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European Patent Issued for Groundbreaking Insect Protein Technology; Company Seeks Investors

Mon, Jun 17, 2024 09:35 EDT

All Things Bugs LLC, a pioneer in the development of sustainable eco-friendly technologies using insects and world's first wholesaler of insect based food ingredients, is thrilled to announce the grant of a new European Patent on December 20, 2023. This groundbreaking patent, titled "Insect Products and Methods of Manufacture and Use Thereof" reflects the company's continued commitment to innovation in the field of insect-based food and agricultural products. The granted European Union Unitary Patent (EP3096633) is enforceable in all countries of the Unitary Patent System Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, (cf. https://www.epo.org/en/applying/european/unitary/unitary-patent ). Further, the patent will be enforceable in Spain, UK, and Poland. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, a passionate Ph.D. biomedical scientist, biochemist and self-taught entomologist, All Things Bugs has been at the forefront of utilizing insects to improve food security and health. The company's latest achievement is a testament to its enduring mission to harness the vast potential of insects in addressing global food security and sustainability challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Insects are the most efficient and sustainable protein source on Earth, utilizing far less land, water, feed, energy and other valuable resources to produce than any other protein source. More on this can be found in Dr. Dossey's book " Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients ". Innovations and Impact This new patent marks a significant milestone in the company's journey to revolutionize the food industry. The primary innovation involves the initial grinding of insects prior to drying. The major application of this technology utilizes spray drying for the most efficient, cost effective and scalable process to produce protein powder made from sustainably farm raised insects to generate the highest quality ingredient available on the market. All Things Bugs has already made impressive strides in this domain, including the development and early commercialization of their patented Griopro® cricket powder production technology. This innovation positioned the company as the world's first wholesaler of insect-based food ingredients, showcasing their role as a leader in the edible insect sector. The European Patent covers novel aspects of All Things Bugs' technology, further solidifying its position as a key player in the global market. This includes advancements in processing technology, food product development, and cutting-edge insect farming automation and mechanization.

Thinks Election Diaries: Update 2

Mon, Jun 17, 2024 08:51 EDT

Over the next three weeks, Thinks Insight & Strategy in partnership with PoliticsHome will be tracking reactions from swing voters in five key battlegrounds throughout the general election campaign. We are following 50 members of the public in five constituencies across the UK will be sharing what they have seen and heard of the campaign, as well as what it means to them, before the country casts votes on Thursday, 4 July. Our second update is now available: https://www.thinksinsight.com/the-election-diaries-2024#week-2-are-we-nearly-there-yet Participants will submit their reactions using text, voice, picture and video messages. Some will be asked to do a campaign-related activity which they might otherwise not have done, such as watch a TV debate, skim a manifesto, or read some media coverage, and then provide their response. You can sign up to receive weekly updates and in-depth analysis via our website: https://www.thinksinsight.com/the-election-diaries-2024 Please get in touch at hello@thinksinsight for any comment or if you'd like to involve a member of the Thinks team in your wider election coverage.

⅓ of 18-25-Year-Olds Are Doctoring Their Appearance on Social Media

Mon, Jun 17, 2024 03:09 EDT

New research from digital identity security specialists, ID Crypt Global , reveals that one-third of 18-25-year-olds doctor their own photographs before posting them on social media, with the majority of them doing so because they feel pressure to look like their favourite celebrities and influencers. ID Crypt Global has commissioned a survey of 778 18-25-year-olds to ask if and why they edit photographs of themselves before posting them to social media. The survey reveals that 33% of 18-25-year-olds admit to digitally doctoring their photographs before posting them on social media. The social media platform they're most likely to post doctored images on is by far and away Instagram, as reported by 83% of respondents, with the next-most popular answer of Tik-Tok applying to just 7% of respondents. The most common editing methods used for social media posts are adjusting the lighting and tone of images (49%), and using filters (30%). The most common reason for editing images is for people to edit their own appearance (42%), whether that's changing their hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, or weight. When asked if they feel pressure to doctor their images in order to present themselves in a certain way, such as to look like celebrities and influencers, 58% of 18-25-year-olds say 'yes'. CEO and Founder of ID Crypt Global, Lauren Wilson-Smith, commented: "It seems that faking images is becoming ingrained in our young people from a really early age. And while making edits to social media snaps might seem innocent enough, there are some underlying motivations that deserve our concern, from ideas of self-worth, to children wishing to be something they are not. The new phenomenon of social media fame is setting unattainable expectations for how kids should look and the kinds of lifestyles they should lead. And in doing so, it's removing young people from reality. This willingness to edit photographs may also be contributing to the worrying bigger picture of deepfakes and false images that are increasingly appearing online and in the media, and young people might become so used to themselves and their peers doctoring reality in photographs that they don't see the dangers that misinformation can have in a broader context out in the wider world." Survey results Full survey results can be viewed online, here . END Notes to editors: - ID Crypt Global is the new standard in digital identity validation ID Crypt Global is proprietary technology built with bank level complexity. Identification verification is instant, foolproof and does not harvest consumer data as other platforms do Lauren Wilson-Smith is Founder and CEO and formed the idea for next level ID verification from her experience with dating apps that were not reflective of reliable 'true identity'. Contact ProperPR Press Enquiries James Lockett M: 07584 248960 T: 0207 856 0185 E: james@properpr.co.uk ProperPR Data Enquiries Alex Pericli M: 07979 262393 T: 0207 856 0185 E: alex@properpr.co.uk ProperPR

