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Fri, Sep 29, 2023 11:20 EDT

WHY ARE WE NOT MOVING FAST ENOUGH IN THE UNITED STATES TO SUPPORT THE CAPITAL MARKETS AND TACKLE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO MITIGATE GLOBAL WARMING? WILL THE UNITED STATES JOIN INTERNATIONAL EFFORTS? WHERE DO WE STAND? CALL TO ACTION: Securities regulators (US SEC) and others today must mandate a national climate change disclosure rule to tackle global warming/ climate change through better transparency/accountability/ comparability worldwide. STAT - Global insured losses from natural disasters in first half 2023 pegged at $53B - but almost all (95%) of the S&P 500 already voluntarily report climate finance metrics to global investors annually. Unlike financial statement disclosures for transparency and accountability (backed by internal and external audit assurances) - climate finance is only "voluntary" at the table in the United States. A new government mandate can help better connect investors to the +$30 trillion sustainability investment assets under management marketplace (impact investing through common, comparable, machine-readable metrics for climate finance change ASP. ANALOGY - Without a US SEC climate change mandate -- then If you invest in a company without a government mandate for climate finance investing than "I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you." or better yet - "it's call Greenwashing Fred without a government mandate that links into a global framework meaning better comparison, access to the global capital markets and reduced regulatory regime if global... ONE REPORT - ONE GLOBAL AUDIENCE..." BACKGROUND BREAKING NEWS - Update - the US SEC Will Vote On Climate Rule In October, With Potential To Implement From January 2024 . Stay tuned for October, 2023! Question : If we the People of United States) believe in capital markets , transparency and accountability to better connect investor to "supply and demand" needs - why not climate finance NOW- for decision making using data like financial statements? Why is this such an issue for industry, securities regulators and stakeholders finalizing standard metrics linked to a thriving growing -- $30 trillion global #sustainability investment marketplace ? This is a NO-BRAINER! Again - "supply and demand" supporting a global regulatory infrastructure to create new innovation , for better jobs and new clean energy ? What's holding things up -- and what can we learn now about cryptocurrency fraud that can be updated in a US Securities & Exchange Commission's proposed climate finance rule to include better governance to protect the investor? What can securities regulators mandate Climate Finance Disclosure and embrace a One Global Reporting Framework for disclosure now? What we know (Thank you Brad Monterio): Corporate disclosure/ investor product is the umbrella term for all the stocks, bonds, options, derivatives and other financial instruments that people put money into in hopes of earning profits needs to move beyond traditional financials over many decades to better meet the needs of investors, analysts, regulators and other stakeholders. Consider the recent growth in non-financial disclosures about material, decision-useful environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors; as well as the rise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and integrated reports. Stakeholders-those with a vested interested in the actions, performance results and impacts of companies-want more three-dimensional information that indicates a company's overall contribution to society's sustainability. This is causing corporates to move beyond simply reporting on financial performance to include information about environmental impact and use of natural resources, labor practices, compensation models, community engagement, social programs, business models, strategy, plans for future growth and economic value, and so much more. In short, this enhanced information set is intended to help stakeholders more accurately determine whether a business should have a "license to operate" and is sustainable for the long term. Millions of small private businesses that are supply chain partners with publicly traded companies are increasingly being required to disclose sustainability information to government agencies and public companies (e.g., disclosures about conflict minerals, human trafficking, child labor). This is not merely a "big company" or public company issue. A Paradigm Flip: Value Outside the Financials This quest for sustainability information is supported by Ocean Tomo's 2010 study, Intangible Asset Market Value, which found that more than 80 percent of a company's value today is seen outside of the financial reports in these other areas. This is a paradigm shift from just three decades earlier, indicating a comparatively rapid change within the much longer, 100-year history of financial reporting. The move toward non-financial disclosures is occurring on a global scale, with capital markets worldwide seeing similar, increased demand from stakeholders for material disclosures that include extra-financial information. The growth in non-financial, sustainability disclosures benefits stakeholders by giving them a more comprehensive set of inputs to make decisions. However, this burgeoning area also introduces challenges, particularly for regulatory bodies charged with protecting the public interest. In the United States, the SEC serves this role, ensuring that the investing public has real-time access to reliable and relevant material information for investment decisions. SEC Oversees Material Disclosure, Both Financial and Non-financial As described on the SEC website, "The mission of the SEC is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation ... The laws