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"City Dwellers Stress and Anxiety-Free Toolbox" launched by UK Coach and Wellbeing expert in association with Tisserand

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 15:38 EST

"City Dwellers Stress and Anxiety-Free Toolbox" launched by UK Coach and Wellbeing expert in association with Tisserand Unfortunately stress and anxiety are a way of life for many and numerous studies1 claim that people are suffering at epidemic levels. Busy people on the move often don't feel they have time to go to therapy, take mindfulness classes or learn how to mediate. What they want is something that will help them quickly and effectively, which is what a new, innovative "City Dwellers Stress and Anxiety Toolbox " has been created for. Just launched in the UK, this ground-breaking new product is a one-stop resource designed to be used on the go as well as at home and in the office. Its aim is to help people quickly and easily reduce their stress levels and combat anxiety. Taking a holistic approach, the "City Dwellers Stress and Anxiety Toolbox" helps people overcome the mental and physical effects of the urban "epidemic" of stress and also handle anxiety. It helps them automatically feel calmer and also improve their long-term wellbeing. This clever kit, designed by Jo Shrimpton, is available immediately after online purchase and packed with really effective tools: A short guided breathwork video that quickly and effectively reduces stress, relaxes the body and calms the mind. Powerful paraliminal recordings, based on proven neuroscientific research, that support us in letting go of any thoughts and beliefs that consciously or unconsciously cause us anxiety or fear and creating new thoughts that serve us better. A beautiful guide to the essential oils that help us most with stress, anxiety and sleep issues. The guide also includes information on exactly how to use them simply and effectively anywhere and a gift from Tisserand, one the UK's best Aromatherapy companies. A 15 minute telephone call with Jo Shrimpton, creator of the toolbox if you need support. Jo has a strong understanding of stress and anxiety and how it impacts on our minds, our bodies, our health and our lives. She came up with the idea of the toolbox when she realised that her clients and many others needed an immediate resource that would quickly and effectively help them alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety; something that would also support their wellbeing in the future. She has worked with some of the top experts in their fields in the UK and the USA to provide tools that take a 360 degree approach to help calm the body and mind, help us to function better and enjoy life more. It is a highly beneficial resource for life, easy to use and affordable. "With the speed, pressures and impact of modern life, and especially city life, it's not surprising stress is the epidemic it is today. When we are overly stressed or anxious and when we are under stress for a period of time, every area of our lives can be impacted negatively but in particularly our personal health and relationships", says Jo. "As such, we all need simple tools that support us, whenever we need them, in living happier stress and anxiety-free lives. I hope this toolbox gives that to many" says Jo. www.joshrimptoncoaching.com https://joshrimptoncoaching.com/product/city-dwellers-stress-and-anxiety-free-toolbox-coaching-program/ The toolbox costs £99. It is available for individuals purchase or by organisations looking to support their employees. There is an additional option to purchase 1-2-1 coaching with Jo specifically geared to helping individuals deal with their specific stress and anxiety. 1Studies *Statistics 1.Russ TC, Stamatakis E, Hamer M, Starr JM et al. (2012) Association between psychological distress and mortality: https://www.bmj.com/content/345/bmj.e4933 2. Latest global survey shows unmanageable stress is the UK's number one well-being issue. One in five saying that they have 'unmanageable stress'. The UK ranks fifth worst for unmanageable stress in the world, behind only the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Korea. https://www.cigna.co.uk/news-room/press-releases/2018/uk-facing-unmanageable-stress-as-employees-demand-better-mental-health-support-in-the-workplace.html 3. In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/statistics/mental-health-statistics-stress 4. 12.8 million Working days lost (in UK) due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety Labour Force Survey (LFS) http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/stress.pdf 5. Stress and anxiety-related hospital admissions are costing the NHS more than £70 million a year https://www.itv.com/news/2018-05-18/stress-and-anxiety-related-hospital-admissions-costing-70-million-a-year/

Ribbon Cut for the "Renovated" Calata delle Vele Quay and Palacrociere Terminal 1. Twenty-Two Million Euros Invested in the Historic Port of Savona

