlinks used to encode and deliver signals over a bonded cellular network. "We employed six bonded cellular rigs to cover events outside the Alliant Energy Center campus, including the ruck race and the swimming events downtown," said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications. "All of our wireless audio, communications and video systems worked seamlessly both inside the coliseum and outside at North Park Stadium, including our traditional CODFM wireless cameras. This flexibility is yet another example of our leadership and expertise in building customized, hybrid systems to ensure reliable event coverage across multiple sites. While we remain RF specialists, we can simplify the overall infrastructure and ensure 100 percent coverage by leveraging the power and flexibility of IP and bonded cellular networking." The CrossFit organization also served as the World Feed host broadcaster, providing a completely IP-based world feed to various websites and social media services (including YouTube and Facebook) in multiple languages. CP Communications engineers monitored the all fiber, IP and bonded cellular feeds on board CP-1 - including the acquired signals coming back to the trailer, and the world feed transmissions going out. "We provided H264 video from the Airlinks and managed the bitrate with a ceiling of 16 Megabits per channel," said Heitmann. "Using the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix, a cloud-based management portal, we could easily make adjustments and troubleshoot on the fly. We are able to adjust parameters like bitrate in real-time to ensure continuous high-quality performance from the bonded cellular transmitters." CP Communications also took advantage of the public internet by deploying a Unity Intercom system for team-wide communications. "We communicated with our entire team over a standard public network, which enabled us to react quicker to technical issues and even use Wi-Fi hotspots as necessary," said Heitmann. "The Unity system is a cellular system that also matches with our bonded cellular cameras. It gives us the freedom to move as needed and still keep the lines of communication open, which is vital to the success of a project of this enormity."