and rules that govern the securities industry in the United States derive from a simple and straightforward concept: all investors, whether large institutions or private individuals, should have access to certain basic facts about an investment prior to buying it, and so long as they hold it." To achieve its mission, the SEC requires public companies to disclose material information to the public. Although it does not mandate or require disclosure of any specific non-financial metrics in 10-K and related regulatory compliance filings, it does require material disclosures that can include information about ESG or non-financial factors. In other words, companies must disclose information of a material nature, whether financial or not. Is this a de facto "requirement" to disclose non-financial, material data to the public in the absence of an SEC regulatory mandate? If it quacks like a duck ... An Additional Challenge: Equilibrium Given the relative newness of material, non-financial information in corporate sustainability disclosures, there is inequality between the level of market trust in disclosed, independently verified financial data and that of a non-financial nature. External financial compliance reporting is a mature practice among U.S. corporations trusted by investors, analysts, regulators and other stakeholders. This process includes: - SEC-mandated financial disclosures flow through the information supply chain to investors, analysts and stakeholders under a well-established EDGAR filing process. - U.S. accounting standards, set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, used by public companies to disclose financial information to the investing public, ensure consistency and comparability of financial disclosures. - Public accounting firms provide independent assurance of financial disclosures to gain trust and reliability in the disclosed information. Contrast this trusted financial disclosure process with that of non-financial sustainability information and the inequalities become apparent: - Although material, non-financial information can be disclosed through SEC filings, it is not clear where and how this should/could be reported in the filings. - FASB does not set accounting standards regarding non-financial, sustainability topics, calling into question the ability of investors and other stakeholders to understand how sustainability information is derived or calculated, not to mention the distrust and lack of consistency and comparability resulting from the absence of a uniform accounting standard for reporting on sustainability topics. Independent assurance around sustainability disclosures also is an emerging area, with Big Four firms providing opinions on sustainability reports in some markets around the world. However, this is not widely practiced, and there is not a uniform standard for assurance of this information. As with the lack of accounting standards for sustainability topics, this breeds distrust-or at least skepticism-of sustainability disclosures. Non-financial sustainability disclosures are an emerging area about which companies, supply chains and external stakeholders are still learning. These disclosures need to come into equilibrium with financial disclosures to enjoy the same level of trust and reliability for investment decision-making and performance comparisons. Today, there is an organization to help do just that. SO WHERE WE ARE WITH CLIMATE FINANCE INTERNATIONALLY: Regardless of the United States - EU and other Capital Markets have moved forward in adopting ONE GLOBAL CLIMATE DISCLOSURE STANDARD that will be finalized by the middle of this month (June 2023) to tap into the $30 trillion sustainability marketplace. In late February 2023, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) confirmed that the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) will it issue its final technical content of its first two exposure drafts sustainability disclosure standards (See Deloitte Chart on both elements of proposed standards). The ISSB is supported by the G7, the G20, IOSCO, the Financial Stability Board, African Finance Ministers and Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from over 40 jurisdictions. The IFRS's members are many of the 150 countries that are part of this accounting standard. First Two Global Corporate Disclosure Sustainability Standards: Exposure Draft IFRS S1 - "Overall requirements with the objective of disclosing sustainability-related financial information that is useful to the primary users (See target list of stakeholders) of the entity's general purpose financial reporting when they assess the entity's enterprise value and decide whether to provide resources to it." Exposure Draft IFRS S2 - "The objective of the Exposure Draft is to require an entity to provide information about its exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities. This information, along with other information provided as part of an entity's general purpose financial reporting, will assist users of the information in assessing the entity's future cash flows, including their amounts, timing and certainty, over the short, medium and long term. This information, together with the value attributed by users to those cash flows, enables their assessment of the entity's enterprise value." The ISSB statement last month indicated that the expected issuance of both standards will be finalized by the Q2 2023 (Possibly June 2023). According to the ISSB's statement , its members unanimously approved entering the thorough drafting and formal balloting process (standard review before formal publication), ahead of expected issuance of the standards at the end of Q2 2023 and would be effective starting January 2024. This would require reporting in 2025 on a company's information collected in 2024.

