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Kurt Bestor benefit concert to help heal Utah's 65,000 refugees through music

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 21:00 EDT

More than 65,000 refugees live in Utah, which is the most refugees per capita in all 50 U.S. states. Problem: Helping war-torn refugees heal, acclimate and move forward with productive lives in Utah. Having just returned from Bangladesh, Liz Shropshire is launching a new program - successful in Kosovo, Ireland, Uganda, Greece, Bangladesh - in Utah with a "Peace Through Music" benefit concert Oct. 26 at 6 PM at Rose Wagner Theater, featuring Kurt Bestor. Would you like to interview her to share: Why music is healing war-torn children (who were kidnapped or forced to become soldiers); Why Utah teens and adults are volunteering to train refugees through music Why Kurt Bestor wanted to join the benefit concert How to sign up to volunteer Where funds will go in Utah from the benefit concert The healing impact of locally run music programs? (See http://shropshirefoundation.org/our-impact/programs-and-services ) Liz, who arrives in Utah Sunday night, can share incredible stories of how MUSIC CAN HEAL even traumatized children and adults. Would you like to interview her? Would you like me to see if Kurt Bestor can join her in the interview?

Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Little Steven Looks Back On Solo Career And Opens Personal Musical Vault With "RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work" Arriving December 6 On Wicked Cool/UMe

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 20:53 EDT

Little Steven has opened the doors on his personal archive of recordings to present an in-depth look at his solo career with a brand new boxed set. RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work ( Wicked Cool/UMe ) collects the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's solo work from 1973-1999 - including Artists United Against Apartheid's landmark 1985 LP, Sun City - together with 51 bonus tracks spanning previously unreleased demos, B-sides, rehearsals, outtakes, classic concert performances, and a number of never-before-heard Steven Van Zandt compositions. Little Steven's RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work will be available exclusively via the online store uDiscover Music beginning Friday, December 6; pre-orders are available now. "It's been a blast going through the archives and finding all these hidden gems," says Van Zandt. "In addition to demos in various stages of completion, there are entire songs I'd completely forgotten about, and we found some really early things pre-Jukes like Southside Johnny and the Kid (the kid being me!). I'm excited to have my stuff back on vinyl for the first time in decades!" PREORDER ROCKNROLL REBEL - THE EARLY WORK Limited to just 1,000 copies, the bespoke slipcase multi-format boxed set includes remastered editions of five long-out-of-print classic albums - Men Without Women (1982), Voice Of America (1983), Sun City (1985), Freedom - No Compromise (1987), Revolution (1989) and the vinyl debut of Born Again Savage (1999) - across seven-colored vinyl LPs alongside four CDs of rarities and bonus tracks. This also marks the first time Revolution will be released on vinyl in the U.S., having previously only been released in Europe. The set includes liner notes about each of the 51 bonus tracks. Digital Deluxe Editions of all six albums, complete with corresponding bonus tracks, will be available for download in the weeks leading up to the boxed set's official release kicking off today with Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul's 1982 debut album, Men Without Women , joined by 10 exclusive bonus tracks available now. Both RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work and the Digital Deluxe Edition of Men Without Women include long-lost tracks from what Van Zandt calls the "soundtrack to an unmade film," including previously unreleased alternate versions of album favorites, " Angel Eyes ," " Forever " and " Until The Good Is Gone ." In conjunction with RockNRoll Rebel , a limited edition standalone 144-page, 12" x 12" companion book will be released featuring Van Zandt's in-depth liner notes and memories and stories about the making of each album, lyrics to every song and hundreds of never-before-seen photos. It will be available for preorder soon. STREAM MEN WITHOUT WOMEN DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul made their spectacular debut with 1982's Men Without Women , highlighted by a pair of rock radio favorites in the opening " Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire " and " Forever ," the latter of which spent nine weeks on Billboard 's "Hot 100" while also receiving heavy rotation at the newly launched MTV. Van Zandt and the Disciples of Soul celebrated Men Without Women with sold out live dates including a legendary performance at NYC's famed Peppermint Lounge that saw electrifying renditions of the album's " Save Me " and " This Time It's For Real " (written by Van Zandt and made famous by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes ), both included on RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work . RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work - which arrives hot on the heels of Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul's acclaimed latest album, Summer of Sorcery (Wicked Cool/UMe) - features appearances from an assortment of friends, collaborators, and special guests, including Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Rubén Blades, Miles Davis, Gary U.S. Bonds, Dino Danelli , and members of both the E Street Band and the Asbury Jukes . To coincide with the release of RockNRoll Rebel , Van Zandt will be making select videos from his early career available on his official YouTube channel for the first time as well as offering up a ton of other visuals from the era. Fans can subscribe to the channel to be notified when videos are posted: https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleStevenVEVO Following two years of nearly constant touring, totaling more than 150 shows across North America, Europe, and Australia, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul will close the year with two triumphant final shows at the Chevalier Theatre in Boston on November 2nd followed by a homecoming performance at New York's Beacon Theatre on November 6th. LITTLE STEVEN ROCKNROLL REBEL - THE EARLY WORK (Wicked Cool/UMe) STREET DATE: DECEMBER 6 TRACKLISTING: LITTLE STEVEN AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL: MEN WITHOUT WOMEN (1982) Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire Inside Of Me Until The Good Is Gone Men Without Women Under The Gun Save Me Princess Of Little Italy Angel Eyes Forever I've Been Waiting LITTLE STEVEN AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL: VOICE OF AMERICA (1983) Voice Of America Justice Checkpoint Charlie Solidarity Out Of The Darkness Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared Ones) Fear I Am A Patriot (And The River Opens For The Righteous) Among The Believers Undefeated (Everybody Goes Home) LITTLE STEVEN: FREEDOM - NO COMPROMISE (1987) Freedom Trail Of Broken Treaties Pretoria Bitter Fruit No More Party's Can't You Feel The Fire Native American Sanctuary LITTLE STEVEN: REVOLUTION (1989) Revolution (Deluxe Edition) Where Do We Go From Here Revolution Education Balance Love and Forgiveness Newspeak Sexy Leonard Peltier Liberation Theology Discipline LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT: BORN AGAIN SAVAGE (1999) - 2 x LP Born Again Savage Camouflage of Righteousness Guns, Drugs, And Gasoline Face of God Saint Francis Salvation Organize Flesheater Lust for Enlightenment Tongues of Angels ARTISTS UNITED AGAINST APARTHEID: SUN CITY (1985) Sun City No More Apartheid Revolutionary Situation Sun City (Version II) (Edit) Let Me See Your I.D. The Struggle Continues Silver And Gold BONUS TRACKS (4 CD): DISC 1: MEN WITHOUT WOMEN (AND BEFORE) RockNRoll Rebel (Previously Unreleased - Studio Track - 1983) - Little Steven Who Told You? (Previously Unreleased - Gulliver's Pub - Red Bank, NJ - June 15, 1973) - Southside Johnny and The Kid That's How It Feels (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ - May 30, 1976) - Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes When You Dance (Previously Unreleased - Rehearsal - Mono - 1976) - Asbury Jukes Little Darlin' (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony Rehearsal - Mono - 1977) - Asbury Jukes Ain't No Lady (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony Rehearsal - Mono - 1977) - Asbury Jukes Love On The Wrong Side of Town (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony Rehearsal - Mono - 1977) - Asbury Jukes Little Girl So Fine (Previously Unreleased - Rehearsal - Mono - 1976) - Asbury Jukes Some Things Just Don't Change (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony Rehearsal - Mono - 1977) - Asbury Jukes She Got Me Where She Wants Me (Previously Unreleased - Stone Pony Rehearsal - Mono - 1977) - Asbury Jukes Men Without Women Radio Spot (1982) Angel Eyes (Previously Unreleased - Britt Row Version - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Forever (Previously Unreleased - Britt Row Version - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Until The Good Is Gone (Previously Unreleased - Britt Row Version - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul I've Been Waiting (Previously Unreleased - Early Version - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul with Southside Johnny Caravan (7" single - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Save Me (Previously Unreleased - Peppermint Lounge - New York, NY - July 18, 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Time (Previously Unreleased - Studio Track - 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul DISC 2: VOICE OF AMERICA This Time It's For Real (Previously Unreleased - Marquee Club - London, UK - October 18, 1982/Peppermint Lounge - New York, NY - July 18, 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul It's Possible (Previously Unreleased - Studio Track - Mono - Date Unknown) - Little Steven Vote! (That Mutha Out) (12" single - 1984) - Little Steven Vote! Part II (Previously Unreleased - Rap Version - 1984) - Little Steven Vote! Part III (After World War III) (Rap Version - 12" single - 1984) - Little Steven Vote! Part IV (Instrumental) (12" single - 1984) - Little Steven Vote! Part V (Previously Unreleased - Rap Version - 1984) Caravan (Previously Unreleased - Marquee Club - London, UK - October 18, 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul I Don't Want To Go Home (Previously Unreleased - Marquee Club - London, UK - October 18, 1982) - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul US Festival Radio Spot (1983) Alive For The First Time (Previously Unreleased - Writing Session, The Birth of a Song - 1983)- Little Steven Voice of America Radio Spot (1984) Out Of The Darkness (12" single - 1984) - Little Steven Inside Of Me (Previously Unreleased - French TV - 1983) - Little Steven DISC 3: SUN CITY Let Me See Your I.D. (Extended Mix - 12" single - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid Let Me See Your I.D. (Extended Street Mix - 12" single - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid Let Me See Your I.D. (Beat And Scratch Mix - 12" single - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid Not So Far Away (Dub Mix - UK 12" single - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid Sun City (Last Remix - UK 12" single - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid Soweto Nights (Previously Unreleased - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid The Struggle Continues (Previously Unreleased - Extra Miles Davis Version - 1985) - Artists United Against Apartheid * All songs on DISC 3: SUN CITY published by Amandla Music (A Non-Profit Company) DISC 4: FREEDOM - NO COMPROMISE, REVOLUTION (AND LATER) Bitter Fruit (With Rubén Blades - Cana No Mas Dub Mix - UK 12" single - 1987) - Little Steven Bitter Fruit (With Rubén Blades - No Pasaran Mix - UK 12" single - 1987) - Little Steven Bitter Fruit (With Rubén Blades - Platano Quemado Mix with Steel Drums - UK 12" single - 1987) - Little Steven Fruta Amarga (With Rubén Blades - Spanish 12" single - 1987) - Little Steven No More Partys (For Those About To Party...) (Rock Mix - 12" single - 1987) - Little Steven No More Partys (Funky Party Edit) (R&B Mix - UK 7" single - 1987) - Little Steven Vote Jesse In (Previously Unreleased - Jesse Jackson Campaign Song - 1988) - Little Steven Revolution (Naked City Mix - UK 12"single - 1989) - Little Steven Revolution (Naked City Mix Part 2 - Maceo's Thang - UK 12" single- 1989) - Little Steven I Wish It Would Rain (Previously Unreleased - Vin Scelsa Hungerthon - 1995) - Little Steven, Southside Johnny, Rusty Cloud, Bobby Bandiera, David Hayes Princess Of Little Italy (Previously Unreleased - Vin Scelsa Hungerthon - 1995) - Little Steven, Rusty Cloud, Bobby Bandiera, David Hayes It's Been A Long Time (Previously Unreleased - Solo Acoustic - 2019) - Little Steven * * * * *