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 14:49 EST

With the ribbon-cutting ceremony held this morning, the "renovated" Calata delle Vele cruise ship quay and Palacrociere terminal 1 were inaugurated in the historic port of Savona. The ceremony was attended by the city's mayor, Ilaria Caprioglio, the Liguria Region president, Giovanni Toti, the president of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority , Paolo Emilio Signorini, and the president of Costa Cruises Neil Palomba. In keeping with tradition, the ceremony was also blessed by Mons. Angelo Monaco. The total investment made by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority to renovate the quay, and by Costa Cruises on the terminal, amounts to around 22 million euros . The work was completed within the expected timescale and has adapted the main cruise ship quay to the requirements of the latest generation of ships. Costa Cruise has therefore regained access to its historic quay, where millions of passengers have regularly disembarked over the last fifteen years or so, making the Savona hub one of the busiest cruise ports in Italy and Europe. Allowing the quay to accommodate the most recently built ships required the sea bed to be deepened from the initial -9 meters to -11, which involved reinforcing quays 9 and 10 and the installation of scaffolding supported by pillars on the front of quay 8. The investment of 17 million euros made by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority fully respected the project timetable for the arrival of the Costa Diadema. Paolo Emilio Signorini , president of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority , said : " Supporting the cruise sector is a priority for the Port Authority. This priority is shared with Costa Cruises, which made the considerable investments needed to adapt its home port's passenger facilities as a further successful step forward in the fruitful relationship it has always had with the authority." President Signorini continued : "Savona and Genoa are in the top 10 Italian ports with a positive trend for the current year and excellent forecasts for 2020 that reinforce this trend, making Liguria the top Italian region in terms of the number of cruise travelers received. The efforts made by the Port Authority and Costa Cruises are an important confirmation, coming at the end of a difficult year which has seen all the institutions involved in a relaunch following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa." Costa Cruises has invested a total of almost 5 million euros in the adaptation work on the Palacrociere terminal 1. Following a competitive tender process, the work carried out within the facility was entrusted to six companies from the Savona area. They involved a reorganization of the entrance hall, where the fountain was removed, the reception desk was rebuilt and the rear area used for security checks on travelers boarding the ships was widened and fitted with four X-ray machines. Also to help regulate the flow of passengers, part of the terrace, measuring 130 square meters, was covered with a glass structure and will be used as an access area for cruise passengers in transit, with an additional four X-ray machines. The signs have been completely replaced and a connecting bridge built between the two higher floors. The biggest investment is related to the two "fingers", the suspended walkways that connect the terminal to the ship. These glass and metal structures weigh 96 tonnes, measure 30 x 10 meters and are 18 meters high. Furthermore, in order to regulate the flow of pedestrians more efficiently and safely along Via Gramsci in Savona, close to the crossing opposite the dockyard, Costa Cruises will fund the purchase and installation of a new "on demand" traffic light system. " The inauguration of this new port infrastructure, resulting from the fruitful cooperation with the Port Authority, consolidates our strategic development plans for Savona. The work on the terminal and quay will in fact accommodate Costa Smeralda, our new LNG flagship, which is going to revolutionize the industry as it significantly reduces the environmental impact without compromising safety aspects we consider essential. We are pleased to bring this innovative technology, in which we were the first to believe, specifically to Savona, a city with which we have had strong ties for over 20 years. Thanks to the arrival of Costa Smeralda in 2020, we expect our traffic in Savona to grow again, with 900,000 passenger movements." - says Neil Palomba , President of Costa Cruises. The work on the quay and the Palacrociere terminal 1 was carried out ahead of the arrival of Costa Smeralda , the new flagship that will be calling at Savona every Saturday from December 21, 2019. Costa Smeralda is a real turning point in minimizing environmental impact because it is fueled, both in port and at sea, by liquefied natural gas (LNG), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. Using LNG in fact allows sulfur oxide and particulate emissions to be almost completed eliminated, significantly reducing nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide as well. Editor's Note:  Photos of the ribbon cutting are available at https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/MYWJO9urOG . For further information: Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority Marina Monti - Communication Director - cell.+39 331 6869306- marina.monti@portsofgenoa.com Cristina de Gregori- Communication Manager- cell. +39 335 7972643- cristina.degregori@portsofgenoa.com Costa Cruises Press Office Tel. +39 010 5483523 / 010 5483068 - costapressoffice@costa.it Gabriele Baroni - Communication Director - cell +39 349 7668013 - baroni@costa.it Davide Barbano - Media Relations Manager - cell +39 334 6525216 - barbano@costa.it Cristiano de Musso - Head of Communication - cell +39 334 6805095 demusso @costa.it www.costapresscenter.com

Why NIKE pulling away from Amazon, won't solve their problem!

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 14:45 EST

In a move that surprised some industry-watchers, sportswear giant Nike announced recently that it is pulling all of its products from direct sales on Amazon.com . What may be more surprising to Nike and others in the coming weeks is that this move will do absolutely nothing to solve the company's Amazon-related problems. At first glance, the decision does seem shocking. According to Statistica.com , Amazon currently generates over 206 million unique website visitors each day, making the online retailer the world's largest mall. Indeed, it is reported that over half of all Americans begin their online shopping sprees on Amazon . Why wouldn't a sales juggernaut like Nike want this sort of exposure? Nike executives explained the company's Amazon exit by citing a desire to invest more resources on direct, personalized online sales to consumers. In reality, however, Nike -- like many other strong brands such as Birkenstock -- probably realized that Amazon is an inhospitable retail environment for legitimate sellers. The problem with Amazon The problem lies in Amazon's third-party retailer ("TPR") program. Through that program, virtually anyone can sign up to sell any product through the Amazon website. This program is highly lucrative for Amazon -- in the second quarter of 2019, for example, over 50% of sales on the site came from its 10 million + army of TPRs. Unfortunately, the TPR population is rife with counterfeiters and unauthorized retailers who peddle products in the online marketplace at rock bottom prices (often far below a brand's Minimum Advertised Pricing ("MAP") policy). Consequently, in order to compete in an environment where the seller offering the lowest price on a given product becomes the featured seller for that product (a process known as "winning the buy box"), brands and their authorized sellers must continually lower their own prices in order to garner sales. Over time, this can lead to massive price erosion and serious damage to a brand's reputation. By removing itself from direct sales on Amazon in favor of other online sales channels, Nike will undoubtedly regain pricing control over the products it sells. It will not, however, do anything to stem the tide of unauthorized TPRs on Amazon. They will continue to obtain Nike products through illicit means and sell those products via Amazon at sub-MAP pricing. And, given that Amazon is the go-to website for American shoppers, Nike may find that those consumers do not immediately follow the company to its new online venues. What Nike really needs to do to solve its Amazon problem Although pulling out of Amazon may ultimately prove to be a strong branding decision for Nike, the sportswear company must still take active steps to eradicate the problem of unauthorized TPRs and counterfeiters on Amazon. That process begins and ends with a strong e-Commerce enforcement strategy. The first step in that strategy is for Nike to assume a zero-tolerance policy against these rogue sellers on Amazon. Next, the company must partner with a firm specializing e-Commerce enforcement to continually monitor Amazon for indicia of unauthorized sales. Typically, these firms will use automated programs to flag things like sub-MAP pricing and poor customer reviews. Once the illegitimate sellers are identified, enforcement teams must next try to locate the actual people behind the illicit sales. Indeed, one of the biggest problems with Amazon's TPR program is that it allows sellers to operate under fictitious "storefront" names. The company does nothing to help brands learn who is actually operating them. That's why an e-Commerce enforcement team is paramount -- they have the investigative background to find that information. Once personal identities are obtained, the enforcement team -- working hand in hand with the brand -- can begin cease & desist efforts directly against the individuals who are causing the problem. If those demands don't stop sellers in their tracks, then further legal action can be pursued against the sellers individually. Not surprisingly, not many TPRs want a legal battle against a monolith like Nike -- thus, they tend to disappear quickly once this personalized pressure is applied. The good news for Nike is that its Amazon problem can be solved within weeks of instituting a e-Commerce enforcement strategy. The bad news is that the company's recent decision to end sales on the site will do nothing to make the problem go away. Since 2012, eEnforce has become the only online protection and enforcement firm that maintains the legal licensure and capabilities to identify unauthorized sellers down to their EIN, or social security number and then legally enforce compliance with a brands trademark. Their proven process and cost efficiency have allowed eEnforce to work with over two-hundred brands that range from Fortune 100 brands, to smaller brands expanding their online sales.