Colchester care home resident gets first tattoo at age of 74

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 11:01 EDT

Care home resident, Bernie Drysdale, has ticked off a life-long ambition of getting her first tattoo at the ripe age of 74 - just months after fulfilling another dream of flying a plane. Yesterday Bernie, a resident at Crouched Friars Care Home in Colchester, visited Black Hope Tattoo Studio where tattooist Ellie provided her first piece of ink. The tattoo on her right forearm is of her son's name, Barry, his date of birth, and a thistle to represent her Scottish heritage. Bernie said: "I am so proud of my new tattoo, I absolutely love it." Activities Coordinator, Yvonne, and senior care assistant, Kerena, were out and about with Bernie when she told them she was interested in getting a tattoo. The pair helped her find the right studio and choose the design. The tattoo was arranged by staff at the care home including care home manager, Paulina Eagle, who has helped Bernie fulfil some other wishes recently, including flying a plane. Paulina said: "I went with Bernie to get her tattoo and was blown away by her bravery, she sat there and didn't make a sound. "She's the first resident we've helped to get a tattoo. We're not sure if the trend will take off with everyone else, but who knows!" This year, Paulina and her team have worked hard to grant wishes for the care home residents as part of their commitment to Dignity Action Day, which encourages everyone to provide more dignified outcomes for the elderly. Paulina said: "To help residents like Bernie achieve lifelong dreams is so rewarding. Seeing the smile on her face and seeing the staff admiring her new tattoo, making her feel so proud, is just amazing." Other wishes granted for residents this year include going to see Sir Tom Jones perform, eating favourite meals like fish and chips and learning how to jive. For more information about Crouched Friars Residential Home, visit their website https://www.crouchedfriars.co.uk/ ENDS Notes to editor: Crouched Friars Residential Home Colchester | https://www.crouchedfriars.co.uk/ Crouched Friars is a residential home in Colchester, Essex which supports a small community of 55 residents. They prioritise delivering care that maintains the dignity and individuality of each person while providing both physical and mental stimulation for those with residential and dementia needs. For more information about this press release, please contact Faye Tomkotowicz at Conteur by emailing faye@conteur.co.uk or calling 01906 670881.

T.D. Williamson Achieves Milestone with Full ATEX Zone 1 Certification for SmartPlug® In-Line Isolation Tool

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 10:18 EDT

Stavanger, Norway, September 27, 2023 - T.D. Williamson (TDW), a global leader in pipeline solutions, is proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement in pipeline safety and efficiency. The company has secured full ATEX Zone 1 certification for its innovative SmartPlug ® in-line isolation tool, making it the first of its kind on the market to receive this distinction. This certification heralds a new era of streamlined operations and enhanced safety for operators in the gas pipeline industry. ATEX (Atmosphéres Explosives) is a set of directives designed to mitigate risks associated with explosive atmospheres in various industries. The certification ensures that equipment operates safely in such environments. The SmartPlug Tool, offered by TDW, now holds the coveted ATEX Zone 1 certification, signifying its suitability for use in areas where there is a significant risk of explosive atmospheres. Streamlined Operations and Cost Savings Operators who use SmartPlug technology gain a significant advantage with this certification. The SmartPlug tool and the external pipeline tracking system achieving this certification eliminates the requirement for additional hot work permits and extensive risk assessments that were previously mandatory for in-line isolation operations. This breakthrough translates to substantial time and cost savings for operators, allowing them to focus on their projects without unnecessary delays or financial burdens. Expanding Possibilities for ATEX-Certified Services This achievement with the SmartPlug extends beyond in-line isolation. TDW now offers a comprehensive suite of ATEX Zone 1 certified services, including pigging and in-line isolation. This expansion in the certified service portfolio that TDW offers underscores the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with the highest safety standards. About ATEX Zone 1 Certification ATEX classification involves designating zones based on the level of explosive risk present. Equipment developed for an ATEX environment must adhere to strict standards based on these zones. While many pipeline operations have adopted ATEX-certified equipment, in-line isolation was previously exempt from this requirement. This waiver necessitated complex risk assessments and permits, introducing the potential for project delays and increased costs. ATEX and International Use To ensure TDW can support a growing worldwide client base, all ATEX Zone 1 certified equipment additionally carries certifications compliant with IECEx (International) and UKCA (United Kingdom) standards. Empowering the Industry "T.D. Williamson's achievement of full ATEX Zone 1 certification for our SmartPlug Tool is a leap forward for our company and the industry," stated Gary Anderson, senior manager of sales at TDW. "We are proud to empower operators with a solution that not only enhances safety but also optimizes efficiency by eliminating unnecessary procedural complexities." ###