New Brunswick School Districts Release Assessments That Show Bullying Is All Too Common

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 15:36 EDT

While Some Schools Show Improvement, the Situation Remains Critical BullyingCanada isn't shocked that the new reports issued by New Brunswick Anglophone School Districts reflect that, in some instances, up to 52% of students report being victimized by bullies. The registered charity has seen an uptick in the number of youths that reach out to its 24/7/365 support network. "This year we are assisting in thousands and thousands of cases of extreme bullying. We see more and more youth in crisis-which is incredibly terrifying when you consider the long term consequences of this vis-a-vis the youth's mental health status, academic performance, and social interactions. Now, more than ever, we need everyone involved to be proactive in their roles. BullyingCanada remains a beacon of hope and a voice for support for the many kids across the country that experience these issues." Rob Benn-Fenette, O.N.B. Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director OurSCHOOL reports for these school districts are available online: New Brunswick Anglophone North New Brunswick Anglophone South New Brunswick Anglophone East New Brunswick Anglophone West While the statistics presented in these reports from New Brunswick Schoo Districts are disheartening, there is still much opportunity to improve the lives of our children. The longer a child is bullied, the more likely they are to develop physical, emotional, and psychological scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying can be devastating, leaving children withdrawn, shy, and insecure. Kids frequently suffer stomach aches, headaches, panic attacks, and nightmares. They can become unable to sleep-or may sleep too much. They often do poorly in school due to loss of focus and confidence or erratic attendance as they try to escape bullies. When unrelenting, bullying can lead children to take their own lives. Bullying also hurts bystanders, who may become fearful that they will also be victimized. Bullies who learn they can get away with aggression and violence sometimes carry this behavior into adulthood, having a greater likelihood that they can become a sexual predator or otherwise engage in criminal activity. This is part of why BullyingCanada is so desperately needed to help bullied kids, as soon as possible after bullying begins. BullyingCanada is Canada's only national organization that resolves bullying situations by directly facilitating communication between bullied kids, their tormentors, parents, teachers, school boards, social services, and police. In addition to providing schools and community organizations with anti-bullying posters, brochures, and other collateral, BullyingCanada also provides workshops for groups of all sizes. These workshops empower youth and community leaders to effectively combat bullying and provide innovative ways for them address issues that they face throughout their lives.