Thu, Nov 14, 2019 13:41 EST

This classic American Corvette from 1960, a traffic stopper in its elegant black and white is for sale at an estimate of £45,000 to £55,000 with H&H Classics at Buxton on November 27.

**NEW** handles - Haute Deco

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 12:47 EST

We have a NEW door handle for you from Haute Déco - The Carat door handle, is the new lever handle by Haute Deco. It is hard to think of a door handle more deserving of being described as "door jewellery" than the Carat lever. Inspired by the elegance of cut-crystal, Carat levers are an entirely new take on the concept of door handles. The unusual shape being fashioned entirely of cristalle glass is made possible by the company's specialist know-how with this material, developed at its workshop in Hampshire. Instead of having a metal mounting to which a glass tube is attached, Carat levers are cast entirely in cristalle glass around a jewellery-grade insert. Beyond its unusual shape, the secret to this handle's elegance lies in the cut-outs carved around the base. Like arrows rising up to the sky, they elevate the design, adding a further dose of elegance. Carat levers can be ordered in pure translucent cristalle for a timeless look; or in any of the gemstone colours, where the cut-outs are at their best. Cristalle glass is polished by hand in a total of seven stages to finer and finer grades. Hence the finish is tremendously soft, so that opening a door turns into a real sensory experience. We have plenty of imagery of the handles and really hope you can request them.

Telestream news: Diana Horowitz appointed as VP of Sales in Eastern USA

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 12:00 EST

Telestream Appoints Diana Horowitz as VP of Sales in Eastern USA Strategic senior appointment supports significant sales growth in key US regional markets

SGS Helps Manufacturers Produce Safe and Regulatory Compliant E-Scooters

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 08:55 EST

E-scooters are now a common sight in many of the world's cities. They answer a need for convenient, shared and sustainable vehicles. There is, however, a question mark over their safety, as newspaper headlines attest. Safety developments have not always kept pace with technology and to rectify this situation, authorities are beginning to develop regulations and guidelines to improve e-scooter safety. Batteries are a principle source of concern, with the issues surrounding lithium-ion batteries being well documented. Manufacturers can minimize the problems associated with e-scooters by testing their products to the right standards. SGS expert, John Ciliege, looks at some of the standards that can be used by manufacturers. With battery safety being a major concern, one standard to understand is - ANSI/CAN/UL 2272 - Standard for Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices. This specifically covers the electrical systems in personal e-mobility devices, which will often mean hoverboards and electrically powered scooters that are not intended for road use. Its provisions cover recharging capability and ensure the battery operates safely in a variety of temperatures. When this test is used in combination with the UN 38.3 lithium-ion transportation test, manufacturers will find they create a much safer product; a fact that can be promoted to consumers. If the e-scooter is being designed for road use, then the manufacturer needs to consider the standard UL 2849 - Outline of Investigation for Electric Bicycles, Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC Bicycles), Electric Scooters, and Electric Motorcycles. This standard dissects the e-scooter and makes sure each electrical component works with the other parts. In addition, it ensures all electric components have been tested and certified to the right standard. This is especially important in products like e-scooters, as one subpar component can cause a failure and therefore an accident. The equivalent standard for the European Union and Australia is EN 15194. Manufacturers will also want to consider performance testing for e-scooters. In a competitive market it is advisable to prove your product is of high quality and can perform to the highest standards. Testing may include wet room tests to demonstrate safe performance in all weather conditions. These can be performed on all electrical components, including the charging stations. Finally, manufacturers need to consider the fact that e-scooters may not always be used in the designated way. Failure testing can help them to understand how far a product can be pushed before it negatively reacts. SGS Electrical and Electronic Services SGS offers e-scooter manufacturers and suppliers a range of testing services to demonstrate safety and compliance with relevant legislation. They also provide performance testing solutions to help manufacturers develop and market high quality products. SGS is the first choice for e-scooter manufacturers looking for a one-stop shop approach to ensuring their products are safe, high quality, and will conform to the regulatory requirements of the target market. To learn more about SGS Electrical and Electronic Services. For more information, please contact: John Ciliege Global Head of NRTL Tel: 770 570 1800 Email: crs.media@sgs.com Website: www/sgs.com/ee LinkedIn: sgs-consumer-goods-&-retail