SGS summarizes the latest news on the US CPSC rule for custom window coverings

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 10:07 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, is keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest regulatory developments affecting custom window coverings in the US. On November 28, 2022, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) promulgated a rule to establish a safety standard for operating cords on customer window coverings - 16 CFR 1260. This was aimed at reducing the risk of strangulation to children aged eight years and under. The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) then filed a lawsuit on November 30, 2022, to challenge the rule and its compliance date. On September 12, 2023, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit unanimously ruled in favor of the WCMA in their petition for a review of the CPSC rule. This decision vacates the rule and remands the matter back to the CPSC. SGS has published SafeGuardS 120.23 to help stakeholders understand this latest development. It includes details of the industry updated version of the standard ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2022, which eliminates the use of free hanging operating cords, free hanging tilt cords, and multiple cord connectors on all custom window covering products. For more information, stakeholders should review SGS's original SafeGuardS 120.23. SGS Furniture Services SGS helps you deliver well-designed, functional, durable and safe products to your customers. We have the furniture industry, regulatory and technical expertise to check your products' compliance against relevant standards and/or your own specifications. In the end, it's only trusted because it's tested. Learn more about SGS's Furniture Services. SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full U.S. Court of Appeals Vacates CPSC Rule on Custom Window Coverings SafeGuardS. Subscribe here to receive SGS SafeGuardS direct to your inbox. For further information contact: Dennis Lancion SGS Connectivity & Products Technical Manager (Hardlines) Tel: +1 (905) 364-3757 Email: cp.media@sgs.com Website: www.sgs.com/hardlines LinkedIn: SGS Connectivity & Products

SGS Summarizes UK Government update to UKCA marking regulations

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 06:34 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a SafeGuardS looking at the decision by the Government of the United Kingdom (UK) to indefinitely extend recognition of CE marking for most goods being placed onto markets in England, Scotland and Wales (Great Britain, GB). The announcement by the UK Government means CE marking will be recognized beyond December 2024 in relation to: Toys Pyrotechnics Recreational craft and personal watercraft Electromagnetic compatibility Non-automatic weighing instruments Measuring instruments Measuring container bottles Lifts Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (UKEX) Radio equipment Pressure equipment Simple pressure vessels Personal protective equipment (PPE) Gas appliances Machinery Equipment for use outdoors Aerosols Low voltage electrical equipment Government representatives at a recent gathering of the UK Approved Bodies Group for UKEX stated that while there is an ongoing proposition to modify the marking stipulation, there exists no immediate intention to eliminate other associated prerequisites concerning this equipment. Stakeholders should be aware this means companies importing products from the EU are still required to have a designated UK importer and stipulations for UK declarations of conformity referencing UK designated standards remain unchanged. SGS Consumer Product Services SGS provides news about the development of regulations affecting consumer products as a complimentary service. With an unrivalled global network of laboratories, they offer physical/mechanical testing, analytical testing and consultancy work for technical and non-technical parameters applicable to a comprehensive range of consumer products. In the end, it's only trusted because it's tested. Learn more about SGS's Consumer Product Services. SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full UK Government update to UKCA marking regulations SafeGuardS. Subscribe here to receive SGS SafeGuardS direct to your inbox. For further information contact: David Lloyd Connectivity SBU Head Tel: +44 (0)7787 281 999 Email: cp.media@sgs.com Website: www.sgs.com/cp LinkedIn: SGS Connectivity & Products