Salvation Army Offers Naloxone Education Program on June 18th

Fri, Jun 14, 2024 17:36 EDT

"This is our second year offering this prevention education and training," says Director of Programs Naomi Goforth, "and we know it's an effective way to combat opioid deaths." REDLANDS, CA. - With opioid abuse on the rise, the Salvation Army is responding to the challenge by once again offering prevention education regarding opioid overdose and training on the use of Naloxone. This life-saving medication can reverse opioid overdoses. Naloxone is an antidote for treating heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid overdoses. In February, U.S. News & World Report published an article headlined 'Fourth Wave' of Opioid Epidemic Crashes Ashore, Propelled by Fentanyl and Meth . Based on a study by Millennium Health testing labs, the article points out how common polysubstance abuse has become. In fact, "...an overwhelming majority of fentanyl-positive urine samples-nearly 93%-contained additional substances." The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health online dashboard shows 58 to 61% of fentanyl overdose deaths in the county for the years 2022 through 2024 had methamphetamine present. The dashboard also indicates fentanyl overdose deaths increased from 260 in 2020 to 432 in 2023, with 108 more as of May 2024. "Our workshop led by San Bernardino County Department of Public Health helps raise awareness of trends in opioid abuse and how Naloxone can be used to treat overdoses. The workshop also includes training in prevention. With overdoses on the rise, concerned residents can learn how to combat abuse," says Naomi Goforth, the Salvation Army Director of Programs. Last year's program provided education and training to over 100 people, and Goforth hopes for a similar turnout this year. The public is invited, and the program will be held at the Salvation Army San Bernardino Corps' administration building at 838 Alta St. in Redlands. The session starts at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18. "This is our second year partnering with Public Health to offer this program," says Goforth, "and we know it's an effective way to combat opioid deaths." She adds that the program will also be conducted at the Salvation Army's Hospitality House and Path to Prosperity facilities for program participants. For more information, call (909) 792-6868. About the Salvation Army San Bernardino Corps The Salvation Army may provide emergency services, including food, lodging for homeless or displaced families, clothing and furniture, assistance with rent or mortgage, and transportation when funds are available. The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church that offers evangelical programs for boys, girls, and adults. One of the world's largest charitable and international service organizations, The Salvation Army has existed since 1865 and in San Bernardino since 1885 , supporting those in need without discrimination. Donations may always be made online at www.salvationarmyusa.org or by 1-(800) SAL-ARMY. Our local number is (909) 792-6868.

Akeneo Appoints Annabelle Malherbe as First-Ever Chief of Staff

Fri, Jun 14, 2024 15:28 EDT

Malherbe Joins Akeneo with extensive M&A expertise and a proven track record in strategic planning, business development, and financial leadership Akeneo , the product experience company, today announced the appointment of former Zoovu Chief Operations Officer Annabelle Malherbe to Chief of Staff. In this role, Malherbe will work directly with Chief Executive Officer Fred de Gombert to drive the firm's strategic agenda. Malherbe will serve a critical role in Akeneo's corporate development, working closely under the guidance of Chief Strategy Officer Kristin Naragon to drive merger and acquisition strategies and coordinate due diligence efforts across departments. To drive operational efficiency and scalability, Malherbe will establish Akeneo's new Project Management Office (PMO). This initiative ensures the creation of agile, efficient teams working toward the successful execution of strategic priorities across the organization. "Annabelle's strategic business expertise and immense financial experience are exactly what Akeneo needs at this stage of our growth," said de Gombert. "As my right arm, she will be instrumental in managing our key initiatives and ensuring that our executive team operates seamlessly. Annabelle's appointment is pivotal as we continue to innovate and expand globally, steering Akeneo toward even greater successes." Beyond strategic and program management, Malherbe will manage Akeneo's internal operational calendar and coordinate seamless communication within the leadership team. She will use data-driven insights to guide decision-making and coordinate with Chief Financial Officer Nadine Pichelot to leverage data analytics for robust forecasting and performance tracking. Malherbe intends to develop KPIs and reporting mechanics to monitor and guide Akeneo's growth. "I admire Akeneo's drive to revolutionize the customer experience through an exceptional product experience," said Malherbe. "In my role, I look forward to leading the charge on strategic initiatives that bolster Akeneo's position as a market leader. I look forward to leveraging my experience to extend the reach and impact of our innovative product information management solutions across the globe." Malherbe previously held roles across the digital and enterprise SaaS industries. Most recently, she served as the Chief Operations Officer at Zoovu, where she led the group's global operations and strategic initiatives. Before Zoovu, she held the same role at Linkfluence, where she managed the company's operations until its acquisition by Meltwater in 2021. Prior to that, she was with Dassault Systèmes as Vice President of Content & Online Services. To learn more, please visit www.akeneo.com . 