Avision Young Employees Join in Company's Day of Giving

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 08:40 EST

For Immediate Release Thursday, November 14 , 2019 Contact: Thomas Renner Account Executive Catalyst Marketing Communications 203.348.7541 trenner@catalystmc.com Avision Young Employees Join in Company's Day of Giving Norwalk Agency Volunteers at Stamford's Jewish Family Service Norwalk, Conn. - Avison Young employees visited the Elayne and James Schoke Jewish Family Service of Fairfield County in Stamford as part of the commercial real estate agency's annual Day of Giving . Avison Young volunteers helped clean out the office space, disassemble and dispose of old furniture, reorganize files and assemble new office furniture. In a transaction negotiated by Avison Young earlier this year, the agency relocated to 196 Greyrock Place in Stamford. The local agency joined its international team in the sixth annual Day of Giving. Thousands of employees in approximately 100 Avison Young offices spent the day volunteering at more than 80 community organizations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. " We're thrilled that this was our largest and most far-reaching global Day of Giving ever. As we continue to help initiate change at the grassroots level, we will again be promoting the principles of sustainability through action and partnership - but on a much larger scale ,'' said Mark Rose, Chair and CEO of Avison Young. Avison Young's G lobal Day of Giving is part of the company's Global Citizenship strategy. Each Avison Young office selected its own community volunteer project in consultation with the charity that will receive the assistance. Avison Young's Day of Giving is held annually in the firm's markets each October. Many new members of the Avison Young family participated in the global Day of Giving for the firs t time. The increase stems f rom Avison Young's acqu isition of GVA in February 2019 and other acquisitions, new office openings and hires completed during the past year. " We're thrilled that this was our largest and most far-reaching global Day of Giving ever ,'' Rose said. " As we continue to help initiate change at the grassroots level, we will again be promoting the principles of sustainability through action and partnership - but on a much larger scale." Avison Young is the world's fastest-growing commercial real estate services firm. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Avison Young is a collaborative, global firm owned and operated by its Principals. Founded in 1978, with legacies dating back more than 200 years, the company comprises approximately 5,000 real estate professionals in 120 offices in 20 countries. The firm's experts provide value-added, client-centric investment sales, leasing, advisory, management and financing services to clients across the office, retail, industrial, multi-family and hospitality sectors . -end- For further information/comment/photos: - Sean Cahill, Principal & Managing Director , 203.614.1264, sean.cahill@avisonyoung.com www.avisonyoung.com Avison Young is a 2019 winner of the Canada's Best Managed Companies Platinum Club designation, having retained its Best Managed designation for eight consecutive years. Follow Avison Young on Twitter: For industry news, press releases and market reports: www.twitter.com/avisonyoung For Avison Young listings and deals: www.twitter.com/AYListingsDeals Follow Avison Young Bloggers : http://blog.avisonyoung.com Follow Avison Young on LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/avison-young-commercial-real-estate Follow Avison Young on YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/AvisonYoungRE Follow Avison Young on Instagram: www.instagram.com/avison_young_global

TRUMPF helps Designplan see punching in a new light

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 07:53 EST

Designplan Lighting Ltd, a world leading designer and manufacturer of robust lighting solutions for demanding environments, has invested in a TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 to replace two older turret punch machines supplied by another machine provider. The move has led to a plethora of important benefits, not least a significant increase in productivity, a reduction in the amount of manual labour required, fewer secondary operations and lower noise levels. Sutton-based Designplan commenced operations in 1963 with an idea for a great product: an extra strong light fitting engineered to withstand the most severe environmental conditions, including those found in transport, social housing and custodial settings. Just to prove the strength of that idea, the company today has over 120 staff and a turnover of circa £18 million. In 2011, the company was acquired by the Sweden-based Fagerhult group, which was followed three years later by relocation to a purpose-built factory. This intense period of change spurred growth at Designplan, as Production Engineering Manager Rob Aldred explains. "I joined the company seven years ago, when turnover stood at around £11 million," he says. "Since then, this figure has increased by an impressive 64%. Investment gave us more aspiration to grow and more scope to diversify." From the start, Mr Aldred's role has been to tackle and reduce lead times. A big part of this remit involves reviewing the internal manufacturing processes at Designplan on an almost continuous basis. Recently, attention shifted to the company's punching operations. "We had two older turret punches that began causing problems, particularly in terms of reliability," he says. "In addition, as we started adopting more bespoke work, the number of tool changes became prohibitive to achieving the levels of throughput required." When one of the machines stopped working altogether, the decision was made to call time and invest in a better resource. However, there was a caveat. "We didn't want a like-for-like solution, we wanted to move forward and bring in a machine that could increase productivity and reduce our second operation work," explains Mr Aldred. "To make sure we got the right machine, we looked at all the major players and TRUMPF came out on top, not just for flexibility, speed and efficiency, but for our entire wish list." The TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 offers backlash-free drives that enable high acceleration in all axes, while the high rotational speed of the C axis enables extremely fast tapping and the productive processing of complex contours. Thanks to the powerful electric punching head, users can punch at up to 1000 strokes per minute, and mark parts at 2500 strokes per minute. Further attributes of the machine include SheetMaster, which loads and unloads the TruPunch, and can optionally be equipped with an integrated tool magazine. On the subject of tools, all those loaded to the punching head rotate by 360° to enhance both capability and flexibility. Users also benefit from the SortMaster Box Linear, which sorts components that fall through the large part flap into up to four boxes. In addition, energy bills will be lower as, thanks to an average power input of only 5.6kW, the TruPunch 3000 is very energy efficient . Installed in May 2019, the machine has been set to work producing main bodies for the company's light fittings, along with internal metalwork such as gear trays and brackets. Typical materials include zintec from 0.9 to 3.0mm thick, and aluminium from 1.2 to 4.0mm. "In particular, the new TRUMPF TruPunch has taken a big bite out of our studding and bushing requirements, and this will continue as we move through parts, while noise levels have reduced dramatically," says Mr Aldred. "Overall, we are two or three levels up on where we were - across all aspects of our punching operations." Ease of use is cited as another stand-out feature of the TruPunch 3000. In total, three operators have been trained on the machine's operation. "Our target was to hit 50% of production levels within the first month, but after the third week we were already at 80%," says Mr Aldred. "The machine has been fantastic - we really can't fault it." Moving forward, the ISO9001-accredited company is planning to invest in TRUMPF TruTops programming software. "We will upgrade to TruTops Boost in 2020," confirms Mr Aldred. "Once installed, our ERP system will read orders, generate a list of parts required for manufacture and send them to the TruPunch, where TruTops Boost will automatically nest the components and commence the punching process. This will spell the end of manual programming at Designplan." -ENDS-

