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$52 Billion Market for EV Battery Cell and Pack Materials Forecast by IDTechEx

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 16:00 EST

The lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) present very different material demands at the cell- and pack-level compared with the internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles they replace. Whilst ICE drivetrains heavily rely on aluminum and steel alloys, Li-ion batteries utilize a lot of materials such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper, insulation, thermal interface materials, and much more at a cell- and pack-level. The markets for these materials will see a rapid increase in demand that would not have been present without the take-off of electric vehicle markets. The new report from IDTechEx, " Materials for Electric Vehicle Battery Cells and Packs 2021-2031 ", identifies and analyzes trends in the materials used for the assembly and production of battery cells and battery packs in the EV market. The report also provides granular market forecasts for over 20 key material categories in terms of demand in tonnes in addition to market value.

Unite Scotland welcomes decision by Scottish Government to change taxi driver grant eligibility following union pressure

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 15:55 EST

Unite Scotland has today (19 January) welcomed the decision by the Scottish Government to address the major issues surrounding the £1,500 taxi drivers grant. Taxi and private hire drivers who have received state benefits at any time since March last year will now be eligible for a £1,500 business support grant as long as they meet the remaining criteria. Councils will start contacting eligible drivers this week to brief them on their potential entitlement and ask them to provide supporting information and bank account details. However, the trade union has urged the Scottish Government to ensure that any taxi driver in receipt of state benefits would not be penalised for receiving the grant through the use of top-up welfare powers, while assurances are sought with the Department for Work and Pensions In Scotland, it is estimated that there are over 37,000 taxi driver and private hire licenses in Scotland with many of the drivers having minimal or no access to government support schemes. An online survey of over 200 taxi drivers released in December 2020 by Unite Scotland highlighted that many drivers are regularly working 16-17-hour days with a shift being determined as having been 'good' if £50 is cleared. The survey also showed that 30% of drivers have been unable to access any financial help from government support schemes. For those that have been able to access financial help from government the biggest group ( 37%) reported that it represents less than 25% of their average earnings. Unite Scottish Secretary, Pat Rafferty, said: "It's welcomed that the Scottish Government has listened to Unite and removed the eligibility restriction. The announcement will provide reassurance and much needed financial assistance for many, in particular, those most in need. It's vital that no driver is penalised when applying for the grant and to this end the Scottish Government must use their welfare top-up powers if needs be to ensure that this is the case, while continuing to press the Department of Work and Pensions for these assurances. Many taxi drivers remain excluded from other support schemes and this must be addressed to ensure our members and the trade are supported as they face continued restrictions which effect their ability to trade and earn a living. Let's remember the taxi trade is a vital part of our public transport network and we will continue to press for support for the taxi trade."