Lafayette's Overall Crime Rate Remains Low

Fri, Jun 14, 2024 11:32 EDT

Lafayette's Overall Crime Rate Remains Low "Overall, crime remains low in Lafayette, a testament to the collective efforts of our community. However, there are still categories of crimes that the Police Department, in partnership with our residents, continues to strive to reduce ," explained Chief Alldritt. LAFAYETTE, CALIF.- The most recent crime report for 2023 from the Lafayette Police Department has been presented to the Lafayette City Council. The report shows that the rate of violent crime in Lafayette remains low, with only 13 reported Part 1 violent crimes in 2023. This equals 51.2 violent crimes per 100,000 people, compared to the national average of 380.7 violent crimes per 100,000 and the California average of 494.6 violent crimes per 100,000 in 2022. In 2023, the Lafayette Police received 12,007 calls for service, filed 1,168 police reports, made 302 arrests, and issued 1,022 traffic citations. Part I Crimes include two categories: Crimes against Persons and property crimes. Crimes against Persons are murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, and human trafficking. Property Crimes are burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. "Crimes against Persons are our top priority because they have the most significant impact on the victim. The Lafayette Police Department is committed to dedicating all necessary resources to investigate these crimes and bring the suspects to justice," said Lafayette Chief of Police Benjamin Alldritt. Overall, Part 1 crimes decreased from 456 in 2013 to 277 in 2023. This represents a 39% decrease in these types of crime over the last decade. "Overall, crime continues to remain low in 2023, which is a testament to the collective efforts of our community," said Chief Alldritt. He continued, "Proactive policing and an alert community keep crime low in Lafayette. If people see something, they say something. Residents quickly report, respond, and actively watch out for their friends, family, and neighbors. We appreciate that our community members continue to call in and report crimes and remain aware of their surroundings". The Lafayette Police Department is authorized at 17 sworn personnel. This includes the chief, three sergeants, two detectives, two traffic officers, and nine patrol officers. The department is also supported by 5.75 professional staff and three part-time parking enforcement staff. Lafayette has one of the lowest police-to-citizen ratios in Contra Costa County, with 0.67 police officers per thousand residents. In comparison, the City of San Pablo has the highest ratio of 1.95 officers to residents, compared to the countywide average ratio of 1.11. Lafayette contracts with the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff for public safety services, and all sworn personnel are members of the Sheriff's Office. The Chief reports directly to the City Manager for police operations and services. "The professional staff are force multipliers for the Police Department," said Chief Alldritt. "They run the administrative office, manage the City's emergency preparedness activities and fleet maintenance, carry out crime scene investigations, parking enforcement, vacation house checks, emergency traffic control, and other programs such as "Slow Down Lafayette." The City of Lafayette takes a multi-departmental approach to reduce accidents in Lafayette by using the "Three E's" of traffic safety: Enforcement, Engineering, and Education. The Police Traffic Unit meets regularly with the City's Transportation Planner to identify problem areas where engineering solutions may have a calming effect on traffic, resulting in fewer accidents and less need for enforcement. The Traffic Unit reviews collision rates and locations, along with citizen complaints, when considering areas for enforcement efforts. During this last year, the program accomplished the following: - Acquired two low-profile radar measurement devices, two temporary speed display signs, two-speed display trailers, and two LIDAR devices to assist with speed enforcement. - Analyzed over 1.3 million data points on vehicle speeds - Reduced the number of speeders by 20%-25% in areas where display signs and traffic enforcement are used. - Provided educational materials on crosswalk safety, school bus safety, e-bikes, and various weather and other traffic-related notices. The Lafayette City Council continues prioritizing wildfire preparedness, with the Lafayette Police Department leading the City's efforts. The Police Department actively collaborates with nearby cities, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District ("Con Fire"), and the City's Emergency Preparedness Commission to help residents prepare for wildfire emergencies: The Lamorinda Residents Guide to Wildfire Preparedness and Evacuation was updated and mailed out to all Lamorinda residents in 2022. The Police Department encourages residents to sign up for the County's Community Warning System (CWS) The ALERT California wildfire program maintains a network of cameras to detect, alert, and monitor wildfires. Lafayette Police Department Emergency Services Manager John Cornell handled the installation of multiple wildfire cameras throughout Contra Costa County, which included training for multiple local fire and police departments. The city also operates an information and emergency radio station, available on AM 1670 or streaming via the city's app, My Lafayette, for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play - Android Store . "I am proud of the men and women who serve the City of Lafayette with pride and dedication," says Chief Alldritt. "The entire Police Department and our City staff and leaders are focused on providing the highest level of service possible to our residents, businesses, and visitors. From responding to calls for service, to investigations, traffic enforcement, emergency preparedness, and the myriad other things my staff do daily in service of the community." The City of Lafayette Police 2023 Annual Report is available online here . (opens PDF) You can also download the slide deck of the May 28, 2024, presentation and watch a recording of the presentation to the City Council on May 28, 2024, on the City's YouTube channel . For more information, please email LafayetteListens@LoveLafayette.org , call (951) 685-2111, or visit LoveLafayette.org .

Major Kensa social housing retrofit project scoops Business Green award

Fri, Jun 14, 2024 05:49 EDT

13 June 2024 - At last night's Business Green awards in London, Kensa's multi-award-winning retrofit project for Thurrock Council, which saw Networked Heat Pumps installed in 273 high-rise social housing flats , bagged another accolade by securing the Business Green Renewable Energy Project of the Year. Part-funded by Wave 1 of the Government's Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF), the flagship project, delivered by Kensa Contracting and Thurrock Council, saw ageing electric storage heaters across three tower blocks in Thurrock, Essex, replaced with highly efficient, low-carbon networked ground source heat pumps. Since completion, the project has lowered residents' energy bills by as much as 66% , lifting many out of fuel poverty and enabling them to heat their homes properly. Replacing electric storage heaters, which cost some residents thousands of pounds a year to run, with Kensa's compact Shoebox heat pumps is also expected to reduce carbon emissions by 70%. Networked Heat Pumps consist of ground source heat pumps installed in individual properties, whether flats, terraced streets, or new-build homes, connected to a shared network of underground pipework. This provides each property with low-cost, renewable heating, hot water, and cooling. Installing this solution in 273 Thurrock flats set a blueprint for using SHDF funding to replace inefficient heating in social housing with Networked Heat Pumps. From creating new green local jobs to providing the Council with a long-lasting renewable heating system, the project delivered multiple benefits across the community. With £1.2bn available this summer through SHDF Wave 3 , social housing providers can apply for funding to make energy efficiency improvements in their properties, including replacing inefficient heating systems . Speaking about the heating system, Thurrock resident Diane Barr said: "The heat pump is much warmer, and the hot water is so fast compared to the old system. Plus it's so cheap - I pay around £21 a week, and that's with doing the washing, using the tumble-drier and dehumidifier. With the storage heaters, it cost around £70 a week, and I only used to have the heating on in three rooms, and the hot water ran out pretty quickly, so we couldn't have a shower." After receiving the award, Sustainability Director at Kensa Contracting , Ieman Barmaki, said: "It's brilliant for this project to receive the Business Green Renewable Energy Project of the Year award. We're incredibly proud of this installation; it's made a huge improvement to people's lives, it's lowered energy bills and given residents a heating system they can afford to use. "Networked heat pumps present an ideal solution to decarbonise complex properties like high-rise tower blocks. We've delivered this renewable heating system to over 1,700 high-rise social housing flats, giving long-lasting benefits for the housing providers, the residents, the community and the environment." ENDS Full list of winners from last night's Business Green awards: UK Green Business Awards 2024 - And the winner is... | BusinessGreen News Full case study for the Thurrock project: Chadwell St Mary's, Thurrock Council - Kensa Contracting Further information on the project: Social housing residents bills slashed by 66% for heating and hot water - Kensa Contracting Based in Cornwall, Kensa is the UK's leading provider of Ground Source Heat Pump solutions. Kensa has a long track record of working with Social Housing providers to decarbonise their stock, delivering close to 4,000 heat pumps to various property types. With £70m in investment from Legal & General and Octopus Energy, Kensa is working with communities and businesses across the UK to deliver its heat decarbonisation solution: Networked Heat Pumps . Powered by the wider adoption of Networked Heat Pumps, Kensa expects to contribute significantly to this figure, ramping up heat pump production to 70,000 a year by the end of the decade and creating over 7,000 green UK manufacturing jobs in the process. Ground source heat pumps absorb renewable solar energy stored in the ground or water, compress it to a higher temperature and then transfer it to a property's heating and hot water system. Due to its heat source coming from beneath the ground, ground source heat pumps are discreet, invisible from the outside, and can be small enough to fit in an airing cupboard.