The Artistry House Launches Interior Design Division

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 14:43 EDT

Preston creative centre The Artistry House has launched an interior design division headed up by interior and spatial designer Rose Peploe.

Broadband access technology development strengthened by global merger of GiGAWire Alliance and HomeGrid Forum

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 14:36 EDT

Broadband access technology development strengthened by global merger of GiGAWire Alliance and HomeGrid Forum Merger of two leading industry forums creates global organization committed to compliance and interoperability of a widening portfolio of activity The GiGAWire Alliance and the Home Grid Forum are merging - to create a new force in broadband access technology development and an organisation that will be structured to work across a widening portfolio covering IoT, Connected Cars, Smart Grid, Light Communications (Li-Fi) and GiGAWire MDU. he two alliances are exhibiting at this week's Broadband World Forum with a joint booth (G30). "Both organizations have a lot in common and a strong focus on enabling service providers' deployments with advanced solutions and ensuring a robust and versatile backbone, based on ITU-T G.hn technology - designed to work on any wire, designed to fit any network topology" said Marketing Chair Livia Rosu. "From the HomeGrid Forum side we will provide continued support to GiGAWire members on system certification through strict compliance and interoperability testing for service providers' smoother and faster deployment. As G.hn technology is at the core of systems for in-home and broadband access deployments (in MDUs and last mile network segments), the new organization automatically ensures end-to-end coexistence and interoperability at all levels," she added. The new organization will be structured to provide marketing and technical support to each of the market segments: Home Networking, IoT, Connected Cars, Smart Grid, Light Communications (Li-Fi) and GiGAWire MDU. The GiGAWire Alliance was created in 2017 as a unified industry effort by service providers, equipment vendors and silicon vendors to create an ecosystem that ensured continuous improvement of broadband access network solutions based on ITU-T G.hn standards. Its work has been dedicated to enabling next-generation access networks that deliver faster-than-gigabit broadband services, with a focus on helping service providers to leverage existing in-building copper infrastructure (phone lines, UTP cables and coaxial cables) to deploy broadband networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional FTTH deployments. GiGAWire extended applicability of G.hn to provide broadband access to the premises environment, including large apartment complexes, single family units and office buildings. It provided crosstalk mitigation and auto pairing features to support multiple users using bundle cable. "The GiGAWire solution can easily improve Internet connection speed up to 10 times over VDSL in the premises environment where optical fiber cannot be deployed for technical or historical preservation reasons. Adding GiGAWire's experience and access deployment knowledge to the work of the HomeGrid Forum will give the combined organization massive potential as the industry moves forward," said Rosu. HomeGrid Forum and GiGAWire Alliance members are displaying their products for a full range of network topologies at Broadband World Forum booth G30 in Amsterdam on October 15 -17. GiGAWire Alliance Board member and HomeGrid Forum Promoter member Korea Telecom (KT) is also attending the Broadband World Forum, where they have been invited to speak about the world-leading position they have established in broadband provision for both homes and businesses. JP Lee, Vice President of the KT Infra R&D Lab, said: "GiGAWire Alliance and HomeGrid Forum have been working closely together for some time now and this merger will allow further exciting developments to be made, as well as exploiting new areas such as Li-Fi, Connected Cars and Smart Grid; these are just some of the reasons why KT has been so keen to get more involved in the HomeGrid Forum." HomeGrid Forum offers multiple membership levels within the organization. To review the membership levels and associated benefits, please visit https://homegridforum.org/join/ .

Luxury self-catering Cotswold cottages with personal hotel concierge service

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 14:12 EDT

STARTUP COTSWOLD HOLIDAY COMPANY SCOOPS TOP AWARD Cotswold Cottage Gems wins national award recognising the UK's best independent hosts and hoteliers At just 18 months old, Cotswold Cottage Gems , run by Gemma Elizabeth Conway, has scooped the Multi-Property Wizard Award at the prestigious eviivo Awards , Britain's premier hospitality awards which recognise and reward the best independent hosts and hoteliers across the UK. Cotswold Cottage Gems began with just one cottage in May last year, but now owns six luxurious cottages located across the Cotswolds, plus The Lansdowne, a 14-bedroom boutique guesthouse which serves breakfast, in Bourton-on-the-Water. It was the company's beautiful cottages and rooms with a personalised, hotel level of service that really impressed the judges: "This multi-property wizard manages to bring a personal touch to its luxurious accommodation - even having little surprises waiting for guests, such as fresh flowers, biscuits and Easter Egg hunts at Easter. The reviews for this business rave about the incredibly high standard of accommodation and are peppered with praise for the friendly hosts." The luxury holiday company has enjoyed a hugely successful summer with occupancy rates exceeding ninety per cent across all locations and has achieved numerous 10/10 customer reviews on listing sites. Gemma Elizabeth was thrilled to accept the award, commenting that it was the bespoke concierge service that really set them apart from the competition. "We're thrilled to win the award which is a testament to all the hard work of our super team of local suppliers and colleagues. "Our bespoke concierge service is there for guests ensuring they have a fabulous stay in the Cotswolds and has included arranging personal chefs to cook meals at the cottages; make local bookings; and I have even been known to drive guests to local pubs and collect them at the end of the evening. Perhaps the oddest request was for me to look after a guest's dog at my home for the duration of her stay, and ensure it only drank bottled water. All part of the service!" Gemma Elizabeth oversaw the development of the properties using local Cotswold trades, and created their distinctive look of which she says "think of a luxury home from home and that's us. And if you think of something else, just ask." "It has taken a huge amount of effort to get to where we are in such a short space of time, but I believe it's the personal touches that make all the difference. I'm often to be found tweaking the cottages just moments before guests arrive, adding fresh flowers, fruit and ensuring that any special requests they've made have been met to ensure the best possible experience. "It's hard work and long hours but it's all been worthwhile and really shows what a group of individuals who are passionate about hospitality can achieve in just over a year's trading." The eviivo awards are now in their sixth year and highlight the very best of Britain's world-class and world-famous independent accommodation - from bed and breakfasts and guest houses to vacation rentals and inns. Note to journalists Cotswold Cottage Gems has two cottages and The Lansdowne guesthouse in Bourton-on-the-Water; plus cottages at Cold Aston, Lechlade-on-Thames, Stow on the Wold; and Moreton in Marsh. Gemma Elizabeth Conway is available for interview to discuss setting up a successful company; how to make a success of leisure property rental, and Cotswold tourism.