Launch into the New Year with Roundup of Compelling New Title Releases

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 11:45 EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launch into the New Year with Roundup of Compelling New Title Releases Greenleaf Book Group continues its momentum with the release of more than 30 impressive titles to start 2021 Austin, Texas [Jan. 19, 2021]-- As turbulent a year as 2020 was, we're all craving new things to get excited about with the start of the new year. Greenleaf Book Group is kicking off 2021 with 35 new impressive and timely titles spanning business, technology, memoir and fiction. The Winter 2021 season for this publisher boasts leading business books such as Rethink and The Art of Selling Your Business, releasing on collaborative business book imprints Fast Company Press and An Inc. Original respectively. "As the publishing industry continues to adjust and persevere through the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the responding economy, we are grateful to be a premiere publishing choice for the many authors and thought leaders bringing remarkable content to the marketplace," acknowledged Corrin Foster, Director of Marketing and Branding at Greenleaf Book Group. "We're excited to partner with authors like Patti Wheeler, Andi Simon, Eric Dezenhall and John Warrillow as they prove their dedication to their work by bringing new titles to children and industry professionals alike. We are also excited to release the highly-anticipated fiction titles From the Moon I Watched Her and False Light." Greenleaf's Winter 2021 business title releases: ● Rethink by Andi Simon, Ph.D. (Fast Company Press) available on Jan. 5, 2021 More and more, women today are challenging long-held beliefs about what they can and can't do. Simon, a corporate anthropologist, award-winning author and successful entrepreneur, debunks myth after myth as she profiles the women in her book and offers key wisdom, insights and observations through her unique lens. Whether about entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, attorneys or leaders in other fields, the stories demonstrate how all these innovative women have broken down walls and paved the way for more. ● Strategic Impact by Carol A. Poore, Ph.D. (Fast Company Press) available on Jan. 5, 2021 Strategic Impact : A Leader's Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan presents a trailblazing method to help you guide and customize your organization's strategic planning program. Dr. Poore delivers innovation through virtual strategy workshops, digital communication opportunities and newly accessible cloud-based tracking systems. ● Return on Ambition by Nicolai Chen Nielsen & Nicolai Tilisch (Fast Company Press) available on Jan. 5, 2021 Ready to learn how to become highly successful while living a fulfilling life and growing as a person? Return on Ambition is the culmination of an ambitious effort to harness insights from recent research in psychology and neuroscience to help people pursue their ambitions more fruitfully. ● Adored by Tom DeCotiis, Ph.D. (Character Press) available on Jan. 5, 2021 Today, perhaps more than ever, having an honorable character is of utmost importance, especially among leaders. In Adored , Tom DeCotiis draws on lessons learned throughout his career as a teacher, entrepreneur and CEO to convey a message of values-based leadership that makes no distinction between ethical principles and business acumen. DeCotiis skillfully mixes his own personal narrative with actionable and insightful instruction, as well as anecdotes from the worlds of business, sports and entertainment, to create a valuable guide for leaders who aspire to be adored rather than merely accepted. ● The Exceptionals by Kumar Mehta (River Grove Books) available on Jan. 5, 2021 Humans are not equal. There are a few individuals who have achieved unparalleled mastery in their field, they're called The Exceptionals. The 1% of the 1%. The Exceptionals tells their story and provides you with the blueprint to advance from good to great to outstanding to elite. ● Hiring without Hesitation by Laura Nelson (River Grove Books) available on Jan. 11, 2021 After years of being a small business owner, Laura has endured the struggle of not finding the right person the first time. Investing time and money into the wrong hire can hurt any company, most especially small businesses. Laura wrote Hiring Without Hesitation with their focus at heart. Let's dive into strategies on how to hire the right person for your business before someone else does! ● The Art of Selling Your Business by John Warrillow (An Inc. Original) available on Jan. 12, 2021 The Art of Selling Your Business: Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks for Exiting on Top is the last in a trilogy of books by author John Warrillow on building value. This essential guide shows how to punch above your weight in a negotiation to sell your company based on interviews Warrillow conducted on his podcast, Built to Sell Radio , with hundreds of successfully cashed-out founders. ● The Flight to Excellence by William "T" Thompson, Esq. (Greenleaf Book Group) available on Jan. 12, 2021 The Flight to Excellence inspires and instructs executives, entrepreneurs and anyone with a strong desire to reach extraordinary heights on how we can each build a ''Culture of Excellence'' in our own professional and personal lives by applying his methodical process and concepts and our own discipline and hard work. The proof is in the captain's own successes as a US Air Force pilot, Delta Airlines captain, lawyer, award-winning businessman and professional speaker. ● Farming, for Real Estate Agents by Meredith Fogle (River Grove Books) available on Jan. 12, 2021 This easy-to-follow guide provides everything you need to know to successfully sow, grow and harvest an endless stream of prospects from your farm. Any successful real estate agent knows that the real business of real estate is, at its core, the business of lead generation. The best agents quickly discover that an efficient, prolific and cost-effective lead generation system is key. Real estate farms are among the best lead generation tools, that's why so many of the most successful agents farm for business. A well-run farm provides an endless supply of prospects, yielding eventual return, repeat and referral business. ● The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint by Spencer Powell (River Grove Books) available on Jan. 19, 2021 In The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint , inbound marketing expert and host of Builder Funnel Radio Spencer Powell shows that it is possible to create an education-driven marketing strategy that your clients and target audience will actually enjoy. In this foundational guide for remodeling and custom building companies, Powell shares his expertise to help builders, remodelers and contractors harness the most powerful tool you have-the internet-to generate leads and close more sales by using the power of their own companies' websites to increase valuable web traffic. ● Exit Rich by Michelle Seiler Tucker & Sharon Lechter (An Inc. Original) available on Jan. 26, 2021 In Exit Rich , author and mergers and acquisitions authority Michelle Seiler Tucker joins forces with Sharon Lechter, finance expert and co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad , to create a must-have guide for all business owners whether they're gearing up to sell a business now or just getting started building their company into something to sell for a profit in the future. ● From Cubicle to Cloud by Jennifer Brazer (Greenleaf Book Group) available on Jan. 26, 2021 It's challenging to start and scale a business. Choosing the cloud as your platform for delivery and headquarters presents a whole new set of obstacles. This guide will allow you to leverage the cloud to streamline your processes and maximize your profits. When Jennifer Brazer founded her company, Complete Controller, she disrupted and reinvented client accounting services (CAS), creating an entirely new cloud-based business model. ● Evil Robots, Killer Computers and Other Myths by Steven Schwartz (Fast Company Press) available on Feb. 9, 2021 Evil Robots, Killer Computers and Other Myths explains, in simple terms and without any advanced mathematics, how AI technology works, why intelligent robots will never be built and how other negative impacts of AI can be controlled. ● Work the System (Fourth Edition) by Sam Carpenter (Greenleaf Book Group) available on Feb. 9, 2021 In this fourth edition of Work the System , Sam Carpenter reveals the profound insight and exact uncomplicated, mechanical steps he took to turn his business-and his life-around. Once you "get" this new vision, success and serenity will quickly follow. ● The Power of Potential by David Wray (River Grove Books) available on March 2, 2021 Wray's book was written to solve a seemingly simple problem-learning to master skills faster and more easily. Yet, the issue is deceptively complex because skills acquisition is time-consuming, expensive and often winds up being abandoned far too fast. The Power of Potential invites you to discover the secrets to mastering skills that you really want, and do so faster and more easily than you ever imagined. ● Upstream Marketing by Tim Koelzer and Kristin Kurth (Greenleaf Book Group) available on March 16, 2021 In Upstream Marketing , authors Tim Koelzer and Kristin Kurth share best practices, research, case studies and analysis informed by their more than twenty years of experience helping transform client brands and businesses through their work at EquiBrand Consulting, a top management consultancy. The result is a groundbreaking deep-dive into the fundamentals of upstream marketing-the process of identifying and fulfilling customer needs- which relies on the strategic implementation of three core principles: insight, identity and innovation.

Drive Your Future Business Marketing Leads with Builder Funnel CEO's New Book

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 11:20 EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Drive Your Future Business Marketing Leads with Builder Funnel CEO's New Book Engineer a full funnel marketing system that builds trust and creates credibility that converts to sales AUSTIN, TEXAS [JAN. 19, 2021]-- In today's data-driven world dominated by social media, the most successful and profitable companies understand that great marketing is more than just ads. It's about content that will attract and retain clients. In industries such as construction, where companies offer the same services as their competitors, innovative and relevant marketing strategies are vital for securing long-term business leads. With the release of his new book, The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint: How to Attract Quality Leads, Increase Sales, and Dominate Your Competition (River Grove Books), marketing strategist, author and Builder Funnel CEO, Spencer Powell shows that it is possible to create enjoyable, education-driven marketing that gives your company a competitive advantage. "The way people shop and buy has changed," Powell says. "The most effective way for home builders, remodelers and contractors to strategically grow their business is by building sustainable marketing and sales systems that create a web presence that draws in traffic, which eventually converts to quality project leads. However, not everyone has the know-how to establish a full funnel marketing system. My hope for readers is that this book serves as a conveniently repeatable blueprint for construction professionals of all levels of experience, whether they're just getting started with online marketing or refining their processes, to enable them to drive their businesses into the future." In this foundational guide for remodeling and custom-building companies, Powell shares his marketing expertise to help professional remodelers and custom home builders harness the most powerful tool there is-the Internet-to generate leads and close more sales by using the power of their own companies' websites to increase valuable web traffic. Easy-to-follow explanations and guided templates provide vital information on harnessing search engine optimization, gaining traction on social media, creating a repeatable and profitable system, and growing your brand. With educational, tactical and entertaining tools, readers will learn how to stop creating ads and start creating content that will transform the way they and their clients think about marketing. Spencer Padgett, former builder-in-residence at CoConstruct, now retired, commends Powell on his shrewd and tactical strategy writing, "As construction professionals, we put a lot of focus on production and the quality of our finished product. What we tend to leave to fate, though, is how those projects come to us in the first place. Spencer Powell knows the formula for this part of the equation, and he lays it out clearly in this book!" Spencer Powell is CEO and founder of Builder Funnel, an inbound marketing agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He got his start when he revamped his uncles' digital marketing efforts and helped grow their remodeling construction division from $2 million to $10 million in revenue. Powell hosts the popular industry podcast, Builder Funnel Radio , where he interviews industry experts and shares tried and proven marketing, sales and business strategies. Pick up your copy of The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint today and stay updated up to date on Powell's endeavors by visiting remodelermarketingblueprint.com. Media can request a copy for review by contacting media@greenleafbookgroup.com . # # # More about Greenleaf Book Group Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor located in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering authors. Greenleaf's hybrid publishing model is uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. To learn more about Greenleaf, visit www.greenleafbookgroup.com .