Supermarkets face disruption as food workers vote for strike action

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 06:45 EST

Bakkavor workers preparing popular meals for leading supermarkets have voted for strike action in a dispute over low pay at a time when the food manufacturer is raking in tens of millions in profit. Workers are now preparing to walk-out in protest over a paltry 1.5 per cent pay offer when Bakkavor Foods Ltd has posted £105 million in pre-tax profits and has a turnover of £1.6 billion. 83 per cent of workers who took part in the ballot voted for strike action. A strike could leave shelves at Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S and the Co-op empty of many popular meals including; salad meals, wraps, soups and dips such as taramasalata and hummus which are especially popular during the festive season. The site in Spalding employs well over 1000 workers across 4 divisions: soups and sauces, dips, salads and distribution. Workers at the site are calling for a substantial increase which recognises the contribution they have made to the company's year on year increase in profits, while a typical worker earns around £9.36 an hour. Unite regional officer Mick Orpin said: "The UK's leading supermarkets face the prospect of considerable disruption to the supply of popular products like hummus and taramasalata over the festive season. "Bosses at Bakkavor have absolutely no justification for suppressing workers' pay year on year when the company has increased its profits year on year. "Between 2014 and 2018 Bakkavor's profits have increased by a massive £40 million but management have left hard-up workers with no choice except to take strike action to fight for their fair share. "There is still time left to resolve this dispute and we hope management will get around the negotiating table with a view to reaching an agreement which recognises the workers' contribution to the success of the business."

NEC Group appoints new Chief Development Officer

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 05:46 EST

Alan Maynard joins Birmingham based NEC Group this month as Chief Development Officer (CDO), completing the new Board structure which has also included the recent appointment of Richard Ashton as Chief Finance Officer.

Good governance as the ultimate risk management weapon: Isle of Man seminar

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 04:57 EST

In light of Moneyval's new emphasis on the effectiveness of a company's systems and controls in its fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, The Chartered Governance Institute is holding a seminar for the Isle of Man's governance professionals that will consider 'Why good governance is the board's secret weapon'. Taking place at The Claremont Hotel in Douglas on Monday 9 December, Jo French, Director of Governance Qualifications at First Intuition will assess the common causes of corporate failure and offer advice on how to protect against it. Jo says: "Regulatory interest in assessing whether a Corporate Service Provider (CSP) has a meaningful governance architecture in place both domestically and internationally has never been greater. It is important, therefore, that businesses in the Isle of Man have robust strategies and practices in place to help manage the risk. This is crucial, not only to protect the companies that operate here, but also those individuals working within CSPs who face ever increasing personal liability." The seminar will cover the following areas: What a good governance regime looks like Ensuring an effective board and demonstrating economic substance Past and recent examples of governance failures. The seminar, which begins at 17.45, is free for members of The Chartered Governance Institute and costs £10 for non-members. Bookings can be made via Eventbrite. "Jo has worked in offshore financial services since 1988 and is a Fellow of The Chartered Governance Institute. Previously the Director of Education at the Jersey International Business School, she is an expert in anti-money laundering, compliance and governance issues. In addition, she teaches trust and company administration, company compliance and administration, corporate governance, company law, board behaviours and risk management for The Chartered Governance Institute and is a senior lecturer for the International Compliance Association. Passionate about the delivery of accessible and innovative training courses, Jo is the ideal person to lead a seminar on this vitally important subject," says Christopher Bolt, Isle of Man Branch Chair.

Final call for UK Cyber Security Council Project Board Co-Chair Applications

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 04:45 EST

MEDIA ADVISORY Alliance for Cybersecurity Calls for Final UK Cyber Security Council Project Board Co-Chair Applications The Alliance for Cybersecurity is making a final call for individuals to apply for the role of Project Board Co-Chair for the formation of the UK Cyber Security Council , ahead of the deadline for applications on Friday 15 November 2019. In September 2019, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) commissioned the establishment of the UK Cyber Security Council through a consortium of cybersecurity professional bodies (The Alliance) to be finalised by the end of March 2021. The UK Cyber Security Council will aim to coordinate the existing professional landscape to make the industry a well-structured and easy-to-navigate profession which represents, supports and drives excellence going forward. What : The UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project aims to establish a broad-reaching non-profit body dedicated to delivering public benefit by developing the stature and impact and assuring the stewardship of relevant standards, of cybersecurity practice. A leading individual from the cybersecurity profession is being sought to co-chair the Project Board. Where: F or more details on the role and the requirements for making an application , p otential applicants should visit https://www.theiet.org/impact-society/uk-cyber-security-council-formation-project/uk-cyber-security-council-ukcsc-formation-project-board-co-chair/ When: The deadline for applications is Friday 15 November 2019. Who : The Alliance is a consortium of cyber security organisations that represent a substantial part of the cyber security community in the UK. Its members include: (ISC)² Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP) Chartered Institute of Information Security Professional (CIIS) The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) CIPD Institute of Measurement and Control ( InstMC ) CompTIA ISACA Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) Royal Academy of Engineering CREST Security Institute Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (CSFS) techUK Engineering Council The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists ( WCIT) About The Alliance for Cybersecurity The Alliance for Cybersecurity brings stakeholders together in the interest of advancing a healthy cybersecurity workforce for the UK, from the development of professional recognition to the collaboration around acknowledged priorities to move this workforce forward. The Alliance was formally established in July 2018 by independent, non-profit organisations, several of whom operate under a Royal Charter granted through the Privy Council, and some of whom are able to grant chartered status within their discipline. The Alliance harnesses a broad perspective on professional priorities drawn from its members involvement in academia, advocacy, certification, and professional development. Contact: Allie Andrews , PRPR 07940 452710 , allie@prpr.co.uk

1199SEIU members press Mayor Bill de Blasio for promised pay parity at Legal Aid Society