Potential Brexit outcomes put the construction and manufacturing sectors at risk

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 13:29 EDT

The UK's impending exit from the EU is likely to be an epochal moment. Depending on the form of the exit, there could only be minor impacts, or there could be very severe economic consequences. Chief Economist at AMA Research and Barbour ABI, Tom Hall, assesses the impact of Brexit on the Construction and Manufacturing sectors in the Overcoming Brexit Uncertainty report. Considering the major impacts of a non-disruptive Brexit and a disruptive Brexit on firms in the construction and manufacturing sectors, this report looks at both the short-run and long-run impacts under non-disruptive and disruptive Brexit scenarios. These include greater shortages of skilled and unskilled labour, both permanent and contracted, worsening the labour shortages already being experienced in the construction sector. Other issues impacting the construction sector include additional costs of importing goods, raw materials and components. A globalised economy has resulted in the adoption of "just in time" production processes, where firms have not been required to hold large volumes of goods or materials in the case of supply-side shocks. The retrenchment of what many assumed to be a foundational principle of the modern economy has resulted, over the last 12 months, of bulk purchasing and stockpiling: materials stored in car parks and mass manufacture using up perishable production inputs. The graph below shows the potential impact on GDP of a 'deal' and 'no deal'. The Bank of England defines four scenarios within the deal or no deal outcomes, a deal could be both 'close' and 'less close' and a no deal could be either 'disruptive' or 'disorderly':

Estimated 72% of commercial washroom products distributed via trade channels

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 13:00 EDT

AMA Research estimate that 72% of commercial washroom products are distributed via trade channels, these can be defined as builders and plumber's merchants as well as distributors. This evaluation is taken from the 7th edition of the Commercial Washrooms Market Report UK. A report which also examines in detail the main product sectors of the commercial washrooms market, market sizes and product trends. Also reviewed within the report are key commercial end-use application sectors, such as education, healthcare, entertainment & leisure, offices, infrastructure, retail and industrial.

IDTechEx Research: Rivian Overblown?

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 12:44 EDT

Those desperate to invest in "The next Tesla" continue to pile into start-up Rivian, the latest $350 million coming from a media company. That takes investment up to the $2 billion level familiar at Tesla. The IDTechEx report, " Electric Vehicles 2020 - 2030 " gives the full picture, please visit www.IDTechEx.com/EV to find out more. To over-simplify, Rivian has demonstrated a pickup truck with exceptional handling due to four near-wheel motors and exceptional range due to a larger battery. It will sell pure-electric pickup trucks with Tesla and others close behind. So is it a Tesla killer? Tesla-levels of advanced technology are not obvious in Rivian's revealed product, though they may be in stealth mode. Volkswagen has said that it does not have the full technical repertoire of Tesla yet. Ian Collins, director of development at Polestar UK, a Geely company, says of Tesla "They are far ahead of everyone else". So do the tear-down experts. In part, Tesla are global leaders because Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi and others did not choose aspects they could easily incorporate in favour of conventional design, such as lowest drag factor shapes. The revealed Rivian design does not appear to be low drag factor either. Not having the best powertrain efficiency (power electronics, wireless board signals, highest efficiency motors etc) compounds the problem for existing car makers, so range and performance for a given price is usually not competitive. No one pretends any more that Mercedes, Jaguar or Audi have Tesla killers on offer yet. But is Rivian leapfrogging what Tesla will eventually achieve in pick-up trucks? Axial flux in-wheel motors for highest power-to-weight ratio and, with solar bodywork, longer range with less battery? Well no. That is the new Lightyear One car with its Tesla beating drag factor (though Lightyear has a cost problem). Rivian's battery pack is housed in a unique structural shell made from carbon composite that reduces weight and is sealed to be completely waterproof. Once the pack is installed in the chassis, the vehicle gets an additional full-length skid plate designed to prevent the intrusion of foreign objects into the pack. Rivian has the massive 100,000 Amazon delivery truck order and it is still planning on putting its truck into production in 2020 with the SUV to follow shortly after, initially with only the largest 180 kWh battery pack. Such a huge battery gets the exceptional range instead of low drag factor, better lightweighting, motor efficiency etc. This makes Rivian highly exposed to battery cell supply shortages. Chairman of IDTechEx Dr Peter Harrop says, "We are not negative about Rivian. Like everyone else we wait to hear what defendable on-going uniques it possesses. Global car sales declined for the first time since the economic crisis last year, yet Tesla is capturing business at the $20 billion level in 2019 and growing. Equally impressive, BYD of China has taken leadership in pure-electric buses worldwide and pure-electric cars in China, making its own batteries, something Tesla is planning. Given the perfect storm coming in cars it is important who wins in buses and full trucks more than pickup trucks. Rivian has chosen a good starting point from a US point of view." IDTechEx is the only analyst company in the world following the electrification of 100+ electric vehicle segments. Looking beyond the battery-electric car movement, it is our position that an equally inevitable transition is taking place, not only with alternative vehicles, but also with alternative forms of powertrain. At the annual IDTechEx conference ' Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing ', in Santa Clara, USA on November 20-21 2019, attendees will have the chance to learn more about developments in these areas. With sessions covering powertrain and component innovations, the heavy duty sector, opportunities in China's EV market, and new material opportunities. Speakers include General Motors, Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, Yinlong Energy, SERES, Hyundai MOBIS, SABIC, PPG, Toshiba, Continental and many more. Visit www.IDTechEx.com/EVUSA to find out more.

The Band's New 2019 Mix Of Legendary Song "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" From 50th Anniversary Collection Available Today For Streaming And Download

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 12:29 EDT


Ranplan joins O-RAN Alliance heralding new era of cloud-based collaborative network design and optimisation