A new lease of life for Bradshaw House

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 05:11 EDT

Work is underway to transform a grade 2 listed, Georgian-fronted property in the heart of Congleton to provide a much-needed space for members of the community with additional needs. Originally built in 1820 for mayor John Bradshaw, the house is being sympathetically converted into supported living, complete with six, state-of-the-art, one-bed apartments, while protecting all of the property's original features. Kingsgate Developments acquired the Georgian property in 2021. Working in partnership with Radis Community Care, the conversion is now underway. Adam Taylor, managing director at Kingsgate Developments, said: "This is not your usual apartment scheme. Bradshaw House is being converted into six luxury apartments with a twist. The scheme is specifically designed as a supported living scheme with the latest assisted technology. "We're doing everything we can to protect the structure and integrity of the building including revamping the original doors so that they're automated. We are ensuring this beautiful property isn't compromised at all by being brought up to today's regulatory standards." There is a 12-month build project on the scheme. Once complete, six adults will move into the supported living service, to start a new chapter in their purpose-built homes. Gavin Dixon, regional support manager for supported living services for Radis Community Care said: "Supported Living is the least restrictive model of support and a great way for people who experience additional needs to live as autonomously as possible. "Once the renovations are complete we will be providing a team of dedicated support workers who will help them with whatever they need, from personal care to help out and about in the community." The currently outdated building is also being made more environmentally friendly, which will mean a lower running cost and fewer emissions being released into the environment. Some of these improvements include thermally upgrading external walls and floors and bringing the rest of the building in line with modern housing standards, while protecting the building's authenticity. Adam said: "Listed buildings are exempt from EPC ratings but we are doing as much as we are able to to bring the property into the modern day, making it as sustainable as possible." It is hoped all work to the property will be completed by Autumn next year. ENDS Radis Community Care | www.radis.co.uk

Kensa's 'Heat the Streets' Wins International Heat Pump Award

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 04:03 EDT

EHPA shines a light on Kensa's 'Heat The Streets' project Kensa Utilities is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking project, 'Heat the Streets', has won this year's Lighthouse Heat Pump Award at the European Heat Pump Association's highly esteemed 2023 Heat Pump Awards. The Heat Pump Awards recognises the most outstanding heat pump projects and attracts entrants from across Europe. The Lighthouse Heat Pump category highlights unique heat pump projects pioneering problem-solving with high levels of creativity. Winning this award shines a light on how large-scale, street-by-street rollout of Ground Source Heat Pumps can be achieved using an innovative Networked Heat Pump solution. 'Heat the Streets' decarbonised residential heating in new and existing homes across Cornwall by connecting Kensa's highly efficient ground source heat pumps to Shared Ground Borehole Arrays drilled into the roads - a UK first. Lisa Treseder, Director of Business Development , collected the award at the ceremony in Brussels. She said: "We are delighted to receive this prestigious award and for 'Heat the Streets' to receive such amazing recognition. This achievement is a testament to the incredible innovation within Kensa, and we are proud to demonstrate European-wide leadership in our approaches to decarbonise heat." Now installed, the visually unobtrusive boreholes are providing homes with a reliable heat source all year round that will last over 100 years. The ground source heat pumps provide 100% of each property's heating and hot water needs, meaning that residents no longer use carbon-intensive oil or LPG fossil fuels. The project has successfully demonstrated the scalability and viability of ground source heat pumps connected to in-road infrastructure as a cost-effective and creative solution for rapidly reducing carbon emissions. Wouter Thijssen, Managing Director of Kensa Utilities comments: "Heating and cooling is the biggest source of emissions across Europe, and heat pumps are naturally in pole position to help address this issue. Especially for streets not quite dense enough for district heating, but too dense for individual heat pumps, our 'Heat the Streets' project shows a pathway to replicate the gas arrangements people living in these streets are familiar with. In the UK this accounts for around 50% of homes (terraced homes & flats), and a similar share is true for other European countries. What we've demonstrated in Cornwall could be the blueprint for flats & terraced-like housing across Europe, and we're really pleased this is recognised through this award." To hear more about this ground-breaking project, sign up for a free webinar from Kensa: https://kensa.group/htswebina r In 2020, Kensa enjoyed previous success at the European Heat Pump Awards with customer Together Housing Group, winning International 'Heat Pump City of the Year' for the retrofit of ground source heat pumps in over 770 homes across multiple sites in Yorkshire and Lancashire. ENDS

Coordinated Behavioral Care Partners with Unite Us to Improve Access to Care for New Yorkers