All-Purpose Dinosaur Opening Reconstructed for First Time

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 11:00 EST

For the first time ever, a team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have described in detail a dinosaur's cloacal or vent - the all-purpose opening used for defecation, urination and breeding. Although most mammals may have different openings for these functions, most vertebrate animals possess a cloaca. Although we know now much about dinosaurs and their appearance as feathered, scaly and horned creatures and even which colours they sported, we have not known anything about how the vent appears. Dr Jakob Vinther from the University of Bristol's School of Earth Sciences , along with colleagues Robert Nicholls, a palaeoartist, and Dr Diane Kelly, an expert on vertebrate penises and copulatory systems from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, have now described the first cloacal vent region from a small Labrador-sized dinosaur called Psittacosaurus , comparing it to vents across modern vertebrate animals living on land. Dr Vinther said: "I noticed the cloaca several years ago after we had reconstructed the colour patterns of this dinosaur using a remarkable fossil on display at the Senckenberg Museum in Germany which clearly preserves its skin and colour patterns. "It took a long while before we got around to finish it off because no one has ever cared about comparing the exterior of cloacal openings of living animals, so it was largely unchartered territory." Dr Kelly added: "Indeed, they are pretty non-descript. We found the vent does look different in many different groups of tetrapods, but in most cases it doesn't tell you much about an animal's sex. "Those distinguishing features are tucked inside the cloaca, and unfortunately, they're not preserved in this fossil." The cloaca is unique in its appearance but exhibits features reminiscent to living crocodylians such as alligators and crocodiles, which are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs and other birds. The researchers note that the outer margins of the cloaca are highly pigmented with melanin. They argue that this pigmentation provided the vent with a function in display and signalling, similar to living baboons and some breeding salamanders. The authors also speculate that the large, pigmented lobes on either side of the opening could have harboured musky scent glands, as seen in living crocodylians. Birds are one the few vertebrate groups that occasionally exhibit visual signalling with the cloaca, which the scientists now can extend back to the Mesozoic dinosaur ancestors. Robert Nicholls said: "As a palaeoartist, it has been absolutely amazing to have an opportunity to reconstruct one of the last remaining features we didn't know anything about in dinosaurs. "Knowing that at least some dinosaurs were signalling to each other gives palaeoartists exciting freedom to speculate on a whole variety of now plausible interactions during dinosaur courtship. It is a game changer!" Paper: 'A cloacal opening in a non-avian dinosaur' by J. Vinther, R. Nicholls and D. Kelly in Current Biology

Three Texas Trust Employees Graduate from Leadership Academy

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 10:48 EST

Three employees of Texas Trust Credit Union graduated from Cornerstone Credit Union League's first virtual Chapter Leadership Academy (CLA). They are Brian Comeau a loan underwriter who has been with the credit union since 2017, Alexandra Hendrix, a five year employee working as an Overdraft Protection Advisor, and Patti Morales, a Senior Account Specialist that has been with Texas Trust for eight years. The CLA is designed to build credit union leaders, encourage professional growth, promote the credit union industry, and provide an avenue for mentoring credit union employees. Participants met virtually over a period of nine months. Each class addressed a different leadership topic facilitated by top credit union industry leaders from Fort Worth. The class gained knowledge about the operation of credit unions, industry history, and the philosophy of people helping people, along with core functions of a credit union such as governmental affairs, human resources, compliance, marketing, accounting, project management, and lending. The virtual CLA replaced the in-person academy. The virtual class became an effective tool in teaching participants how to be flexible and persevere in the face of unexpected obstacles, characteristics of an effective leader. "Beyond learning about the credit union industry, these employees had to overcome multiple challenges brought on by the pandemic, which in the end taught them about perseverance and leadership in difficult circumstances," said Ginia Chapline, Chief Operating Officer, Texas Trust Credit Union. "We are very proud of all of the hard work they put in to complete the program." High resolution images of Comeau, Hendrix and Morales can be downloaded here . ###

Former Chairman and CEO of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games Releases Dedicated Memoir Honoring Special-Needs Son's Life