The Circuit Launches Initiative to Accelerate AI Adoption Among Small to Midsized Businesses

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 16:37 EDT

More than $100,000 available so far to help bring selected AI use cases to market The Circuit , the largest IT Industry association in the Greater Cincinnati region, is thrilled to announce the launch of "Proving Ground: Where Ideas Meet Reality." The initiative aims to revolutionize the adoption of technology solutions within organizations, especially in the Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) market. The first initiative is aimed at the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. In a landscape crowded with AI promises, "Proving Ground" is focused on fielding practical solutions for real-world use cases. "By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the 'Proving Ground' is providing a platform for technology leaders to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and drive tangible results," says Jason Skidmore, Board Chair, The Circuit. Organizations are invited to submit use cases for evaluation by a team of seasoned business and AI professionals. "We're looking for solutions that offer measurable return on investment and the potential to move from proof of concept into production," explains Tracy Ruberg, Executive Director, The Circuit. "This ensures that 'Proving Ground' delivers real-world impact." The Circuit has put together an Advisory Board comprised of executive business leaders and technology advocates to facilitate the Proving Ground program. This Board will evaluate the use case submissions and offer strategic oversight throughout the AI project lifecycle. In addition, The Circuit has partnered with CoStrategix and AMEND Consulting to provide the development resources to successfully build out the identified use cases. Conversations continue with other potential partners. The Circuit and its partners have created a pool in excess of $100,000 to bring the winner's use case into reality, helping to drive AI adoption across the Greater Cincinnati region. For more information about "Proving Ground" and how to get involved, visit: https://www.thecircuit.net/proving-ground . ### About The Circuit The Circuit is the largest IT Industry association in the Greater Cincinnati region. By providing a dynamic environment for knowledge-sharing and networking, The Circuit empowers technology leaders to drive meaningful change and stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Groundbreaking Research on the Mealworm Genome, Paving the Way for Sustainable Solutions

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 16:26 EDT

In a groundbreaking leap towards sustainable solutions, Dr. Aaron T. Dossey and his team have unveiled revolutionary findings in the realm of mealworm genomics. This momentous achievement promises to transform the landscape of sustainable living and resource utilization. This work aligns seamlessly with his company All Things Bugs LLC 's mission and the principles outlined in his acclaimed book, " Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients ." This groundbreaking research not only deepens our understanding of mealworm biology but also propels sustainable living and resource utilization into new frontiers. Dr. Dossey's tireless dedication to scientific exploration has led to the unraveling of the mealworm genome, as detailed in the recent publication in the prestigious journal Genes. The study, titled " Genome Assembly and Annotation of the Mealworm ( Tenebrio molitor ) for Improved Sustainable Applications ," which is available for free online , showcases the profound implications of decoding the genetic blueprint of these resilient insects and editing them utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology for a wide variety of food, agricultural, vaccines, pharmaceutical and other applications. Key highlights of Dr. Dossey's research include: Enhanced Understanding of Mealworm Biology: The comprehensive genome analysis sheds light on various aspects of mealworm biology, providing a deeper understanding of their adaptive mechanisms, reproductive strategies, and metabolic processes. These can be leveraged to improve these animals for optimal mass production as a food source or to produce a wide variety of other bioproducts such as livestock vaccines, etc. Identification of Sustainable Applications: The breakthrough findings unlock a treasure trove of opportunities for sustainable applications. From waste conversion to alternative protein sources, the mealworm genome's secrets hold the key to addressing pressing global challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and food security. Targeted Genetic Modification for Enhanced Traits: Dr. Dossey's research opens avenues for targeted genetic modification, enabling scientists to enhance specific traits in mealworms. This precision breeding could lead to improved efficiency in resource conversion and other desirable characteristics. Collaborative Opportunities for Innovation: The release of the mealworm genome data invites collaboration across scientific disciplines, fostering a community of innovators dedicated to harnessing the potential of these remarkable insects for the betterment of our planet. The publication of Dr. Dossey's research in Genes marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable living. His findings have the potential to shape the future of agriculture, waste management, and protein production. Dr. Dossey states, "The mealworm genome represents a blueprint for sustainability. By decoding its intricacies, we unlock a myriad of possibilities to address some of the most pressing challenges our world faces today." Investors, the scientific community, industry leaders, and environmental advocates are urged to explore the implications of Dr. Dossey's research and contact All Things Bugs LLC advancing sustainable solutions for a brighter future. About Dr. Aaron T. Dossey Dr. Aaron T. Dossey is a renowned scientist and innovator dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions. With a focus on insects as a sustainable bioresource, Dr. Dossey's groundbreaking research has the potential to transform the way we approach global challenges such as food security, climate change and biodiversity loss. He also founded the biodiversity focused edutainment nonprofit Invertebrate Studies Institute which seeks seuqence the genomes of all insect species on Earth along with building the world's largest insect zoo and biodome - www.isibugs.org . About "Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients" " Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients " by Dr. Aaron Dossey is a seminal work that explores the potential of insects as a sustainable and nutritious food source. About the Study The study, "Genome Assembly and Annotation of the Mealworm ( Tenebrio molitor ) for Improved Sustainable Applications," authored by Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, is published in the latest issue of Genes. About Genes Genes is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing high-quality research in the field of genetics and genomics. Note to Editors: For more information, interviews, or media inquiries, please contact Dr. Aaron T. Dossey at aaron.t.dossey@allthingsbugs.com

Indigenous Peoples' Rights Organization Cultural Survival Appoints New Executive Director