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 02:24 EST

Members of 1199SEIU, rallied today on the steps of City Hall today alongside UAW Local 2325 and LSSA 2320, to call on the City to do right by the paralegals, social workers, and support staff who work alongside attorneys at the Legal Aid Society. Low wages at Legal Aid have forced two thirds of 1199 members to find second jobs in order to make ends meet. Paralegals, social workers, and support staff are a crucial part of the legal team that provides invaluable quality services to the City's indigent poor. These workers have not received a wage increase in ten years, and as a result there is a very high attrition rate, depriving low income New Yorkers of experienced staff to deliver the legal services they need and deserve. As part of the budget last June, New York City promised to allocate funding to Legal Aid, thereby allowing for pay parity equal with the City Corporation Counsel's Office. Since then the City has committed to only partial funding and only for junior attorneys. 1199SEIU President, George Gresham sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio this week, urging him to uphold his commitment to funding for Legal Aid workers. He wrote: "For years, Legal Aid has struggled to secure funding to compensate all staff at wages competitive with their government counterparts. Due to the low wages at Legal Aid, two-thirds of our members find it necessary to secure second jobs to provide for their families." David Guerrero, an 1199SEIU member and Paralegal from the Bronx, said: "Our members struggle to get by in a city the gets ever more expensive. We represent low income New Yorkers in very serious situations. We help prevent them from being displaced from this city, but very often we are not far away from having to deal with the same problems ourselves. We deserve to be able to raise our families in this city. It is our city too." Aishah Bruno, an 1199SEIU member who is a Paralegal Case Handler in Manhattan, said: "I am not just standing here in the freezing cold advocating for myself, but also for my nine-year-old son. I need a higher salary so that we can keep up with the housing increases and avoid losing our home and so that I can keep us out of a shelter." Dreana Bellamy, an 1199 Organizer, said: "These members come out and advocate for the most vulnerable people in our city, Mayor Bill de Blasio should come out and advocate for them. We are asking for the pay parity they deserve...and were promised."

EFSA NEWS | Poultry welfare at slaughter: hazards identified, measures proposed

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 23:04 EST

EFSA has proposed measures to address the animal welfare hazards most commonly observed during the slaughter of poultry for food production and disease control. A comprehensive overview published today covers the entire slaughter process from arrival and unloading of birds through stunning to bleeding and killing. It identifies a number of hazards that give rise to welfare issues - such as pain, thirst, hunger or restricted movement - and proposes preventive and corrective measures where possible. Most of the hazards are the result of staff failings e.g. lack of training and skilled personnel. EFSA's advice highlights the importance of staff being adequately trained in the different phases of slaughter and for clear identification of roles and responsibilities. The new scientific opinions are the first in a series of updates on welfare of animals at slaughter requested by the European Commission. EFSA will publish further opinions in 2020 on pigs (March), cattle (June), and other species (December). They are all based on the latest available scientific knowledge and are being developed in consultation with animal welfare experts from EU Member States. The findings will be used by the European Commission in discussions with the World Organisation on Animal Health (OIE) aimed at aligning approaches to animal welfare at slaughter. Online EN version . DE, IT and FR will be shortly available in the website.

James Bond, Star Wars, Hitchcock - Hollywood comes to England with $200,000 movie poster collection sale

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 22:47 EST

How one man's 35-year passion turned into a treasure trove It was while working on film sale catalogues as a photographer at Christie's in the 1980s that Andy Johnson inadvertently fell in love with movie posters. Now, 35 years on he is selling his outstanding collection at Ewbank's Auctions in Surrey, England on December 6. With 400 lots up for sale in the single-owner collection auction, the auctioneers are hoping for over $200,000 (£160,000) as a hammer total. Highlights include a James Bond Dr No poster from 1962 with an upper estimate of $15,500 (£12,000), a rare one-sheet poster for Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey at $6500 (£5000) and a fine selection of Alfred Hitchcock classics, cult sci-fi B-movie gems and Star Wars rarities dating back to the launch of the franchise in the 1970s. "I loved the collector's departments at Christie's, especially the decorative arts and the pop and film memorabilia," says Andy. "I became friends with the head of the decorative arts department and started collecting 60s Poole and Troika pottery. "I would visit antique fairs and bric-a-brac shops to find ceramics. After 250 pieces or so I started to go off the boil with the ceramics, so I started to look for something new to collect." It was his late wife, Maria, who pointed the way. She was a big fan of movies and drew my attention to film posters. Funny, I brought my first film poster from an Art Deco fair. I had the choice of buying The Jungle Book one sheet or Breakfast at Tiffany's ; I ended up buying The Jungle Book - what a mistake." Then, as luck would have it, Christie's decided to have their first all-film poster sale. "While I was photographing the posters, I fell in love with many of the titles and images. I started to buy a few items here and there but had no real direction with what to collect." In 1995 Tony Nourmand was hired as the film poster consultant; he later became the co-owner of the Reel Poster Gallery alongside Bruce Marchant. "I became good friends with Tony and apart from undertaking all the photography for their books and catalogues, I travelled all over the world and purchased movie posters with him," says Andrew. "One of my highlights of my photographic career was meeting and working with the legendary Ray Harryhausen, the father of stop-motion animation - he would call it 'Dynamation'. I still work for the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation to this day." So, movie posters have become a big part of Andy's life, not just the collecting aspect but also for the doors it has opened for him. "After 27 years collecting and in the words of Dennis Wheatley (my favourite author), who started his three memoirs with: THE TIME HAS COME." Dedicating the sale to Maria, "without whom this would not have been possible", Andy explains that his collecting tastes have been informed by favourite films, directors and designs. When it comes to the collection on offer at Ewbank's, most of the star lots reflect Johnson's interest in crime, science fiction and horror movies, with a particular nod at Hammer Horror. The top estimate is £9000-12,000 ($11,600-15,500) for a 1962 Quad poster of Dr No , while another British Quad poster for the 1964 Bond film Goldfinger is expected to fetch £3000-5000 ($3900-6500). A 1954 Quad for the Hitchcock thriller Dial M For Murder , starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly, is estimated at £5000-8000 ($5600-10,300). A 1952 US one-sheet poster promoting The Man From Planet X has widespread appeal, not just for film lovers, but also fans of retro and kitsch. Billed with the tagline The Wierdest visitor the Earth has ever seen! it is estimated at £3000-5000 ($3900-6500). Also at £3000-5000 ($3900-6500) is a US one-sheet film poster for Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi epic 2001 A Space Odyssey . It's an unusual view showing astronaut Dave Bowman walking round the space station. Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train provides another stunning design, the British Quad for the 1951 thriller pitched at £1500-2500 ($1935-3225), the same estimate as the poster for another Cushing and Lee chiller, Dr Terror's House of Horrors , from 1965. A poster for one of the earliest Hitchcock films, Lifeboat , from 1944, based on the book by John Steinbeck and starring Tallulah Bankhead, has an estimate of £1000-1500 ($1300-1935). Leading the Star Wars lots is a 1977 one sheet for the first film at £800-1200 ($1030-1550), the same price for a 1966 Quad poster of One Million Years BC , starring Raquel Welch. In all, the collection features more than 400 posters, ranging from classic such as Fellini's 8½ to the Star Wars franchise and Hammer Horror Dracula and Zombie flicks. As a specialist himself, Johnson took particularly good care of his posters, acquiring those in the best available condition and ensuring that they were properly backed, conserved and preserved in optimum conditions. "And if I found another copy of the same poster in better condition I would upgrade, buying it and selling off the other one," he reveals. "Andy Johnson's poster passion shines through this collection," says Ewbank's specialist Alastair McCrea. "He was in the rare position of being in the right place at the right time when Christie's started dedicated film poster sales and he developed a highly attuned eye for the best available pieces. This is an exceptional offering." With some real rarities on offer, those interested can register to bid live online via Ewbank's Auctions website at www.ewbankauctions.co.uk The direct link to the catalogue is: https://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk/Movie-Poster-Auction/2019-12-06 All images courtesy of Ewbank's Auctions