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 10:45 EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Former Chairman and CEO of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games Releases Dedicated Memoir Honoring Special-Needs Son's Life A heart-warming story that inspires, uplifts and encourages gratitude AUSTIN, TEXAS [JAN. 19, 2021]-- Learning to see the world through the eyes of another and understanding the importance of acceptance, particularly those different than ourselves, can be the greatest gift to achieving pure happiness. Live Like Sean: Important Life Lessons from My Special-Needs Son (Greenleaf Book Group) is a personal memoir available today by TJ Nelligan. Nelligan is an entrepreneur, advocate and former Chairman and CEO of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. In this new book, he reflects on the remarkable life of his late special-needs son, Sean, their exceptional relationship and the lessons he learned from Sean. Seeking to change society's perceptions and provide a support system for families of individuals with special needs, this positive story shares those lessons, preserves Sean's memory and puts life in perspective to inspire us all. "The creation of Live Like Sean was a labor of love and healing. The book began as a way to remember what an amazing person Sean was and an opportunity to memorialize all of our stories and experiences," Nelligan shared. "However, during the process of writing it, I truly saw how inspirational Sean was and what we could learn from him. All of us can be motivated by Sean's story and integrate his life-lessons into our own. My hope is that after people read Live Like Sean , they will remember what's important in life and choose to adopt some of the behaviors that came so naturally to Sean and allowed him to live a happy life." Our world is still learning about the unique strengths of those with special needs. Sean was born with intellectual disabilities, though they never prevented him from living a full, rich life or from profoundly touching the lives of everyone around him. What society considered to be limitations turned into assets for Sean, whose actions taught others how to be kind, brave, honest and accepting. Live Like Sean demonstrates through personal anecdotes the life lessons we can all learn from the most unlikely sources, including someone with special needs. With each chapter, the author reveals a vital lesson that Sean taught him about life, told through engaging, funny and uplifting stories before Sean's passing on Father's Day in 2019. Nelligan describes how the experience of being Sean's father changed his life for the better, and he offers readers the chance to let Sean's love, kindness and gratitude touch their lives, too. The impact of Live Like Sean is being felt across the special-needs community and beyond. "A book for anyone who has ever been fiercely inspired by a child - which should be everyone," proclaims New York Times best-selling author Mitch Albom. New York Times best-selling author Harlan Coben said, " Live Like Sean is a wonderful book that, like Sean himself, will stay in your heart long after you turn the final page." Sean's pure love of life and genuine happiness are his lasting legacies, and his spirit will stay in the hearts of readers long after the final page. Readers will be inspired to live a life more like his, find the silver linings in each situation, work to make the lives of others around them better and break barriers set by society. Pick up your copy of Live Like Sean now everywhere books are sold and stay updated on Nelligan's endeavors by visiting www.tjnelligan.com . Media can request a copy for review at media@greenleafbookgroup.com . # # # More about Greenleaf Book Group Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor located in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering authors. Greenleaf's hybrid publishing model is uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. To learn more about Greenleaf, visit www.greenleafbookgroup.com .

Blastpoint Releases 2021 EV Outlook Report

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 10:38 EST

Contact: Deborah Eisenberg Deborah@techstartspr.com 917-628-7648 Blastpoint Releases 2021 EV Outlook Report - Sales increased in 2020 by more than 30%, with a projected 71% increase in 2021 - 25% increase in public charging stations last year Pittsburgh, PA - January 19th - BlastPoint , the predictive A.I. powered platform that generates immediate answers to customer engagement problems, today announced the release of their 2021 EV Outlook Report. The report looks at how the pandemic has reshaped the EV landscape and details some specific trends including: - Expanding opportunities for gas stations, supermarkets, public parking lots and workplaces to take the lead in installing charging units - Electric utilities seeking to recover lost revenue from energy efficiency programs by expanding consumer EV adoption - Tesla is still the dominant player for new EV sales, but the Nissan Leaf has emerged as the most popular used EV - The pandemic slowed down fleet electrification for a large number of businesses, but many logistics and energy companies are still moving forward - There's been a lag in progress in the development of electric semi trucks Alison Alvarez, CEO of Blastpoint comments "The COVID-19 pandemic was responsible for slower EV commercial expansion, but 2020 still saw explosive sales across Europe and China, and an uptick in U.S. sales. In 2021 as charging infrastructure grows, businesses recover and restart their fleet electrification plans, and state and federal tax incentives return, the American EV industry is poised to flourish anew, fulfilling, and perhaps even exceeding, expectations for growth." About Blastpoint BlastPoint, Inc., is a B2B provider of big data and analytics solutions that companies across sectors rely on to optimize revenue growth. Serving the retail, energy, enterprise, and franchise industry, as well as numerous nonprofit community organizations, BlastPoint helps companies discover, target and engage the humans in their data.

Unite Scotland welcomes Scottish Government u-turn over vaccination jags for Scottish Ambulance Service control room workers

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 10:04 EST

Unite Scotland has today (19 January) welcomed a Scottish Government u-turn over the initial refusal to prioritise Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) control room workers for the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Last week, Unite raised concerns over potential outbreaks which could bring the nation's emergency response units to a shutdown including SAS and NHS24. Around 500 workers are employed by SAS as control room handlers. The Scottish Government had argued that both workforces are not 'patient facing' and do not qualify for the immediate prioritisation of the vaccination programme. However, following pressure from the nation's leading trade union the Scottish Government agreed to defer the decision to SAS management who are now planning to vaccinate control room workers nationwide. The first vaccination was delivered today at 07.15 with a programme being delivered over four days. Unite Scottish Secretary, Pat Rafferty, said: "Unite is delighted that following our pressure the Scottish Government agreed to defer the decision for vaccinating control room workers to the Scottish Ambulance Service who agreed with us that all their workforce should be prioritised. It was a bizarre position for the Scottish Government to initially not prioritise the workers because they are not 'patient facing'. Without them we don't have an effective service so it's a relief for the workers and we welcome that by the end of this week all control room staff will now receive the vaccination."

Celebrate Valentine's with Viners

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:57 EST

Valentine's celebrations will look different for many this year, but even with the restrictions love can still be in the air whether you live together or apart. Instead of the usual dinner for two at your favourite restaurant, bring fine dining to your home with Viners. All it takes is some specially selected ingredients, a beautiful table setting and a good dose of romance to keep the flame alive - oh and a good internet connection if your Valentine's is going virtual. Grace Elegant and slender, the Grace 16-Piece Cutlery Set features beautifully designed handles that offer a sense of comfort and balance. Crafted from the finest quality 18.10 stainless steel with a mirror polish finish, Grace is a collection that will endure for a long lasting relationship. Comes with a 50 year guarantee. RRP £55

Densitron adds two new products to acclaimed UReady TM control surface range

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:47 EST

The 4RU 19" Rack Control and Monitoring Surface and 2RU Control Surface Powered with X86 Platform are rack-mountable and can provide capacitive touchscreen control Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced two significant new additions to its popular UReady range of control and monitoring solutions. Both designed for a wide array of broadcast and media applications, the new launches are the UReady 4RU 19" Rack Control and Monitoring Surface and the UReady 2RU Control Surface Powered with the X86 Platform. The 4RU 19" Rack Control and Monitoring Surface provides a 16.9" high resolution (1920 x 624) display, allowing multiple video picture monitor and audio level displays to be presented side-by-side. Incorporating a high-quality TFT display with capacitive touch allows the solution to be deployed as an interactive signal interface, with USB for touchscreen and Display Port, DVI and VGA for video signals. Developed to suit a myriad of broadcast applications, this major addition to the UReady range can be used for signal and picture monitoring, as a control system with multi-touch PCT, or a combination of both. The 2RU Control Surface powered with X86 includes a display with 1920 x 285 pixels and an optically-bonded capacitive touchscreen. Wide-angle symmetric viewing capability makes the product suitable for numerous applications in broadcast, telecommunications, and other networked control and monitoring environments. Based on the Intel Apollo N4200 Quad Core processor, the embedded X86 architecture and software ecosystem supports rapid and pain-free implementation by customers. With a GPU based on Intel's Gen9 architecture supporting DirectX12, the product has Ethernet connectivity and offers full support for Linux and Windows 10 operating systems. Bazile Peter, Global Product Manager - HMI Solutions at Densitron, comments: "The functionality of many traditional control surfaces tends to be rather limited and means they are often only suitable for relatively simple HMI. But with our ever-growing UReady range, we have designed a series of solutions that augment core display and control functionality with superb capacitive touch control, high contrast ratio and high-resolution glass-estate. With these two latest multi-faceted products ready for 4RU and 2RU rack-mounting, we expect to further expand our footprint in broadcast environments such as portable production units, OB vehicles, studios and control rooms." Images: 2RU X86 4RU Monitor (picture 2) 4RU Monitor (picture 3) View online: https://www.densitron.com/insight