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 08:25 EDT

Ranplan joins O-RAN Alliance heralding new era of cloud-based collaborative network design and optimisation 18 October 2019 - Ranplan Wireless , an independent provider of telecom software solutions, has announced its commitment to the O-RAN Alliance. Embracing O-RAN's core principles of intelligence and openness, Ranplan will guide development of open interfaces and closely participate with global carriers in the promotion of the guiding principles of the O-RAN community. With mobile operators preparing for the deployment of much more highly complex radio networks than previously thought conceivable, accurate network planning and optimisation calls for a holistic approach, typified by close coordination of the indoor and the outdoor environment. Acutely aware of future requirements, Ranplan presented the world's first heterogeneous wireless planning tool supporting 5G-NR in October 2018. This release sparked a wave of demand from operators across the globe, keen on smoothly transitioning into a new era of wireless services by leveraging Ranplan's heterogenous design tools and workflow management platform, Collaboration Hub. " By integrating our central components, encompassing databases and 3D ray-tracing engines, into the increasingly adaptive and intelligent network operating systems (aka as OSSs or SONs) of leading customers, Ranplan helps automate accurate re-planning of mobile networks after initial deployment. As a pioneer in this domain with unique capabilities to handle heterogeneous networks, Ranplan has positioned itself for partnerships with mobile operators, equipment vendors and systems integrators that share our vision ," - Professor Jie Zhang, founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ranplan Group AB. Ranplan is involved with a number of deployments, pioneering solutions for heterogenous planning and optimisation of wireless networks integrated with customers' operating support systems (OSS), enabling computer-aided automation after initial deployment of radio access nodes. A key conclusion shows traditional models of largely proprietary systems must give way to a format of open, secure, multi-party collaboration. Understanding the benefits of incorporating a heterogenous design management platform with an open architecture unleashes operational efficiency gains. "Ranplan embraces the notion of an ecosystem characterised by open interfaces and interoperable components in a multi-vendor setting. The vision championed by the O-RAN community is perfectly aligned with our philosophy, roadmap and system architecture. Ranplan seeks to play a pivotal role in realising the full potential of 5G, aiming at continuous optimisation of radio resources, enabled by cloud-based automation." - Per Lindberg, A/CEO, Member of the Board of Directors, Ranplan Group AB Ranplan welcomes all parties to meet with its team at MWC19, OnGo Pavilion, West Hall #5002. October 22-24, Los Angeles, CA to discuss how its solutions can help enable the vision of O-RAN. About Ranplan Wireless Ranplan Wireless is an innovative technology company that has developed the world's only solution that can plan, design and optimise multi-layered in-building and outdoor wireless networks in a coordinated manner. Our solutions help enable the telecommunications ecosystem, comprised of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders, to efficiently deploy and optimise the next generation of wireless networks. Ranplan Wireless is a subsidiary of Ranplan Group AB (Nasdaq First North: RPLAN) whose head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. The group operates out of offices in the UK, US and China. www.ranplanwireless.com About O-RAN Alliance The O-RAN Alliance is a world-wide, carrier-led effort to drive new levels of openness in the radio access networks of next generation wireless systems. Future RANs will be built on a foundation of virtualized network elements, white-box hardware and standardized interfaces that fully embrace O-RAN's core principles of intelligence and openness. An ecosystem of innovative new products is already emerging that will form the underpinnings of the multi-vendor, interoperable, autonomous RAN, envisioned by many in the past, but only now enabled by the global industry-wide vision, commitment and leadership of O-RAN Alliance members and contributors. More information about O-RAN can be found at www.o-ran.org For further information, please contact: Per Lindberg, Ranplan interim CEO Tel: Per.Lindberg@ranplanwireless.com Certified Adviser: FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399 info@fnca.se, is the Company's Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North Media Relations Peter Rennison PRPR Tel: + 44(0)1442 245030 Email: pr@prpr.co.uk

New Bamaboo eco-friendly nappies - the only nappy brand packaged in 100% compostable plant-based film

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 06:14 EDT

Press Release 18 OCTOBER 2019 New Bamaboo eco-friendly nappies - the only nappy brand packaged in 100% compostable plant-based film Winners of Made for Mums Gold Award 2019 Only eco-nappy brand included in Mother & Baby Awards shortlist for Best Disposable Nappy of 2020 See us at the Baby Show - Stand A81 For parents looking for premium quality, eco-friendly products, award-winning Bamaboo eco-friendly nappies and wipes provide babies with a gentle, safe and comfortable experience. Independently tested to ensure they're suitable for even delicate, newborn skin, they are hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and contain no harsh chemicals. Made from sustainable bamboo for a softer-than-cotton, high quality feel against babies' skin, along with bamboo's natural temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties and the liner's breathable qualities, these nappies can also reduce nappy rash. Bamaboo nappies are manufactured using FSC certified sustainably harvested bamboo, corn starch and chlorine-free wood pulp. No chlorine or alcohol is used in their production and they use significantly less crude oil than standard disposables. In this new range, packaging will be made from 100% compostable corn starch film that can be composted within 6 months. Bamaboo wet wipes are made from 100% compostable non-woven bamboo, sourced from certified crops and packaged in recycled PET. The wipes are registered with the Vegan Society and contain over 98% water and plant-based ingredients. They are gentle and kind to babies' skin. The nappies can be industrially composted and will biodegrade by 80% within 6 months. Wipes can be 100% composted within 6 months. The new Bamaboo nappies are now available from Ocado in packs ranging from 18-35 pieces at £8 RRP, making them comparable to leading nappy brands. Bamaboo wipes are in standard packs of 60 wipes for £2 RRP. Bamaboo nappies and wipes are also available on Amazon and direct from Mama Bamboo at www.mamabamboo.com CEO and mother of two is Laura Crawford, who founded Mama Bamboo in 2018 and she explains; "Concerned parents across the UK are looking for greener, more natural products for their baby. They don't want to compromise their baby's comfort by using polyester and plastic products simply because they're more easily available. What they want are eco-friendly products that offer quality and convenience. Green premium options have historically been too much of a price differential for the average family. Our Bamaboo biodegradables are now a genuine alternative for parents who demand quality and convenience without the eco-price tag. We have designed our products to meet our Bamaboo Balance ethos; 'Best for Baby, Best for Mama Earth, Best for Mama.' The company practices green processing through out its supply chain from carbon offsetting through the Ugandan Bamboo Village project, to shredding and hot composting employee waste at home. Crawford is also a strong advocate and campaigner for better environmental management of all absorbent hygiene waste in the UK, running the nationwide campaign #thenappyrevolution calling on DEFRA to improve composting and recycling facilities by 2025. * Biodegradability and chemicals testing carried out independently by SGS one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies. **Customers have commented that nappy rash is reduced using Bamaboo nappies and Mama Bamboo are monitoring this. ENDS Photo caption/s: Bamaboo - only nappy brand to be wrapped in 100% compostable packaging Bamaboo 100% compostable baby wipes; fragrance and alcohol free Bamaboo - softest, breathable bamboo helps reduce nappy rash Laura Crawford CEO and Jennie Potts, COO, Mama Bamboo Note for editors: Press contact is Laura Crawford, CEO, Mama Bamboo Ltd on 01727 229 871 or email admin@mamabamboo.com Mama Bamboo aims to offer affordable eco-friendly baby products without compromising quality or convenience. www.mamabamboo.com AwardsBizzieBaby: Nappies - Silver Made for Mums: Nappies - Gold / Wipes - Bronze Parents and Baby Awards (Lux Life) - Emerging Eco-Baby Brand of the Year 2019 - UK and Best Eco Nappy Product St Albans Chamber of Commerce; Finalist - Green Award 2019 Business Start Up Awards - Winner 2019 Mother & Baby Awards 2020 - Best Disposable Nappy Range - Shortlist Finalist - New Business & Social Enterprise Awards, Hertfordshire Business Awards

Lost Sowerby's beaked whale found on Scottish coast suffered slow and painful death say experts

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 05:07 EDT

A female Sowerby's beaked whale found dead on a beach at Gullane, on the outskirts of Edinburgh must have suffered a painful and slow death say experts after a post mortem confirmed rope embedded deep into her skin and blubber, and severe dorsal fluke damage.