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 13:08 EDT

After an exhaustive international search, Cultural Survival 's Board of Directors has named Aimee Roberson as the organization's new executive director. She is the third Indigenous executive director Cultural Survival has had. She will commence her role on July 1, 2024. Aimee is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and a descendant of the Chickasaw Nation . She comes to Cultural Survival after serving as the Director of American Bird Conservancy's Southwest Region. Previously, Aimee served as the Coordinator for the Rio Grande Joint Venture, and prior to that worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for many years. Throughout her career, she has worked with people across North America, stewarding ecosystems, protecting biodiversity, and planning for climate change adaptation. Her success in these fields is supported by her Indigenous worldview, her traditional knowledge, and by including Indigenous Peoples in conversations and work in their territories. She has been working at the intersection of conservation and justice in support of Indigenous Peoples. As a co-founder of the Indigenous Kinship Circle, Aimee has helped build solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and bridges with conservationists, scientists, and policymakers. Aimee has led conservation partnerships in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico - co-creating a vision; integrating cultural values and ecological knowledge to guide science for meaningful decision-making; and implementing shared strategies for stewarding wildlife, water, and ecosystems. Aimee is a lifelong student of Earth's wisdom and holds a Bachelor's degree in Geology from Macalester College and a Master's degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota. Aimee also serves on the boards of the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, and Regalia Making Relatives, and is stepping down from the boards of the Sonoran and Rio Grande Joint Ventures as she transitions into her new role at Cultural Survival. "I am humbled and extremely excited about this new opportunity. I am passionate about upholding the sovereignty and rights of Indigenous Peoples around the globe so that we and our lifeways, cultures, languages, and the ecosystems we steward can flourish. Within my community, I am learning Chahta anumpa (Choctaw language), practicing traditional arts, growing and preparing traditional foods, and learning and teaching about shared history, values, and responsibilities to care for our land, waters, and plant and animal relatives. I am deeply committed to reciprocity, community, and environmental stewardship," said Roberson. "Aimee's expert knowledge and experience working on elevating Indigenous voices, perspectives, and rights, as well as advocating for Indigenous land rights and stewardship, is aligned with and supportive of Cultural Survival's mission to advance Indigenous Peoples' rights and support Indigenous communities' self-determination, cultures, and political resilience. We look forward to Aimee's leadership in carrying on and extending the 52-year history of Cultural Survival's numerous partnerships with Indigenous nations and in implementing our vision of a future that respects and honors Indigenous Peoples' inherent rights and dynamic cultures, deeply and richly interwoven in lands, languages, spiritual traditions, and artistic expression, rooted in self-determination and self-governance. Please join us in welcoming Aimee. We would also like to express our profound gratitude to Deputy Executive Director Mark Camp for leading the organization in the last several months through this transition period," said Kaimana Barcarse (Kanaka Hawai'i), President of Cultural Survival's Board of Directors. As Cultural Survival is celebrating its 52nd year of working to advance Indigenous rights and pathways, the organization has launched a Leadership Transition Fund to support the new leader and organization to go through the transition period, build on successes, and guide the organization to new work to address the realities of the ever-changing world. Cultural Survival uses a four-pronged approach: Advocacy, Capacity Building, Grantmaking, and Communications, along with primary themes of Lands and Livelihoods, Cultures and Languages, Climate Change Solutions, Indigenous Community Media, and the cross-cutting theme of Women and Youth, to carry out its work. All are invited to support joint efforts and donate to the Leadership Transition Fund and ensure the success and longevity of Cultural Survival. About Cultural Survival Cultural Survival (CS) is an Indigenous-led NGO and U.S. registered non-profit that advocates for Indigenous Peoples' rights and supports Indigenous communities' self-determination, cultures, and political resilience, since 1972. For close to 50 years, Cultural Survival has partnered with Indigenous communities to advance Indigenous Peoples' rights and cultures worldwide. CS envisions a future that respects and honors Indigenous Peoples' inherent rights and dynamic cultures, deeply and richly interwoven in lands, languages, spiritual traditions, and artistic expression, rooted in self-determination and self-governance. The core of Cultural Survival's efforts rests on the principles of supporting, amplifying efforts, and raising awareness of self-determination for Indigenous communities. To learn more, visit www.cs.org

Leading UK care group becomes first to globally adopt environmentally friendly housekeeping

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 11:32 EDT

One of the UK's leading and award-winning care groups has become the first of its kind globally to use n-kind plant based cleaning products for housekeeping in all of its care homes. Aria Care Group, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary, is the first care group globally to be using n-kind plant-based products, as its single cleaning solution throughout its 50 care homes in England. n-kind, an exclusive brand from Blueleaf, provides a range of plant based, sustainable cleaning products and works with organisations to make a greener and more sustainable choice, without compromising on cleanliness and performance. James Clear, Hospitality Director at Aria Care, has been working closely with Blueleaf for six months to ensure the product has been trialled and tested, while also collaborating with Blueleaf on best practice and ways of working for Aria's new internal cleaning guides. James said: "It has been a pleasure to work with Blueleaf with their n-kind plant based product range to develop a system and new ways of working with the products in our homes. "We are very proud to be the first company globally to implement the n-kind system into all of our homes in England. The products are fantastic and we have received so many compliments on the cleaning power and the fragrance within our homes." Lloyd King, Corporate Account Manager, at Blueleaf said: "It's been excellent working with James Clear and the team at Aria Care to implement our 'n-kind' solution into all the homes. "At Blueleaf, we are passionate about adding value for our customers, and it's great that our innovations are helping us become the sustainable supplier of choice. "We're excited to see this trend of adopting our n-kind cleaning solutions continue in the care home sector." The move to implement n-kind products is part of Aria Care's commitment to provide hospitality from the heart, giving residents and team members across all its homes a good environment in which to live and work. Paul Wright, who was recently named Group Hospitality Manager at Aria Care, said: "At Aria, it is our priority to provide our residents with a clean, safe and friendly environment to live in but also ensure that they are treated with respect, dignity and kindness." James, Paul and the team have created a new uniform cleaning schedule for housekeeping and laundry with an auditing system to support Aria's care homes. In the past year, Aria has achieved several benchmarks in staff retention and development, financial performance and hospitality, priding itself on being colleague-led, with feedback from its 2,700 colleagues providing the basis for its ever-evolving ethos, vision and values.