Interior FCU Chooses Dolphin Debit to Manage its ATM Fleet

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:39 EST

Happy to get out from under the burdens of ATM management, Interior Federal Credit Union has turned over operations of its fleet to Dolphin Debit , the full-service ATM management company. Interior FCU, based in Washington, D.C., serves primarily the U.S. Department of the Interior and related groups. It has 18,650 members and assets of $247 million. The credit union has five ATMs, located at its main branch in the nation's capital, a branch at the U.S. Geological Survey building in Reston, Virginia, and other key locations. It was the looming cost of compliance that pushed Interior FCU to outsourcing. "We had older ATMs, with service issues, and they were still on Windows 7 and needed upgrading or replacement," said Mike Merryman, President and CEO of Interior Federal Credit Union. "It was a great opportunity to turn everything over to a vendor, so it would no longer be our headache." After considering its options, Interior FCU chose Dolphin Debit. The cost savings of the move were a plus, but it was the other benefits that helped seal the decision. "We just got tired of having to deal with ATM servicing and maintenance, and decided we wanted to get out of managing them," Merryman explained. "Before, we had to deal with first line and second line maintenance, armored car deliveries, everything. Now we just call Dolphin and they deal with it. We are thankful to be out of the ATM business." Merryman said working with Dolphin has made everyone's life easier at Interior FCU. "For the ATMs at our branches, the staff no longer spends time dealing with those issues, and they can devote their time to better serving our members. That has been a huge advantage and it always seemed that our ATM vendors were sending us surprise invoices for things we thought should be covered in our contracts. Now everything is covered with Dolphin and we don't get any surprises." Merryman added that Dolphin Debit made the entire process smooth and pleasant. "I have to say that from sales through project management to deployment, it was a great experience for us to work with Dolphin throughout this process. It was refreshing to work with a company that did what it said they would, met our deadlines, and got the ATMs installed when they promised." "More and more credit unions, like Interior Federal Credit Union, are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing, especially when they face big investments in upgrades or new machines," said Gary Walston, CEO of Dolphin Debit. "If they haven't thought about making a change before that, those pivotal times present the perfect opportunity." About Dolphin Debit Dolphin Debit Access, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin's turnkey ATM service includes purchase and deployment of new ATMs, purchase of the financial institution's existing ATMs, terminal driving, transaction processing, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all makes and models of ATM equipment in various branch and off-premise venues and works with 300 financial institutions across the United States. Combined with the strength of its global payments parent company, Euronet Worldwide, Dolphin is able to deliver technology and modernization through the company's REN Ecosystem. For more information, visit dolphindebit.com . ###

ETSI Report Paves the Way for First World Standards in Securing Artificial Intelligence

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:37 EST

The ETSI Securing Artificial Intelligence Industry Specification Group (SAI ISG) last month released its first Group Report, ETSI GR SAI 004 , which gives an overview of the problem statement regarding the securing of AI. ETSI SAI is the first standardization initiative dedicated to securing AI.

The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative: the road to a more genomically literate community