Home Bargains workers win 'top' pay deal

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 04:50 EDT

Hundreds of drivers working for the Liverpool based Home Bargains are in line for an 11.4 per cent pay increase thanks to Unite, Britain and Ireland's biggest union. The drivers and shunters reached the deal after months of negotiations between the union and management. The deal was agreed after management proposed changes to the workers' shift and payment schedule. In return for accepting the new terms and conditions, Unite's representatives negotiated an hourly rise from £15.85 to £17.67 over two years which has now been overwhelmingly supported by the workforce. Unite regional officer Steve Gerrard said: "Drivers at Home Bargains have secured a significant pay increase which means their annual salary will reach £36,278 as a result of the deal. "We believe this is an industry leading pay deal, which rewards our members for their hard work. It comes at a time when other retailers have demonstrated the greed ethos which has resulted in terms and conditions being slashed in other areas of the retail sector. "Home Bargains is a very successful and well known high street chain. When it approached the workers to change their terms and conditions we negotiated a deal which worked for the staff and recognised the contribution they make to the effective operation of this huge network of stores. "It shows that workers can win during periods of change and uncertainty when they are part of a strong union." Home Bargains is the trading name of TJ Morris Ltd, a well-known chain of over 500 discount stores across the UK. The drivers are responsible for the delivery of goods from Home Bargains warehouses to the company's UK wide network of stores. The company and the union have a good working relationship and work collaboratively in order to achieve the best for all concerned.

The Future of Water: Predictions About the Future of Water...it all comes down to the numbers

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 04:28 EDT

Vista, CA - The future is always hard to predict. However, when it comes to water consumption and water demand, there is no need for a crystal ball. Much of it comes down to the numbers, most of which we have already. Based on the numbers, Waterless Co., a leading manufacturer of no-water urinals and other restroom products, lists the following six predictions about the future of water: By 2020, as much as 40 percent of the world will experience water scarcity, much the result of climate change By 2025, about two-thirds of the world's population will be living in water-stressed areas; water stress occurs when the demand for water from consumers, businesses, and industry exceeds the supply of water available, temporarily or permanently In 1990, 20 countries were experiencing water stress; by 2025, the UN says that it will jump to 30 The global "middle class" will grow to nearly 5 billion people by 2030; this will further increase the demand for fresh water India's current water supply is about 740 billion cubic meters; by 2030, it will need 1.5 trillion cubic meters The assessment of global water security by U.S. Intelligence says that by 2030, "annual global water requirements" will exceed "current sustainable water supplies" by 40 percent. "While these numbers do look grim, they don't tell the complete picture," says Klaus, Reichardt, CEO, and Founder of Waterless Co. "New technologies are available that can bolster water supplies and reduce water consumption. For instance, China is developing desalination projects that are pumping millions of gallons into their water supplies. Plus, technologies are now available that can reduce water consumption and use it more efficiently in restrooms, agriculture, and industry." ### About Waterless Waterless Co. Inc. has established a well-respected reputation as being an innovative manufacturer of no-water urinal systems. Based in Vista, Ca, the nearly 30 year-old company is the oldest manufacturer of waterless urinals in North America. The company offers a full line of Waterless No-Flush urinals, cleaning liquids, and cost saving accessories. Visit: www.waterless.com Waterless Co. Inc. 1050 Joshua Way Vista, CA 92081 USA 800.244.6364 sales@waterless.com Media Contact: Robert Kravitz Phone: 312-880-8176 E-Mail: robert@alturasolutions.com

US CPSC Updates Consumer Registration Rules for Durable Infant or Toddler Products

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 03:56 EDT

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has amended 16 CFR 1130 - Requirements for Consumer Registration of Durable Infant or Toddler Products. Published on September 24, 2019, the final rule amending 16 CFR 1130 makes the following changes: Definition of 'durable infant or toddler product' is updated to state the full statutory definition as defined in CPSIA 104(f) and states that a further definition of the listed product categories can be found in the applicable mandatory standards Adds hand-held infant carriers, soft infant and toddler carriers, sling carriers and frame child carriers as a subtype of the infant carrier Adds bedside sleepers as a subset of bassinets and cradles Replaces 'changing tables' with 'baby changing products', making it consistent with the mandatory standard and thus including contoured changing pads within the scope 16 CFR 1130 makes it a statutory requirement for manufacturers and importers of durable infant and toddler products to establish a program for consumer registration. This will allow them to receive notifications in the event of a recall or safety alert. The final rule becomes effective on: For product categories already covered by the rule - October 24, 2019. For contoured changing pads - September 24, 2020. Stakeholders are advised to now ensure they conform to all US regulations regarding juvenile and childcare products. SGS Toy & Juvenile Product Services SGS offers a wide range of services to ensure that products comply with relevant standards for childcare articles and children's equipment. They provide consulting, training, product development, testing, audit and inspection services to ensure that products comply with strict regulations worldwide, demonstrating the safety and quality of juvenile products being brought to the market. Learn more about SGS's Toy & Juvenile Product Services. SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full US CPSC Amends Requirements for Consumer Registration of Durable Infant or Toddler Products SafeGuardS. Subscribe here to receive SGS SafeGuardS direct to your inbox. For further information contact: Piyush Shah Technical Director (Hardlines) Tel: +1 (973) 461 7953 Email: crs.media@sgs.com Website: www.sgs.com/hardlines LinkedIn: sgs-consumer-goods-&-retail