Plant-Based and Cultured Meat: New IDTechEx Report on Technologies, Markets and Forecasts in Novel Meat Replacements

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 22:15 EST

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent has recently published a new report titled " Plant-based and cultured meat 2020-2030: technologies, markets and forecasts in novel meat replacements ", focusing on the future of novel meat alternatives. The meat industry is unsustainable Meat is a huge business globally, worth over $2 trillion, with global meat consumption doubling over the last 50 years. In 2017, the US alone produced approximately 100 billion lbs of meat, with production growing at a rate of 2-3% per year. In 2016, the US meat and poultry industry accounted for $1.02 trillion in total economic output, representing 5.6% of US GDP. The industry employs 5.4 million people who earn $257 billion in wages. However, the industry in its current form is not sustainable. Animal livestock uses a disproportionally large amount of land. Of the 51 million km2 of agricultural land worldwide, 77% is used for livestock and feeding livestock. Despite this, only 17% of global caloric consumption comes from animals, with plant-based foods supplying 83% of global caloric intake, and only 33% of global protein intake comes from meat and dairy. Available agricultural land is dwindling, yet the global population is still rising and is expected to reach 10 billion by the year 2050. Feeding this many people will require an increase in global food production of 70%. Animal agriculture is also damaging to the environment, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, water stress and environmental pollution. The world simply cannot afford to carry on at this rate of meat consumption. Despite this, the world is very unlikely to become vegetarian. Instead there is a large opportunity for any company that can create a realistic substitute for meat products. Two particularly promising industries have grown at a rapid pace over the past few years: plant-based and cultured meat. Plant-based meat analogues: substance behind the hype? Plant-based foods are potentially far more sustainable than meat, requiring less land, less water and generating fewer emissions. In recent years, plant-based meat substitutes, i.e. products made from plants that are designed to taste exactly like meat and be marketed to meat-eating consumers, have generated a lot of hype. Could plant-based meat eventually replace conventional meat as part of a sustainable future? Despite global meat consumption increasing over the previous decades, there is a growing market for vegetarian and vegan substitutes. This trend can be explained by a growing media focus on the ethical, environmental and health issues associated with eating meat, as well uptake by the 95% of consumers who are not vegetarian or vegan. Growing consumer demand has been met with significant investment from major food and beverage companies, as well as investment bodies. Impossible Foods has received over $750 million in funding and in the first three months since going public, Beyond Meat experienced a 500% growth in its share price - the company is now valued at nearly $9 billion. Major food companies such as Tyson and Kroger are getting on board, releasing their own plant-based products. But does the reality match the hype? The "healthy" label could be problematic for plant-based meat. Products like the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger are not necessarily healthier than their meat counterparts, containing high levels of fat and salt, and there are consumer concerns about the levels of processing that go into plant-based meat products. The price of plant-based meat is also an elephant in the room. Plant-based meats are often much more expensive than their animal-based counterparts and will struggle to become more than a premium product until they can reach price parity than meat. This is easier said than done, however, with major technical and supply chain challenges to overcome. This report provides an overview of the technology behind plant-based and a grounded assessment of the market, based on technical and consumer drivers and restraints, providing a forecast of the industry from 2020 to 2030. Cultured meat: will it ever be a reality? Plant-based meats often struggle to replicate the taste and texture of meat. For all the environmental and ethical benefits, to many consumers it's just not meat. A potential answer is the use of "cultured meat", "cell-based meat" or "clean meat", meat produced from in vitro cultivation of animal cells, rather than by slaughtering animals. This would theoretically enable production of "meat" products totally identical to those obtained through animal slaughter, but grown in a lab. Since the world's first cultured burger was produced in 2013, the industry has grown at a rapid pace, with start-ups around the globe competing to be the first company to commercialise a cultured meat product. However, the industry is still in its infancy, facing major technological hurdles. Despite bullish claims from industry start-ups, it might be decades until cultured meat products are widely available in stores and restaurants. This report provides an in-depth guide to the way that cultured meat is produced, discussing the science, technology costs and the challenges of scale up. Combining this with an analysis of the consumer and regulatory environment, the report forecasts the growth of the industry over the next decade, starting with the likely release dates of the first products. To find out more about Life Sciences research available from IDTechEx visit www.IDTechEx.com/LifeSci or to connect with others on this topic, IDTechEx Events is hosting: Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020 Conference on 17 - 18 March 2020 in San Jose, USA. Please visit www.HealthcareSensorInnovations.com/USA IDTechEx guides your strategic business decisions through its Research, Consultancy and Event products, helping you profit from emerging technologies. For more information on IDTechEx Research and Consultancy contact research@IDTechEx.com or visit www.IDTechEx.com .