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:35 EST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Margetta Thomas Tel: 256- 937-8210 Email: mthomas@hudsonalpha.org The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative: the road to a more genomically literate community January 19, 2021 (Huntsville, Ala.) - The rise in the availability and affordability of clinical genomic testing has done wonders for rare disease diagnosis. Genomic sequencing has been well-established as a useful diagnostic tool for patients with rare genetic diseases. However, access to gen omic testing, and the knowledge of its usefulness in diagnosing and predicting disease, is not widely available throughout our country. The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative A group of researchers, physicians, genetic counselors, and bioethicists at th e HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) sought t o address this barrier in access to genomic literacy and services at a statewide level. The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative (AGHI) , launched in 2017, is one of the nation's first statewide efforts to harness the power of genomic analysis to find answers for children and adults with undiagnosed developmental and medical challenges, and to identify individuals who are at a higher risk for developing certa in diseases in the future. The program is a collaboration between HudsonAlpha and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), funded by the State of Alabama and led by Bruce Korf, MD, PhD (UAB), Greg Barsh , MD, Phd ( HudsonAlpha ), and Matthew Might, Ph D (UAB). AGHI provides genomic testing, interpretation, and counseling free of charge to Alabama residents. The goal of the program is to engage at least 10,000 Alabamians in genetic testing, while educating the participants about their genomic health. " AGHI is helping to improve patient care, not only by providing diagnoses, but also by giving the general public a foundational understanding of the importance and value of being informed about their genomic health," says Greg Barsh , PhD. "Through the AGHI platform we are able to provide an invaluable opportunity to physicians and geneticists to confirm or identify a diagnosis that has gone undiagnosed despite a vast array of previous medical testing." AGHI provides useful health information to partic ipants The results of the AGHI study to date were recently published in Genetics in Medicine . AGHI engages two distinct groups of participants across the state of Alabama: children and adults with undiagnosed rare disease, and adults in the general population that do not have a significant personal or family history suggestive of a genetic condit ion. The published data reflects the first 176 rare disease participants and 5369 participants in the population screening group. Participants were recruited at sites across the state, including locations in Madison, Jefferson, Montgomery, Mobile and Bal dwin counties. They provided a small sample of blood as well as information about their personal and family health history. DNA was extracted from the blood sample and analyzed. Participants in the population screening group received a genotyping test, wh ile participants in the rare disease group received genome sequencing. Genotyping tests look at a preselected group of variants that are known to increase a person's likelihood of disease, while whole-genome sequencing looks at every single letter of the g enetic code. (Learn more about the differences in genotyping and genome sequencing here .) All participants received a report summarizing the results of their tests. Individuals whose results include actionable findings received genetic counseling and a referral to appropriate medical care. "We speak by phone with participants that have an identified genetic risk factor," says co-author Whitley Kelley, a genetic counselor HudsonAlpha . "During these conversations, we explain what it means to have a genetic risk factor using clear language, in cont rast to some of the more technical data that may be included on their result report. Then we provide recommendations for clinical resources that can guide their next steps in prevention and personalized health management. It is important to us to make sure the participants understand their results and the implications of those results, both for themselves and for their family members." In the rare disease group, of the 176 affected individuals, thirty-five (19.9%) received a pathogenic or likely pathogeni c result, meaning a genetic variant was found that is believed to contribute to disease. In addition, forty-two individuals (23.9%) received an uncertain result, meaning a genetic variant was found that is not well understood, but may contribute to disease . The new genetic knowledge, combined with the individual's symptoms, often allows doctors to make a diagnosis for a disease that had remained undiscovered for months or years. "Being able to provide answers to individuals and their families who have bee n impacted by rare disease who may not have been able to otherwise access genome sequencing is one of the crowning achievements of AGHI to date," says co-author Kelly East, a genetic counselor at HudsonAlpha . "We hope that the AGHI model can help inform si milar programs elsewhere to give more communities awareness of and access to genomic testing." To date, 5,369 individuals, representing all 67 Alabama counties, have been enrolled in the population screening group of AGHI. Eighty-one positive genotypin g results among 80 individuals (1.5%) were identified in the population cohort. These results include risk-increasing variants for hereditary cancer, cardiomyopathy, malignant hyperthermia, and hypercholesterolemia. These results were expounded upon in a c orresponding publication in Genetics in Medicine that highlight findings on the effectiveness of population-based genomic screening . ### About HudsonAlpha : HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is a nonprofit institute dedicated to developing and applying scientific advances to health, agriculture, learning, and commercialization. Opened in 2008, HudsonAlpha's vision is to leverage the synergy between discovery, education, medicine, and economic development in genomic sciences to improve the human condition around the globe. The HudsonAlpha biotechnology campus consists of 152 acres nestled within Cummings Research Park, the nation's second largest research park. The state-of-the-art facilities co-locate nonprofit scientific researchers with entrepreneurs and educators. HudsonAlpha has become a national and international leader in genetics and genomics research and biotech education and fosters more than 40 diverse biotech companies on campus. To learn more about HudsonAlpha , visit hudsonalpha.org.

Back To Its Roots For Historic Brentwood Landmark

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:27 EST

Many Essex folk will know of this place, a Brentwood landmark, an award-winning hotel that has hosted the great and the good of the county - but actually, not from as far back in history as you may think. Formerly known as the New World Inn at Great Warley, De Rougemont Manor has operated as a nightclub then hotel, restaurant, wedding venue and function suite since 1968 when it was purchased by Ian Hilton but spent the first 93 years of its life as a home to 'Brentwood gentry' - the well-heeled Heseltine family and their 40 staff. So well-heeled in fact that the adjacent St Mary the Virgin church was built by them in 1902 at a cost in today's money of over £8m. It is one of only three Arts and Crafts churches in Britain and boasts an Art Noveau interior. Now, some fifty or so years since being converted to a hostelry, plans are being made to transform the 10-acre hotel to residential use once again. This is not a sad story of the demise of local heritage but rather one of positive evolution and retention. The current owners, the Hilton family (no relation), have assessed that the property is no longer viable as a hotel for a number of reasons. But sisters Davine, Victoria and brother Jason are excited at the prospect of returning 'Goldings' as it was first known in 1875, to its former use rather than just flattening the 146 year old mock-Tudor structure. As has been well documented, the hotel sector has come under huge pressure in recent years. Budget hotels, particularly in Brentwood with the opening of the Premier Inn and said to be the busiest in the UK, together with the relentless rise of AirBnB, have heavily affected traditional quality hotels. Of course, the final straw for many such establishments has been the Covid pandemic resulting in occupancy rates in 2020 and into 2021 being zero and with hotel proprietors still having to cover hugely costly overheads. Of course, new forms of communication via technology and enforced working from home dynamic becoming an ongoing trend, spell further disaster for the hotel industry. Opportunity If the proposed plans are passed by Brentwood Council as just submitted, would-be homeowners will be able share in its new grandeur by purchasing one of the resulting homes and which are set to be surrounded by open space and a community landscaped area for public use and a pond. For those trying to step on to the housing ladder for the first time an element of affordable, shared ownership properties aimed at key workers will be made available. Further benefits include traffic levels reducing by 22% compared to current usage; the original clock-tower being refurbished and retained; and a large swathe of contaminated land and Japanese Knotweed being removed. The built and hardstanding areas of the completed project as a total of the 10 acres will be reduced from 30% to just 21% - a reduction in footprint of 30%. Alternatives The Hilton family had considered a number of options for the future of the hotel but have discounted allowing the flattening of the original building especially because it was almost entirely rebuilt after the devastating fire that ripped through it in 2001. They have also decided not to accept an offer from the owner of a multi-cultural wedding event company instead teaming up with an experienced housing developer and conversion specialist, Redington Capital, to sympathetically convert the original Goldings building and former stables to tasteful apartments and houses with a small number of additional homes to be provided at the rear of the site on which is now car park hardstanding. Jason Hilton, 55, says "I grew up in this place. My sister and I used to run around the corridors when we were tiny and it has huge importance to us and so letting it go has not been an easy decision but is a necessary one as it's simply not viable as a hotel venue any longer'. 'We have been approached by a number of developers and hospitality companies all of which wanted to rip the heart and soul out of the building and seemed to have no regard for its important history. Instead, we've partnered with Redington on the basis that they are preserving and enhancing the original integrity of De Rougemont and the Heseltine family legacy. We want to be able to drive past in the future and remain proud of what we built here over a fifty-year period'. 'We feel passionately that providing good housing here for local people once again, sympathetically done, must be the Hilton legacy too". David Burne of Redington Capital adds "We're extremely excited at the opportunity to convert the De Rougemont in-keeping with it's heritage and to ensure that there are a number of benefits to the local populous especially around the total built area reducing and which has been done in consultation with conservation specialists, an increase in landscaping together with a reduction in busy traffic movements compared to that which the hotel has historically been known for. This creates much needed housing for Brentwood people and really will be a development for us, the Hilton family and the locality to be proud of". Notes: A link to the DropBox folder with plans and images of the original building and family members and the new proposals is here The proposed planning application has just been submitted to Brentwood Borough Council: Ref: 20/01913/FUL The essence of the proposed scheme is that the original 'Goldings' building will be retained and sympathetically converted to 18 apartments together with the adjacent stables providing conversion to 4 houses. Additionally 26 new houses will be constructed to the rear of the land Provision is being made for an element of shared-ownership, key worker housing in order to attract locals that need assistance stepping onto the housing ladder 'Italian Garden' and nature reserve within site will be opened up as a public benefit Many alternative property developers to Redington Capital, the one chosen by the Hiltons, wanted the hotel building itself to be demolished Other alternative venues were considered including an approach from a company that specialises in large, multi-cultural wedding events - but this possibility is not being pursued by the Hiltons 'Woodland' within the boundary is, in fact, not woodland at all but scrubland of no ecological value overgrown with Japanese Knotweed - a huge danger to nearby homes. This is being removed as part of the new plans New communal open space and soft-landscaping areas will also feature prominently together with a significant tree planting scheme The proposed development will result in less built area on the De Rougemont site than now - from 30% building coverage now to just 21% for the new residential scheme - a near 50% reduction Future traffic movements in and out of the proposed development are stated by experts to drop considerably versus the current hotel use (patrons, staff, deliveries etc) All existing wedding bookings before September 2021 are unaffected and will be honoured The New World Hotel (as it most recently changed its name to) won Best Large Essex Hotel in 2013 St Mary the Virgin Church is unaffected by the above proposals