Advyzon Announces Dates and Location of 2025 Annual Conference

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:49 EDT

In addition, comprehensive tech platform earns recognition from American Banker, WealthManagement.com, and Wealth Solutions Report Advyzon , a comprehensive service and technology platform and portfolio management solution for financial advisors and investment managers, today announces the dates and location of the second annual Advyzon Conference , which will take place February 12-14, 2025 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. The inaugural Advyzon Conference took place earlier this year, held February 20-22, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona, and combined storytelling, immersive programming, and unrivaled technology. The event was not just a user forum, but an influential industry event with not only clients of Advyzon in attendance, but industry thought leaders, influencers, consultants, media, integration partners, and financial advisors and financial services firms of all kinds. The conference featured influential keynote speakers - including Matthew Luhn , Jeff Kilburg , and Nikolee Turner - educational breakout sessions, an exhibit hall with a variety of vendors and service providers, media opportunities, social events, networking, office hours for one-on-one training, and more. Click here to see videos and highlights from the conference on social media. In addition, several key enhancements of the next generation platform - which includes a new mobile app, workflow automations, artificial intelligence capabilities, and rebalancing tax optimizations - were announced. Plus, two new executive team members were introduced: Kartik Srinivasan as President of Advyzon Institutional and Dave Goes as President of Enterprise Sales. Advyzon also announced a new custody and retail investment infrastructure integration with Apex Advisor Solutions at the conference, where RIAs using Apex's robust custody and clearing platform can harness the power of Advyzon's award-winning, intuitive technology platform for advisors. The integration includes new account opening workflows, initial account funding, money movement, custodian fee file submission, and FIX trading. WHERE EXCEPTIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND UNMATCHED SERVICE COME TOGETHER For the second annual conference, Advyzon plans to have even more prominent keynote speakers and industry thought leaders, hyper relevant breakout topics, leading service providers in the exhibit hall, and Advyzon-focused sessions in order to help advisors get the most out of the highest-rated comprehensive technology platform in the industry. They also plan to offer multiple tracks for advisors depending on their needs and interests. "Our inaugural conference was a huge success and we got rave reviews," said John Mackowiak, Chief Revenue Officer of Advyzon. "We set a high bar and now we intend to raise it, implementing attendee and sponsor feedback to make sure everyone leaves feeling they attended one of the best conferences in the industry." Registration for the 2024 Advyzon Conference will open soon, and advisors and sponsors interested in attending can sign up for the Early Bird list to receive registration alerts. ADVYZON NAMED ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO WORK IN FINTECH BY AMERICAN BANKER Advyzon was recently recognized and honored by multiple prominent industry publications. In the Best Places to Work in Fintech 2024 list published by American Banker , Advyzon came in at #34 in the rankings of fintech firms thanks to the company's pet-friendly office, beer fridge, 401(k) match, and many other perks and benefits. The ranking was compiled in cooperation with the Best Companies Group and involves a two-step selection process. For the first part, applicants completed a thorough survey covering their policies and the benefits they provide to workers. For the second part, employees completed an engagement and satisfaction survey. To learn more about the selection process and to see the full list, please click here . ADVYZON NAMED A FINALIST IN THE 2024 WEALTH MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY AWARDS In addition, Advyzon was named a finalist in the 2024 WealthManagement.com Industry Awards - an annual competition and industry-leading awards program often referred to as 'The Wealthies' - for the fourth consecutive year. In the 2024 awards, Advyzon was named a finalist in two categories under Technology Providers: 'Rebalancing' and 'Portfolio Management, Accounting & Performance Reporting' - highlighting Advyzon's Quantum Rebalancer and the inaugural Advyzon Conference. Additionally, Advyzon Investment Management (AIM), a turnkey asset management program (TAMP) under the Advyzon umbrella, was also named a finalist in two categories: 'TAMPs' and 'Model Marketplaces' - highlighting the launch of the AIM platform and the Nucleus Model Marketplace . For the tenth year this September, WealthManagement.com will honor the best companies, individuals, and organizations that support financial advisor success at its annual Industry Awards. This year's winners, chosen by an independent panel of judges from among 287 finalists, will be announced on September 5 th at a black-tie gala at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City. The finalists were culled down from more than 1,000 entries from more than 400 companies, and 104 firms were recognized for outstanding achievement in multiple categories, including Advyzon. With four combined categories, Advyzon tied for the third most finalist nods among all the companies that were honored. To see the full list of finalists and to learn more about the 2024 WealthManagement.com Industry Awards, please click here . To learn more about the 2024 Industry Awards gala and activities, please click here . KARTIK SRINIVASAN NAMED TOP AAPI INDUSTRY LEADER IN WEALTH SOLUTIONS REPORT Finally, Advyzon's Kartik Srinivasan was named 'President of the Year' in Wealth Solutions Report 's Pathfinder Awards featuring the Top AAPI Industry Leaders of 2024 in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May. Srinivasan's recognition highlights his new role at Advyzon as President of Advyzon Institutional - a new business unit at the firm - as well as his illustrious career in the wealthtech space. He joined Advyzon in March of this year and was introduced to the Advyzon team and community at the inaugural Advyzon Conference. "I'm very excited to receive this award from Wealth Solutions Report and be honored for AAPI Heritage Month," said Srinivasan. "But I'm even more excited to join Advyzon, bringing my two decades of experience serving independent advisors to help Advyzon expand into new markets and serve the increasingly unique and complex needs of advisors and their clients." To learn more about Srinivasan and his new role at Advyzon, please click here . To learn more about WSR's Pathfinder Awards and to see the full list of Top AAPI Industry Leaders of 2024, please click here .

PCA services for the UAE

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:49 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, is delighted to provide trade facilitation services for the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) and the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM). Traders, importers and manufacturers selling imported or locally manufactured products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must hold a valid certification of conformity (CoC) for goods regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) before they reach the market. As a notified body appointed by MoIAT to implement the UAE's product conformity assessment (PCA) program, SGS assesses products to ensure they meet the relevant safety and quality requirements. ECAS certification is valid for one year and is subject to annual renewal and the EQM, which shows compliance with the appropriate UAE standards, is valid for three years. On completion of a satisfactory product assessment, a certificate of conformity (CoC) is issued, demonstrating compliance and granting market access. MoIAT was established in 2020 to boost the UAE's industrial sector and increase its contribution to gross domestic product, and in its present state represents the merging of the functions of the Office of the Minister of State for Advanced Technology and the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (MoIAT), with the industry sector of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Full details of the scope of regulated products, covering electrical, mechanical, metrological, chemical and food products, are available from SGS as well as guidance on necessary documentation for the certification process. Further information on SGS's PCA services for the UAE is available in the Q2 PCA newsletter .