Cincinnati Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show Coming to Town!

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 22:08 EST

LOCATION: Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center 902 Loveland-Miamiville Rd. Loveland, OH 45140 DATE: Sunday, December 15, 2019 TIME: 10:00am - 4:00pm ADMISSION: $3.00, Children Under 12 are Free! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to local non-profit, Turn My Nose Red- Youth Circus. Parking is free!

Contractor Dependent Tech Industry Not Prepared for New IR35, Warns Harvey Nash Report

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 22:07 EST

Contractor Dependent Tech Industry Not Prepared for New IR35, Warns Report Harvey Nash IR35 Survey shows 83% of businesses believe updated regulation will negatively impact their industry A new report reveals confusion still reigns around IR35 legislation among both contractors and the businesses that rely on them. The 2019 Harvey Nash IR35 Survey, which interviewed 1,200 businesses and technology contractors, demonstrated that over 4/5 (83%) of businesses believe IR35 impacts negatively on their industry. Meanwhile 60% of contractors say they have experienced increased anxiety, stressing or worrying about how the new rules will affect them. Concerns are deepened further by the lack of an Autumn statement to confirm the details on the new regulation, which is to be extended to the private sector in April 2020. The Harvey Nash report unearthed significant confusion among businesses about their responsibilities, with 42% believing it was the contractor's responsibility to understand whether IR35 applies to them. Over half of private sector businesses (56%) admitted they don't feel prepared for the revised IR35 legislation, and 87% believed HMRC is not doing enough to support the transition. Of those businesses who said they are preparing for the change, 22% said they may stop using contractors altogether after April 2020, shrinking the job market for contractors, pushing them towards permanent roles or seeking alternative opportunities abroad, outside of IR35 rules. Hurting the economy When it comes to the wider business landscape, 88% of those surveyed said they feel IR35 will have a negative impact on the UK economy, 91% say it will damage productivity, and 84% believe it will restrict innovation. At a time of great political and economic uncertainty, it seems IR35 is viewed as an additional and unwelcome spanner in the works by both businesses and contractors. Colin Morley, Professional Services Director, Harvey Nash said: "This insight from both contractors and private sector businesses points to a perfect storm on the horizon. Both sides in the contractor-client relationship will be affected. Contractors need to establish their status and take the necessary steps to secure their livelihood, while businesses need to make their IR35 strategy crystal clear to their contractors." Almost one in five (17%) contractors said they will have to increase their fees to cover the rise in taxes, which could be as much as 30% if the business they work for moves them to the PAYE system. This could have a knock-on effect for businesses, increasing their budgets for projects reliant on contractors for delivery. One in ten contractors is considering seeking a permanent role as a result of the immanent change. Contractors also cited doubts around whether HMRC is taking the potential drain of contractor resources seriously enough. One third said they needed more information about IR35, yet only 5% said they would rely on HMRC to obtain this. Almost a quarter (22%) said they would ask external experts for advice, while one in five (21%) would rely on their industry press. Of those contractors who have used HMRC's online tool, CEST (Check Employment Status for Tax) over half (54%) said it was not useful or accurate. It seems therefore that contractors have serious concerns about the damaging impact IR35 could have on their livelihoods, yet have lost confidence in HMRC's ability to provide accurate and timely information. Will Jones, Director of Portfolio Solutions at Harvey Nash said: "As organisations navigate the unfamiliar territory of the 4 th industrial revolution, speed and agility are key to carving out a competitive advantage. The contingent workforce is more crucial than ever in providing them with the agility to adapt to the rapidly changing digital environment. At a time when Government should be doing everything it can to support British business, the feedback from respondents is that HMRC is not doing nearly enough to smooth the transition. What we need now is for HMRC to help us all by giving clear and precise guidance to remove ambiguity." The Harvey Nash IR35 Report is available to download at https://getintouch.formstack.com/forms/ir35_survey

GatesAir Dominates Repack Transmitter Sales with 400th Shipment

Wed, Nov 13, 2019 21:48 EST

GatesAir Dominates Repack Transmitter Sales with 400th Shipment Company cements leadership position for higher power repack phases as it shifts focus to servicing displaced low-power broadcasters GatesAir today cements its legacy as the leading supplier of repack transmitters, with nearly half of the market share as of press time. The company shipped its 400th repack transmitter in October, and expects to surpass 500 transmitter shipments by the end of 2019. To date, GatesAir has shipped more than 17,000 power amplifiers, representing more than 11.2 Megawatts of transmission power. A full 60 percent of those shipments have been successfully installed and are now on air. "GatesAir has successfully met all shipping deadlines thanks to detailed capacity planning, resulting in key manufacturing initiatives to handle the volume," says Bryant Burke, Vice President of Operations, GatesAir. "I'm very proud of the work our team has done. Many of our shipments are well ahead of the customer phase requirements, which reduces uncertainty around planning." "With all but a handful of higher power repack orders remaining, GatesAir is proud to confirm its position as the broadcast industry's leading supplier of repack transmitters," said Bruce D. Swail, CEO, GatesAir. "GatesAir is now pivoting to ship high quantities of low-power transmitters for the coming LPTV phase of repack, providing the same level of service and commitment to our low-power customers." GatesAir recently expanded its range of low-power TV transmitters through a strategic business acquisition, strengthening its value proposition for FM, LPTV and translator repack assignments. These assignments will address more than 2000 stations displaced by higher power broadcasters in phases 0 through 10. The filing period for low-power broadcasters is now underway and continues through mid-November. The two attached images show GatesAir Maxiva UAXTE (single UHF transmitter) and VAXTE (dual VHF transmitters) in the final staging process prior to shipment to customers from GatesAir's Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center.