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 12:54 EDT

Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC), New York City's most forward-thinking, not-for-profit behavioral health independent practice association and lead health home, is partnering with Unite Us , the nation's leading software company enabling cross-sector collaboration to improve people's health and well-being by connecting them to a network of community resources such as food, housing, benefits assistance, transportation, childcare and much more. CBC's comprehensive network and community partners are connected through Unite Us' shared technology platform, enabling them to send and receive secure, electronic referrals to address people's social needs while understanding outcomes to improve health across communities. Through this partnership, CBC's network of behavioral health, primary care, care coordination, and housing providers will increase collaboration with social care providers, remove barriers, connect individuals to vital social supports, and close gaps in care. "Our work with Unite Us gives us real-time visibility into what and where services are being delivered, so we can collectively improve outcomes," said Pamela Mattel, CEO of Coordinated Behavioral Care. "Understanding and measuring the impact of coordinated health and social service interventions is critical to improving an individual's health care experience, designing easier pathways within and between programs, and freeing providers to focus on their clients' needs. CBC is excited to add this invaluable resource to build community health and to support our staff." "Our Partnership with CBC supports the true integration of health and social care, aligning with a key goal of the state's proposed 1115 waiver to promote health equity," said Marc Natale, New York Customer and Community Success Director at Unite Us. "We are emphasizing an environment where New Yorkers-especially those most impacted by Health Related Social Needs (HRSN)-receive coordinated, individualized, and culturally competent care that effectively prevents and manages chronic physical and behavioral health conditions." "Adding Unite Us to our Care Management tool kit has strengthened our capacity to achieve the best possible health and social outcomes for the clients we serve," said Jeremy Merrill, Senior Director of Behavioral Health Initiatives at New Horizon Counseling Center. "Unite Us connects us to hundreds of resources at the click of a button allowing our teams to perform at the highest level needed today," Merrill added. Nonprofits, community-based organizations, and other providers who want to connect their clients and patients to CBC services within Unite Us' network can reach out to uniteus.com/contact/ . About Coordinated Behavioral Care CBC seeks to create a healthcare environment where New Yorkers-especially those most impacted by social determinants of health-receive coordinated, individualized, and culturally competent care that effectively prevents and manages chronic physical and behavioral health conditions. We help New Yorkers live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives. CBC was launched in 2011 by innovative NYC not-for-profit behavioral health organizations in order to meaningfully participate in NYS's Medicaid redesign and Value-Based Purchasing initiatives. In the following years, CBC developed a citywide Health Home, which is currently the largest of its type in NYC. CBC has launched effective gap-filling service programs for low-income New Yorkers that build on the expertise of its community-based service network. CBC "knits together" affiliated programs to holistically address individuals' treatment and recovery needs while assessing community deficiencies and connecting individuals to needed support.

Caremark Earns Coveted Seal of Approval from The Institute of Leadership for Franchise Development

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 11:37 EDT

This milestone solidifies Caremark as an Institute-approved provider, with its HPL programme for franchisees now accredited by the UK's premier leadership and management qualifications authority. The HPL programme is a comprehensive, nine-month journey encompassing essential topics such as understanding more about who you are, your mission and vision, how culture is your USP, strategic thinking and actioning, financial acumen, team coaching and mentoring, and nurturing company culture. The course format offers abundant opportunities for face-to-face learning, constructive feedback, and peer networking, enabling participants to gain valuable insights from colleagues across the UK. The Institute of Leadership's independent verification attests to the programme's adherence to its evidence-based standards, rooted in the 'Five Dimensions of Leadership': authenticity, vision, achievement, ownership, and collaboration. This official recognition now underlines Caremark's commitment to excellence. Tracey Underwood, the Leadership and Management Coach at Caremark who spearheaded the HPL programme, commented: "Caremark recognises the pivotal role of outstanding leadership in franchise success. As testament to this commitment, we invested in the High-Performance Leaders programme to provide every leader with the knowledge, behaviours, and skills necessary for their business to flourish. We're absolutely thrilled to receive the esteemed Member grade recognition from The Institute. The approval enables us to bestow the recognition our franchise owners deserve for their professional development." Caremark ensures that all new franchise owners are automatically enrolled in the HPL programme, setting them on a path to immediate success. Furthermore, existing franchise owners can benefit from the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, contributing to improved governance and overall business growth. Successful programme completion is not solely based on attendance but also hinges on the presentation of evidence of learning and an evaluation of the applied knowledge's impact. With its newly acquired 'Member' grade status from The Institute, graduates of the HPL programme will receive a certificate of achievement from The Institute, a membership certificate, an upgrade to Professional Membership, and postnominals and digital credentials to validate their accomplishment. This membership also grants access to The Institute's MyMentoring platform, facilitating connections with peers for continued support and growth. David Glover, Joint CEO of Caremark, concluded: "Tracey and the team have worked tirelessly to deliver this unparalleled course. The Institute of Leadership's validation not only underscores the programme's exceptional quality but also highlights our dedication to equipping franchise leaders with the skills necessary to lead and nurture successful and thriving businesses, and make a genuine impact by delivering outstanding home care to their communities." -ENDS- Notes to editor: Interviews with Leadership and Management Coach, Tracey Underwood, and David Glover, joint CEO of Caremark, are available on request. Please register your interest with the media contact below. Video which includes interviews with the attendees of the HPL programme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPCk0fkQFOs High-res images can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XbTgFHX8s3ssS_bOXt2spoV6k2iblBtB?usp=sharing Leading home care provider Caremark is proud to announce the prestigious endorsement of its groundbreaking High-Performance Leaders (HPL) programme by The Institute of Leadership.