SGS IECEE services for Saudi Arabia

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:42 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, is proud to provide product expert information for businesses requiring IECEE certification for specific electrical and electronic devices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) regulates certain electrical and electronic products. An IECEE certificate is mandatory for these products and must be in place before a certificate of conformity is issued, allowing goods to enter the country. SGS is a SASO-approved body that can provide the necessary product testing services and issue an IECEE certificate upon successful assessment following submission of the necessary documents. IECEE certification is valid for either one or three years. A full list of products which require IECEE certification is available from SGS, together with details of the documents required to complete the process. Since 2019, an increase of 53.3% in the number of IECEE-recognized products has demonstrated the growing potential of Saudi Arabian markets, and SGS provides a one-stop-shop for all conformity and certification services. Further details of regulated product categories and SGS's IECEE services for Saudi Arabia are available in the Q2 PCA newsletter .

Expert PVoC services for Tanzania

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:35 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, provides expert pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) services for businesses, trade organizations and government agencies operating in Tanzania. Initiated in February 2012, Tanzania's PVoC program is regulated by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS); the primary body responsible for maintaining standards in the country. The scheme ensures products meet relevant standards, technical regulations and specifications, and requires authorized third-party companies to inspect and test them before they arrive in Tanzania. Tanzania's PVoC program is now in its fourth phase, which ends in July 2024. It is in place to provide consumer protection, ensure fair trade, competition and health and environmental safety, and aims to enhance trade facilitation through streamlined customs clearance processes for products subject to EAS. SGS's PVoC services provide expert guidance for businesses wishing to access Tanzanian markets quickly and compliantly. The verification process can be started with the submission of the following documents: a request for certification, pro forma invoice, quality management systems, conformity documents and a final invoice. Goods are then inspected and laboratory tests completed. Three routes for demonstrating compliance and obtaining the mandatory certificate of conformity (CoC) are available: Route A, applicable to any goods or traders, Route B, recommended for frequent exporters with homogenous products and Route C, for manufacturers. Tanzania's PVoC regulations are there to protect consumers and ensure product quality. Businesses investing in compliance services and partnering with a trusted and experienced testing and inspection company such as SGS can get their products to market compliantly and without unnecessary delay. Further details of SGS's PVoC services for Tanzania are available in the Q2 PCA newsletter .

SGS Opens New Furniture Testing Laboratory in Guadalajara, Mexico

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:31 EDT

SGS Opens New Furniture Testing Laboratory in Guadalajara, Mexico SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, has expanded its consumer product testing capabilities in Mexico with the opening of a new furniture testing laboratory in Guadalajara. The state-of-the-art facility spans 1,200 m² and provides comprehensive testing solutions for domestic, commercial, upholstered and outdoor furniture. Its scope covers safety and stability testing, alongside physical and mechanical testing for ageing, textile and finishing requirements; ensuring products meet stringent US standards. Luis Julián Molina Rodríguez, Connectivity & Products Director in Mexico said: "We are delighted with the opening of our new furniture testing lab which demonstrates our commitment to supporting the Mexican furniture industry to increase competitiveness and accelerate routes to new international markets. "Our local experts look forward to working in partnership with manufacturers, retailers and buyers to ensure well-designed, functional, durable and safe products, conforming to recognized regional, national and international standards, reach the consumer." Strategically located to address the increasing trend of nearshoring, the new facility complements SGS's existing capabilities in Naucalpan, near Mexico City which provide: Chemical testing Ageing testing Flammability for textile Sharp edges (16 CFR 1500.48) This laboratory is CPSC accepted and follows ASTM F2057-23. The award of BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) accreditation and ASTM recognition is expected in the summer. SGS furniture testing SGS provides the world's most comprehensive range of testing, inspection, certification and advisory services, powered by leading technology and digital tools. Its global network of experts supports clients at every stage - from design, production and regulatory compliance to the import and export of goods. SGS's global laboratory network offers state-of-the-art facilities across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Accredited to UKAS, HOKLAS, CNAS and VINAS, SGS is a member of BIFMA, the AHFA (American Home Furnishings Alliance), the KCMC (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association) and the BNBA (Bureau de Normalisation du Bois et de l'Ameublement). Find out more about Furniture Testing .

EUROS 2024: Balls to deforestation

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:24 EDT

Can football lead to rainforest protection? As excitement builds for Euros 2024, Cool Earth is supporting a unique initiative in Cameroon, harnessing the power of football to combat deforestation. In partnership with the Centre for Community Regeneration and Development (CCREAD) they use the "beautiful game" to bring together over 5,000 people from across 25 communities for a yearly cross-community tournament. But football isn't the only thing on the agenda. The real case for bringing so many people together is to talk about rainforest protection, and so, in Cameroon, football has become a platform for tackling deforestation. Dr. Hilary Ewang Ngide, founder of CCREAD said, "Beyond the beautiful game, the tournament allowed open discussions about CCREAD's conservation work, the support from charity Cool Earth, fostering understanding and connections between communities and helped us all take vital steps for successful climate action to prevent deforestation in our region." In Cameroon, rainforest communities face issues such as large scale agriculture and industrial logging. Deforestation and encroachment into territories cause huge issues for the rainforest communities here. At the same time these communities are also facing the brunt of climate change and often experience significant social, political, and financial pressures. Dr. Ngide continues, "Football is a unifying force. One that creates joy and safe spaces. By fostering happiness and mental and physical wellbeing, we are empowering communities to build resilience and resolve. Building connections and sparking change without fear or finger-pointing. Two of the starting blocks of climate action." A Model for the Future? The success of CCREAD's initiative with Cool Earth's support highlights football's potential to inspire broader climate action. As millions tune in for Euros 2024, this story offers a glimpse of leveraging the beautiful game to create a better future. So, this June, let's come together to tackle deforestation. To find out more about Cool Earth's work, visit: https://www.coolearth.org/

Cheshire Gold Xchange Moves to New, Larger Premises to Keep Up with Exceptional Growth