Covid causes phobia of flying for just 8% of people - here's why 85% of aerophobics miss their flights

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 09:23 EST

Research by Hoo , the hotel room offer platform, has revealed that just 8% of people have been deterred from flying due to Covid, however, simply getting off the ground itself is enough to deter 45% of people with a fear of flying. Hoo surveyed over 48,000 people across the UK on the fear of flying, how it impacts their personal travel and what the driving causes of their fear were. The research shows that for 85% of us, the thought of flying isn't an issue. However, for 15% of those asked the fear is real. Hoo asked those with a fear of flying if it had ever stopped them from travelling by plane. 45% stated that it had, with the fear of flying preventing 20% of people from boarding a plane on occasion, while 25% never travelled by plane due to their fear. So what are the driving factors? The latest airline industry data shows that Covid has had a huge impact on passenger numbers. The ICAO has revealed that airlines offered 51% fewer seats in 2020 when compared to the previous year, with 2.851bn fewer people flying. As a result, pandemic induced travel restrictions have cost airlines around the world more than £288bn. But while Covid has caused a reduction in the number of us flying, the fear of catching Covid itself doesn't seem to be a deterrent. Just 8% of those scared of flying stated that the potential risk of catching the virus while on a plane was a driving factor. The fear of being confined on a plane brought 20% out in cold sweats, although you could argue they're claustrophobic rather than aerophobic. The issue of flying itself and the altitude were the main deterrents for 28%, however, the most common cause where the nation's fear of flying is concerned is the plane crashing (37%). But should they be worried? Separate research by Hoo found that the chance of being in a plane crash is just one in 11 million. While it's certainly possible, you have more chance of being crushed by a meteor, hit by lightning, being involved in a fatal workplace accident, winning an Olympic gold medal, dating a supermodel or finding a four-leaf clover. That said, the bad news is that the odds of winning the EuroMillions comes in at 1 in 139 million. So, unfortunately, you're much more likely to be involved in a plane crash. Hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented: "It's estimated that there may be as many as one million people in the air at any one time, but while the fear of flying doesn't impact everyone, the prospect of boarding a plane can be a terrifying one for some - and it has little to do with COVID-19. While the statistics show that you're far safer on a plane when compared to a car or motorbike, plane crashes continue to be the driving reason behind this fear and it's easy to see why, with a number of high-profile incidents being seen in recent years. While it won't bring much reassurance to those with aerophobia, the data shows that plane crash fatalities have halved year on year , and you're far more likely to be crushed by a meteor or hit by lightning than being involved in one." Survey of 48,259 people carried out by Find Out Now (January 15th 2021).

Lockdown Learning: How to Keep Your Children Motivated

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 08:31 EST

As the UK enters its third week of remote learning, schools and colleges across the country have had the mammoth task of, once again, shifting both curriculums and communications online. As a result, parents and guardians across the country are juggling working from home while ensuring their children are studying, which can be an incredibly demanding task. To help with this, Impington Village College and its sixth form Impington International College , located on the outskirts of Cambridge, have been working hard to ensure that students are getting the most out of remote learning and that there is as little disruption as possible to their education.

cleverDome and Silver Oak Securities to Provide Military-Grade Cybersecurity to Advisors and Representatives

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 08:00 EST

cleverDome, Inc.™, a Phoenix-based B-Corporation that provides a community-driven solution to protect confidential consumer information by taking that information "Under the Dome"TM (i.e. secure and off the open Internet), today announced an agreement with Silver Oak Securities, Inc . to move its entire partner and advisor business "Under the Dome," using the unique service provided by cleverDome. Silver Oak Securities is a rapidly growing firm based in Tennessee that has 130 offices across the US. "Some wealth management firms have historically relied upon legacy processes and a technology adoption rate that lagged other industries," said Michael Hallett, CEO, cleverDome. "Recent events have drastically disrupted the market, catapulting advisors into a more remote and work-from-home model of interacting with clients. With face to face meetings not possible, advisors adapted quickly to support their clients and develop new relationships. For firms that approach this shift as a way to adopt further innovation rather than just a means to an end, it has opened doors to new opportunities - it has also opened up more vulnerabilities." The cleverDome solution combines end-point protection with a secure communication layer under a common due-diligence standard, the foundation for the future of financial networks. The cleverDome network offers military-grade security for all of an advisory firm's computers and devices. cleverDome can replace traditional VPN solutions and enable RIA firms to benefit from lower costs and higher speeds. SILVER OAK'S COMMITMENT TO CYBER SECURITY Silver Oak has taken the security of its advisors and partners as a strategic opportunity and has provided secure device and endpoint cyber secure technology and support for three years. Its drive to provide customers service, ease of use, performance and cyber security has been a key objective. "Silver Oak Securities has now entered an agreement with cleverDome to move its entire, partner and advisor business 'Under the Dome' using their unique and respected service. By doing this, Silver Oak Securities now has the leading edge secure service from the device to its data in motion; by taking sensitive information off the open internet and placing it 'Under the Dome' we can provide the fastest and most secure network using the standard internet while implementing military level security at a commercial level. By doing this, Silver Oak Securities has secured the data for its customers, partners, and advisors to the most compliant level in the industry," said Billy Hopkins, President/CEO, Silver Oak Securities, Inc. "By moving 'Under the Dome,' Silver Oak Securities has created a very strong market advantage with the ease of adoption and usage. Any device in any location will immediately be connected to the service once it is in use and will enjoy speeds of up to ten times the standard communications technology available today. Information is sent in at high speeds and split session mode with tumbling encryption, so a breach is not possible," said Hopkins.