Pros and Cons of Converting Office Space to Residential Housing

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 11:19 EDT

Pros and Cons of Converting Office Space to Residential Housing Call to Action: Converting an office building to residential occupancy is possible . It would, however, not be cheap. But office buildings that are due for a remodel or upgrade anyway could be great candidates for this type of reinvention. Fact/ Stat: A recent report from commercial real estate and investment firm CBRE found that these building conversions have gained momentum in 2023. The report estimated that 99 conversions are either under way or announced in 2023. By comparison, between 37 and 43 conversions were completed each of the last five years. The report noted that if every planned conversion happens, along with the ones that have already taken place since 2016, about 2%, or 91.1 million square feet, of office space supply would be removed from the market. Analogy: In architecture, adaptive reuse refers to repurposing an existing structure for new use, such as turning vacant buildings into schools, public parks, offices, or apartments . Summary: Converting office space to residential housing is an idea gaining attention due to the changing dynamics of work and the increased availability of unused or underutilized office space, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This transition comes with both advantages and challenges, as well as various policy considerations: Advantages of Converting Office Space to Residential Housing: Land Use Restrictions: Converting existing office space to residential units can bypass some land use restrictions that may hinder new construction, making it easier to increase housing supply in areas with limited available land. Timeline and Cost: Depending on the suitability of the building, it can be quicker and more cost-effective to convert existing office space into residential units compared to demolishing and starting a new construction project. Environmental Impact: Conversions often require fewer material inputs than new construction, and developers can incorporate more environmentally friendly features into these projects. Revitalization: Converting office spaces to residential units can help revitalize downtown areas that have experienced economic challenges, particularly if they rely heavily on commuter traffic. It can also stabilize property values and local government revenues. Challenges of Converting Office Space to Residential Housing: Zoning and Building Codes: Changing zoning from commercial to residential can be a complex and time-consuming process. Adhering to different building codes for residential use may also add costs to the conversion. Suitability: Not all office spaces are suitable for conversion to residential units due to differences in layout, access to natural light, and plumbing configurations. Buildings may also need to be vacant, not just underutilized, for the conversion to occur. Profitability: The costs associated with conversion and the rental income values of commercial units compared to residential units may not always make these projects financially viable for developers. Demand: Potential residents may prefer established residential areas with amenities like grocery stores, which commercial districts may lack. This preference can be stronger in cases where individuals can work remotely, reducing the need to live near their workplace. Policy Considerations: Local Considerations: Many aspects of office-to-residential conversions are influenced by local economic, commercial, and housing market conditions. Policymakers should take into account the unique circumstances of their region when considering incentives or regulations related to conversions. Housing Supply and Affordability: Conversions alone may not solve housing supply issues, but they can be a useful tool in certain locations. Policymakers should also focus on affordability concerns, as conversion costs may not always result in housing at the desired price point. Future of Telework: The extent to which remote work will impact the commercial real estate landscape remains uncertain. While office utilization rates have trended upward in many major cities, the future of telework will depend on various factors, including labor market conditions. Federal Government Initiatives: Federal initiatives, such as tax incentives and funding opportunities, can support office-to-residential conversions. The Biden Administration's Housing Supply Action Plan and bills like the Revitalizing Downtowns Act are examples of federal efforts to encourage these conversions. Several considerations include: - The Biden Administration Housing Supply Action Plan promotes "commercial-toresidential conversion opportunities, particularly for affordable and zero emissions housing" through efforts such as an interagency working group to advance federal funding opportunities that support conversions. - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a notice of funding opportunity to research conversions, which will award up to $860,000 to study conversions and their challenges, identify metrics for evaluation of outcomes, and develop a guide for local leaders and practitioners. - H.R. 419, the Revitalizing Downtowns Act, was introduced in January 2023. This bill proposes tax credits for qualified conversions. In conclusion, converting office space to residential housing is a complex endeavor with potential benefits for addressing housing shortages and revitalizing urban areas. Policymakers need to carefully consider local conditions, regulatory hurdles, and the overall housing supply and affordability context when encouraging or regulating such conversions. Stay tuned and thank you for your consideration.