UN report presents roadmap to combat antisemitism

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 03:47 EDT

Friday 18 October 2019 UN report delivers roadmap for combat ing antisemitism An Essex human rights expert has presented a major report on antisemi tism to the United Nations and urged all parties, including the UN itself, to adopt a range of measures to target hatred. Dr Ahmed Shaheed, United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief and a member of the School of Law at the University of Essex , spent two years working on the report . In it , he proposes a human rights-based approach , with States bearing the primary responsibility for tackling antisemitism. Dr Shaheed said: " Under international human rights law, States are required to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion or belief and to take all appropriate measures to combat intolerance and violence on such grounds, including where such acts are by private individuals . " Dr Shaheed argues that States must : invest in education, to build more resilient societies. commit to security measures which prevent antisemitic hate crimes take responsibility for address ing online abuse respond promptly and unequivocally when antisemitic hate crimes take place pass and enforc e legislation which outlaw s antisemitic bias ensure public officials are trained to recogni s e and record antisemitic hate crimes develop systems, in partnership with Jewish community groups, to encourage the reporting of these hate crimes and to allow for the record ing of specific data on antisemitic behaviour, to enable an ongoing analysis. Additionally, he says in his report , all political parties "should adopt and enforce ethical guidelines in relation to the conduct of their representatives, in particular with respect to public speech. Party leaders must promptly, clearly and consistently reject manifestations of antisemitism within their parties and in public discourse." He also stresses the importance of supporting victims . Dr Shaheed said: "Often the focus is on the baddies. How much focus is there on victims? We need to recognise the impact of hate crimes on individual human beings and, when an individual's rights are violated, governments must provide remedy." The UN must also face up to its responsibilities , according to Dr Shaheed: "There is a feeling amongst community groups that the United Nations doesn't work for the Jewish community, it's not a place for them. This has come about partly because of the Human Rights Committee's focus on Israel, but it is a shortcoming that we need to address." H is o w n experience, researching his report, appeared to support the Jewish community's concern : "A significant part of my work is to write reports to governments, noting human rights violations involving individuals. Looking back through the UN database, I found only two cases involving Jewish individuals over a period of 30 years. Why is that the case? " The report also notes the ongoing debate over the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and whether its activities in relation to Israel are antisemitic, a charge the movement rejects . The Special Rapporteur notes that boycotts are recognised as a legitimate form of expression and the right to boycott should not be limited, for example , by laws that penalise those supporting the BDS campaign. He notes, however, that support for the boycott c ould be expressed in ways which are antisemitic and, when this happens, such behaviour must be condemned. In response to the definition of antisemitism developed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and concerns expressed regarding its impact on freedom of expression, the report finds that this definition provides a useful tool in educating audiences about antisemitism, but public bodies should exercise due diligence when seeking to rely on it in a regulatory context. Dr Shaheed said: "Antisemitism reflects a deep dysfunction in our society. But it is also a canary in a coalmine, alerting us to the 'persecution of the other' which manifests itself in so many ways." In the coming months , Dr Shaheed will be meeting with UN agencies to develop plans for an education programme and writing to national governments to urge action in line with the report's findings. Notes for Editors: Dr Ahmed Shaheed is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief. The Special Rapporteur is an independent , unpaid appointee , mandated by the United Nations "to identify existing and emerging obstacles to the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief and to examine incidents and governmental actions that are incompatible with the provisions of the 1981 Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief." Dr Shaheed will begin his second three-year term as Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief on 1 November. His full report is available at: https://undocs.org/Home/Mobile?FinalSymbol=A%2F74%2F358&Language=E&DeviceType=Mobile Dr Shaheed's report seeks to explore "the global phenomenon of antisemitism... and its impact on the right to freedom of religion or belief of Jewish individuals and communities worldwide," and is the result of two year process, including consultations with Jewish groups, human rights monitors, the European Union and over 20 national governments. The Special Rapporteur presented his report to the Third Committee of the United Nations on 17 November. The Third Committee, which has responsibility for human rights and humanitarian affairs, will then decide how to respond. It may 'take note' of the report, which indicates acceptance and it is possible that the United Nations General Assembly will be asked to back a re solution endorsing its findings The text of Dr Ahmed Shaheed 's presentation to the United Nations on 17 October follows below: Distinguished President, Your Excellencies , Ladies and Gentlemen: Violence, discrimination and expressions of hostility driven by antisemitism are serious obstacles to the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief, and a range of other human rights. The frequency of antisemitic incidents appears to be increasing in magnitude in several countries, including online; and the prevalence of antisemitic attitudes, regardless of the presence of a Jewish population in a country; and the risk of violence against Jewish individuals and sites appear to be significant. These incidents, along with discriminatory acts perpetuated by individuals or advanced by State laws and policies have fostered a climate of fear among Jewish populations. My current report, in document A/74/358, is the outcome of consultations in nine countries with victims of antisemitic acts; representatives and leaders of Jewish communities; rights monitors and advocates, academics, legal experts and security officials; and responses received to my call to member states and civil society to submit information. The report explores the classic narratives and tropes employed to express antisemitic views; identifies the vehicles used to disseminate said views; demonstrates the global nature of the problem; considers the fact that antisemitism is a multi-generational concern, along with the reality that the authors, instigators and perpetrators of antisemitic views and acts come from the spectrum of social, political, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds and experiences represented in our societies today. The ways and means in which antisemitism is manifested have evolved over time. And while the ethnic, religious and racialized narratives and tropes used to incite hostility, discrimination and violence against Jews throughout history continue to inform antisemitic views today, the virulent nature of those expressions owe their ubiquitous potency to social media platforms and networking tools which enable their instantaneous, frequent and extensive dissemination. Just as the sources of antisemitism are varied, so too are the responses of governments to proliferating antisemitic acts and speech. There have been a number of cases in which government officials have reacted responsibly to antisemitic acts, by denouncing antisemitic expression at the highest levels and providing protection to Jewish community leaders and religious sites. In other cases, however, government officials have remained silent, equivocated, or even leaned into antisemitic sentiment. Ladies and Gentlemen, There is not a more graphic example than the Holocaust of how religious and racial hatred can lead to genocide and the destruction of societies. Under international human rights law, States are required to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, including against Jews, and to take all appropriate measures to combat intolerance and violence on such grounds, including where such acts are manifested by private persons. States Parties have a duty to "prohibit by law" incitement to discrimination, hostility, or violence. Bearing these duties in mind, my report offers several recommendations to states, civil society actors, the media, and the UN system centered on a human rights-based approach to combatting antisemitism. Such an approach includes implementing measures, in law and in practice, which foster the development of open societies that are resilient to extremist ideologies, including antisemitic propaganda. It also requires investments in education and training to enhance society-wide literacy about the different ways in which antisemitism manifests itself. I recommend, for example, that States enact and enforce hate crime legislation and appoint a senior official to work with Jewish communities and rights monitors to strengthen efforts to track, document and report on, and respond to, hate crimes and other acts driven by antisemitism. I highlight the important contribution that guidelines on policy and pedagogy developed by UNESCO can make in the education sector. I note that civil society actors can also play a vital role in combatting antisemitism, including by establishing inter-faith networks aimed at advancing social cohesion. I recommend that social media companies enforce terms of service and community rules that do not allow for the dissemination of hate messages and offer user-friendly mechanisms and procedures for reporting and addressing hateful content. I recommend that UN system entities take a joined-up approach to foster collective action against antisemitism. I call on the UN Secretary-General to appoint a senior -level focal point in his Office to co-ordinate system-wide efforts to combat this global scourge. My report also highlights that the working definition of antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance can offer valuable guidance for identifying antisemitism in its various forms and recommends its use by all States as a critical non-legal tool in education and awareness-raising and for monitoring and responding to manifestations of antisemitism. The report also cautions that when public bodies use the definition in any regulatory context, due diligence must be exercised to ensure that freedom of expression within the law is protected for all. Antisemitism presents serious challenges to the elimination of all forms of intolerance and of discrimination based on religion or belief and, therefore, does not only pose risks to Jews, but to members of minorities everywhere. It is toxic to democracy, impairs the fostering of mutual respect among citizens, and threatens all societies in which it goes unchallenged. The purpose of this report is to contribute to a constructive, sober dialogue which grapples with the various manifestations of antisemitism and recognizes that such views and the acts they engender must be urgently and effectively combatted if we are to promote social cohesion and lasting peace for all. Most of all, it is a call for urgent action within the human rights framework. I intend to work with interested stakeholders to advance the implementation of these recommendations and appeal to you all to do the same. Thank you. For more information contact the University of Essex Communications Office on 01206 874377 or email comms@essex.ac.uk