Fidato Wealth Announces Retirement Planning Today® Virtual Interactive Course

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 08:00 EST

CFP® Tony D'Amico Offers Proven Two-session Course through Lorain County Community College As the unpredictability of the market in 2020 has shown, having a comprehensive wealth plan based upon a person's values, goals, and resources that they can stick to during times of instability is paramount. To help educate Northeast Ohio area residents on creating a retirement plan, Fidato Wealth , an independently owned and operated fiduciary financial advisory firm located in Middleburg Heights, announced an online continuing education course, titled Retirement Planning Today®, which is scheduled to begin later this month, with a second session in early February. This online, interactive course is a two-evening class, with two different sessions being offered. The first session will be held virtually on Wednesday, January 27 and Wednesday February 3 from 6-8pm. The second session will be held on Tuesday, February 2 and Tuesday, February 9 from 6-8pm. Fidato Wealth founder and CEO, Tony D'Amico, CFP®, will lead the two-part course, which is sponsored by Lorrain County Community College. "Education can help people make informed decisions about their finances, and take proactive steps to promote their financial well-being, and live the retirement they have envisioned," said D'Amico. "In straightforward language, I will explain time-tested retirement planning strategies. Whether their objective is to build a nest egg, protect their assets or preserve their lifestyle throughout retirement, this course will help them plan their future with confidence." IMPORTANCE OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION IN TURBULENT TIMES "The number one thing for individuals to keep in mind in our current economy is to ignore the short-term event and volatility, as it relates to their financial planning. We understand these are very difficult times. Our goal is to be the voice of reason, providing calm and educational information to plan for the long haul," D'Amico added. D'Amico, who has taught this course over 100 times in a college classroom setting over the past 10 years, is excited for the challenge of teaching a virtual classroom. The course is updated annually with current information and best practices in retirement planning. "With the economic uncertainties we face, and the life changing decision to retire, this online course will help attendees determine if they are on track to accomplish their retirement goals. This class has been designed for those ages 50 to 65 who wish to educate themselves about planning for a successful retirement," said D'Amico. VIRTUAL CLASS OFFERS FLEXIBILITY AND SAFETY "The class will have a digital text book, and the presentation has been made to fit a two-hour session, for a total of two evenings. Participants can choose from two different sessions for added flexibility. Moreover, attendees will participate from the comfort and security of their homes. The digital format will allow attendees to easily follow along at their desktop computer, as they safely interact with the class and instructor, and have a source to which they can refer at a later time," said D'Amico. "Retirement planning has taken on a much greater importance as life expectancy's have increased, people are retiring earlier, and many view retirement as a new and fulfilling chapter to their life," D'Amico said. "During this course, attendees will learn how to define retirement goals and leave the online class with practical information they can apply immediately in their personal lives. Although the class is geared towards a virtual experience, the curriculum has great real-life data to highlight the importance of retirement planning decisions." This educational course covers the complete planning process including: Retirement income planning to help achieve desired lifestyle Tax planning strategies to save money Strategies to manage investment risks Estate planning strategies to eliminate delays, stress and expenses Healthcare, Medicare and long-term care considerations Social security and pension claiming strategies How to determine the savings needed to retire today or in the future View the Retirement Planning Today® brochure here . Class sizes are limited. Registration is $49 and includes a 200+ page digital workbook. Spouses or guests may attend the online class at no additional charge. Register online directly with Lorain County Community College or call 440-328-8382 with questions or for registration assistance: Session 1: Wednesday Jan. 27 and Wednesday Feb. 3, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm http://lcccnoncredit.pdx.catalog.canvaslms.com/browse/clll/courses/retirement-planning-today-january-2021 Session 2: Tuesday Feb. 2 and Tuesday Feb. 9, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm https://lcccnoncredit.pdx.catalog.canvaslms.com/browse/clll/courses/retirement-planning-today-february-2021

HELLA New to Range Additions

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 07:54 EST

Headlight units, fog lights and spark plugs feature in the 23 new products introduced during November HELLA, the original equipment (OE) manufacturer and system supplier, continues to bring new products into its extensive aftermarket programme, to allow the independent service and repair sector to fit the parts they need, and effectively compete with the vehicle manufacturer's dealer networks. "Reflecting HELLA's position as one of the world's leading automotive lighting specialists, we have introduced 17 new headlight units and two fog lights into our aftermarket offering during November," explains Senior Head of Marketing & Communications, Helen Goldingay. "They also demonstrate the complexity and diversity of modern automotive lighting technology, with the headlight units for the VW Touareg, among these additions. "In common with the majority of new vehicles, VW offers several lighting options for the Touareg, including 100% LED. However, they also utilise our Matrix LED system, under their 'IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix Headlamps' brand name, on the R-Line models, for example. "Through the targeted control of their 128 LEDs, these headlights provide very precise, optimised light distribution and luminous intensity. Compared to conventional lighting systems, LED Matrix headlamps significantly increase safety and comfort, since they enable the driver to recognise road details and possible obstacles much earlier and more clearly. "Particularly with vehicles using headlights of such intricacy, it is imperative that replacement units are not simply aftermarket alternatives, but OE quality, like for like substitutes, which is a factor that distinguishes HELLA's aftermarket programme." For more information concerning new to range additions or any other HELLA aftermarket products, please contact the sales team on 01295 662400 or email hella.sales@hella.com