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 09:40 EDT

Cheshire Gold Xchange is moving - but it's not going far! Warrington's leading family-owned gold buying business is relocating to new, larger premises just a few doors down from its former location on London Road. The new store boasts an impressive 602 square feet of floor space, over seven times that of the old premises. This expansion is not only a sign of Cheshire Gold Xchange's success, but also a step to meet the growing demand for its services and improve customer experience, as the new premises feature enhanced security measures and a larger waiting area. Cheshire Gold Xchange's new store is equipped with disabled access, ensuring that all customers can comfortably visit. On the first floor, guests will find JJW Watches a luxury pre-owned watch retailer. John Gregson, owner of Cheshire Gold Xchange, says, "We are delighted to open our new store, which allows us to better serve our loyal customers and welcome new ones. Plus, our new store incorporates the first floor with JJW Watches, a luxury pre-owned watch retailer. This collaboration offers customers the unique opportunity to explore a wide range of luxury watches while conducting their gold transactions. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in our new location!" For over 14 years, Cheshire Gold Xchange has been a trusted name in the buying of gold, silver, and platinum in Warrington, gaining itself a reputation as a 5-star rated gold buyer. This relocation comes at a time when gold prices are at an all-time high, contributing to a remarkable 120% growth in Cheshire Gold Xchange's business over the past 12 months. The new, more secure premises are designed to support this rapid expansion and secure the company's position as the leading bullion dealer in the region. John adds, "This move marks a new chapter of our journey, but our principles will never change. Fair prices and exceptional service remain at the core of everything we go. As the old location at 1-1A London Road closes its doors, we're looking forward to welcome our community at the new, state-of-the-art premises, to experience the great services and security firsthand." The Gregson family and the entire Cheshire Gold Xchange team look forward to continuing their legacy of trust and excellence in their new home. For more information on Cheshire Gold Xchange and their new store, please visit their website at: cheshiregoldxchange.co.uk .

Echion Technologies Raises $35 million in Series B investment Round

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 07:37 EDT

[Echion Technologies]: The world's leading developer of niobium-based, fast-charging battery materials, Echion Technologies (Echion), has successfully completed its Series B funding round, raising $35 million in investment capital. The round was led by specialist battery and energy storage technology investor Volta Energy Technologies (Volta), with participation from existing investors CBMM, BGF, and Cambridge Enterprise Ventures. The investment will enable Echion to execute its go-to-market strategy to see its innovative niobium-based XNO® anode material utilised in real world applications, at volume. Echion is Volta's first investment into a European headquartered company and having Volta as the lead Series B investor highlights Echion as a rising British battery technology business within the crucial global energy storage industry. Echion's longstanding partnership with the world's leading producer of niobium, CBMM, will see the opening of a 2,000 tonne per year XNO® manufacturing facility this year. This provides Echion with the manufacturing capacity to satisfy the large and growing demand for XNO® across its global customer base comprised of major cell manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Jean de La Verpilliere, CEO of Echion Technologies, said: "Our ambition is to deliver the best fast-charging batteries to unlock the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles. The investment from our partners Volta Energy Technologies, CBMM, BGF and Cambridge Enterprise Ventures cements our ambition to achieve full-scale commercialisation and full production volume. "The entire Echion team has worked tirelessly to develop our flagship XNO® material into what it is today and this has enabled us to establish partnerships with many major OEMs and cell manufacturers which have recognised the benefits of our materials. I look forward to being able to satisfy their demand for innovative niobium-based anode materials, and to see industrial and commercial applications powered by XNO®." Dr Jeff Chamberlain, CEO and Founder of Volta Energy Technologies, said: "We are excited to lead Echion's Series B and make Volta's first investment in Europe. Echion and their XNO® technology complements our growing portfolio of technologies that address significant market needs through innovations in the supply chains of battery and energy storage technology. We believe the power of XNO® can uniquely improve performance, lower cost, and meet the demands of the growing, international markets across mining, logistics, railways, automotive and more." Rodrigo Barjas Amado, Managing Partner and Commercial Head of Battery Program at CBMM, said: "Having invested in Echion since 2021, we are pleased to see the progress that has been made through our partnership so far and we are proud to support bringing this ground-breaking, niobium-based technology to the market with our 2,000 tonne per year manufacturing capacity." Dennis Atkinson, Investor at BGF, said: "Echion is a world class UK based battery technology business. We are proud to have them as part of our climate and deeptech portfolio, and excited to support the team and their XNO® technology in electrifying and decarbonising heavy transport." Chris Gibbs, Investment Director at Cambridge Enterprise Ventures, said: "Echion is entering the market with their next generation battery material at scale. This is a great team that has combined great technology, great talent, great partners and great money for their go-to-market journey. We're pleased to have been with Echion from the start and to continue our relationship into this B round with a terrific syndicate of co-investors." Echion has devised, tested, and patented a niobium-based anode material, XNO®, which delivers lithium-ion battery performance highly suited for industrial, commercial, and high-value applications that demand the highest up-time, lowest total cost of ownership, and highest safety. XNO® enables lithium-ion batteries that can safely charge in less than ten minutes, maintain high energy densities even at low temperatures, and deliver high power across a cycle life of more than 10,000 cycles. Echion is at the forefront of the British battery industry and deep tech innovation. Applications powered by XNO® include battery electric and hybrid trains, mining haul trucks, opportunity-charging e-buses, heavy-duty industrial transport and delivery vehicles. Echion XNO® materials are based on proprietary mixed niobium oxide compositions and microparticle designs protected by 13 international patent families and are now being scaled-up to the multi-thousand tons/year production scale. Find out more about Echion's leading XNO® technology at: https://echiontech.com/ . For more information, please contact David Hartley david.hartley@consciouscomms.com or 01223 421835 / 07513 516823 or Ali White ali.white@consciouscomms.com or 01223 421840 / 07515 366818.

EAC-Ready Certification for East African trade success

Thu, Jun 13, 2024 05:09 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, is pleased to present details of the EAC-Ready Certification scheme for businesses selling to the East Africa Community (EAC). East African standards (EAS) have been introduced by the EAC to establish harmonized safety and performance standards. Intended to encourage both intra-EAC and global trade, products subject to these standards must be compliant with them to access EAC markets. The EAC is currently made up of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With over 600 standards listed in the 2023 catalog for EAS, and more expected in line as regional development accelerates, producers, manufacturers, importers and brand owners selling to the EAC need to identify which are relevant to their products and have them tested and audited by an independent third-party laboratory. Products within the scope of EAS standards Agriculture-related products Automotive products Cosmetics products Household chemicals Industrial chemicals Construction/building materials Domestic items Electrical products Food products Petroleum and related products SGS's proprietary program, EAC-Ready Certification, is a unique voluntary scheme that is not available from other conformity assessment bodies. It allows for a quicker compliance process towards achieving mandatory pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) for those countries that require it. Further details of SGS's PVoC services for the EAC are available in the Q2 PCA newsletter .