Globecast selected by Orby TV to provide media operations for new US pay-as-you-go DTH satellite service

Thu, Oct 17, 2019 23:48 EDT

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announced that the company has been selected by Orby TV to provide a wide range of turnkey broadcast media operational services for the nascent pay TV startup. Launched throughout the lower 48 United States in spring 2019, Orby TV offers a high-quality and affordable prepaid, pay-as-you-go satellite pay TV service directly to consumers at a low cost with no contract and no Internet service required. Globecast is handling Orby TV's full broadcast operations on a 24/7 basis at its Globecast Media Center in Culver City, CA. Using its extensive fiber and satellite network, Globecast is managing for Orby TV channel aggregation, providing Orby TV's co-location services, handling technical operations and the uplinking of the channels to the high-powered Ku-band capacity on Eutelsat's EUTELSAT 117 West A satellite at 117° West. This deal with Globecast allows Orby TV to benefit from advanced DTH delivery services, along with the satellite space segment and disaster recovery services from a geographically diverse third-party uplink site. This collaboration provides a complete and fully integrated satellite transmission infrastructure, giving Orby TV a fully managed and resilient transmission solution. Orby TV has two base programming packages priced at $40 (Essentials) or $50 (Extras) per month for up to four rooms, with optional premium network programming packages and low-cost DVR service available. All fees and taxes are included in the monthly prices. Local channels and unlimited use of the Orby TV interactive program guide is provided at no additional charge, even if the subscriber decides to turn off the monthly paid Orby TV service. Michael Thornton, CEO of Orby TV, said, "Globecast is providing to Orby TV complete and comprehensive broadcast operations. Globecast has vast experience in media management, with extensive programmer relationships and excellent fiber and satellite connectivity. Its expertise and strong operational performance was vital to the successful early days for Orby TV, as our satellite service gains a foothold across the United States with consumers looking for a combination of quality lean-back television, low prices, and flexibility in managing their payTV services from month-to-month." Eddie Ferraro, Managing Director of Globecast Americas, said, "Orby TV has introduced a flexible pay-as-you-go model to the DTH marketplace and we are very pleased to have been selected as their technical services partner. We all know that new innovative ways of thinking need to be turned into reality across the pay-TV landscape in order to continue to drive consumer uptake, and Orby TV is doing a terrific job at that."

Society announces 2019 student assignment winners

Thu, Oct 17, 2019 23:31 EDT

The South of England Agricultural Society is delighted to announce that four students - Ben Willdig from Hampshire, Jo Owens and Clare Peffers from Surrey, and Lesley Shipway from Sussex - have been selected as its 2019 Student Assignment Competition winners. Open to anyone studying at land-based colleges in the South, the Student Assignment Competition is designed to encourage individual research, to improve knowledge and develop study skills. Split into academic levels 1-4 depending on the educational course they are studying (1 = entry level, 4 = Degree or similar), participants had to submit a written research presentation to the judges on a subject of their choice. This year students from across the South East region, studying courses in agriculture, machinery, floristry and viticulture, entered the competition including those from Brinsbury Campus at Chichester College in West Sussex, Merrist Wood College in Surrey, Plumpton College in East Sussex and Sparsholt College in Hampshire. Ben Willdigg of Sparsholt College won first place in the Level 1 competition with his well-constructed and interesting manual, detailing the main aspects of calf rearing. 2nd and 3rd place prizes were also awarded to Daniel Rodgers and Leona Snelling from Chichester College for their research on British deer and butterflies respectively. At Level 2 it was Jo Owens from Merrist Wood that scooped first place thanks to her floristry submission identifying colour relationships via the colour wheel. Jo's fellow student Carol Flowerday scooped 2nd place for her work identifying elements and principles of design as applied to floristry, using a series of designs to demonstrate each of form, texture, colour, space and line. Clare Peffers, also from Merrist Wood, was named the winner of the Level 3 category after submitting an impressive and diverse wedding and formal design floristry portfolio. 2nd and 3rd place prizes were also awarded to Lauren Snow and Victoria Cheeseman from Plumpton College for their submissions on performance horse injuries and investigation into the creative design process in floristry. Finally, it was Lesley Shipway from Plumpton College that took the first-place prize within the Level 4 entries, thanks to her investigation into erosion loss on an undesignated footpath on the South Downs. Fellow Plumpton students, Domenico Doronzo and Frederick Johnson were then awarded 2nd and 3rd prizes for their research on the UK wine trade. All winners and runners up were presented with their prizes - £150 first place, £75 second place and £50 third place - by The South of England Agricultural Society's 2019 President, Sir Richard Kleinwort and Des Lambert, past principal of Plumpton College at the Society's Autumn Show and Game Fair (5-6 October). Sir Richard, commented: "A huge congratulations to all our 2019 Student Assignment prize winners. It is an absolute delight to see so many wonderful and well-thought entries being submitted to this competition. "As a Society one of our main objectives is to inspire and support the next generation of UK agriculturalists and showcase just how inspiring and rewarding this industry can be and highlight the effect that their hard work ultimately has on the entire population." In 2019 the Society will host the following events and initiatives: Shows: Autumn Show & Game Fair - 5 and 6 October Winter Fair - 23 and 24 November Industry events: The South of England Farming Conference on 13 November. Awards and bursaries: Award of Honour, travel bursaries, and grants to land based colleges and postgraduate students. Educational events & competitions: Connect with the Countryside; Jim Green Challenge; Young Artisan of the Year Competition; The Student Assignment Competition; and showcasing Countryside Careers at the Big Bang Fair South East organised by STEM Sussex. 

Reep Automotive appoints Non-Executive Chairman, Ian Busby

Thu, Oct 17, 2019 23:07 EDT

Reep Automotive is delighted to announce the appointment of Ian Busby as Non-Executive Chairman, with effect from October 2019.