Acolad Hosts Launch of Nataly Kelly's Book on International Expansion

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 09:28 EDT

Content and Language services leader organized a virtual event to help launch Nataly Kelly's new book, Take your Company Global The book is meant to be the new go-to guide to internationalization and market intensification

Microban and Cleanwaste Medical unveil the new Sani-Bag+® with built-in antimicrobial technology

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 08:30 EDT

Microban International is pleased to unveil a new partnership with Cleanwaste Medical to develop the Sani-Bag+ with built-in Microban ® antimicrobial product protection. This industry-leading antimicrobial technology helps to protect the commode and bedpan liners from the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and complements Cleanwaste Medical's proprietary formulation of deodorizing technology and NASA-developed absorbent gel polymer to create waste management solutions that are cleaner and more discreet. The Sani-Bag+ has been meticulously designed and engineered with Microban technology to address the pressing need for clean and user-friendly disposable commode and bedpan liners in healthcare settings. The addition of innovative Microban® antimicrobial technology sets a new industry standard, further elevating the functionality of these bags to provide a fresher, more comfortable and more dignified experience for the user. Michael Ruby, President at Microban International, commented: "Microban is extremely proud of its partnership with Cleanwaste Medical, which brings together the expertise of both companies to deliver a practical and reliable solution for clean waste management. With over 30 years of industry leading experience, Microban's antimicrobial technologies enhance the cleanliness of these liners by helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, ensuring fresher, cleaner and more convenient solutions for consumers and professionals." Sam Alhmad, National Sales Manager at Cleanwaste Medical added: "We are very excited to partner with a trusted company of Microban's caliber, and develop a line of antimicrobial Sani-Bag+ products that truly fulfill an unmet need, setting us apart from our competitors. These bags have been carefully designed to deliver a solution with enhanced antimicrobial performance that revolutionizes the user experience and is easily disposed of to prevent contact with waste. Microban® antimicrobial product protection is the perfect addition to these products, marrying up with our proprietary odor-neutralizing and waste absorbance technologies to make these liners the go-to choice for healthcare settings." To find out more about this collaboration, visit https://www.microban.com/cleanwaste-medical or find the Sani-Bag+ at www.cleanwastemedical.com About Microban International Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban International is home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control, and sanitization / disinfection markets - Microban ® and Ultra-Fresh ® . Our organization has experienced over 100 collective years of growth and has revolutionized the industry. As the global leader, our proactive systems keep products cleaner, and control odors better by preventing problems before they start. Microban International drives innovation by combining science and creative solutions that enhance high-quality consumer, textile, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban and Ultra-Fresh brands and our technologies are featured on thousands of products worldwide. The company is headquartered in North Carolina with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit www.microban.com . About Cleanwaste Medical Providing patients with safe and dignified waste disposal solutions since 1999, Cleanwaste Medical develops products that protect medical professionals, caregivers, and their patients from contaminants, saving significant time compared to current procedures. Their products use NASA-developed technology to provide excellent protection against human waste-related illness and prevent contamination from spills or splashes. Through innovation and expertise, Cleanwaste Medical is addressing the growing needs and demands for better disposal solutions. For more information, please visit www.cleanwastemedical.com The new Sani-Bag+ features built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection for a cleaner, fresher waste management solution.

Advanced Health Partners with Unite Us to Address Chronic Health Disparities and Improve Communication Throughout Oregon

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 05:00 EDT

Unite Us , the nation's leading software company enabling cross-sector collaboration to improve people's health and well-being, and Advanced Health , the local coordinated care organization focusing on improving all individuals' health, are partnering to address drivers of health (DOH) in Coos and Curry counties. Advanced Health and Unite Us will address the unmet needs of people and families throughout these communities. Advanced Health's mission is to advance and ensure quality healthcare is available for Oregonians in a transformative manner. Throughout the state, Unite Us connects people to much-needed resources and services, such as assistance with food, housing, and finding healthcare and mental health providers. Through this partnership, Advanced Health and Unite Us will securely connect people in need with community-based resources that can be difficult to navigate otherwise. "At Advanced Health, our community members come first," said Sam Baugh, Community Engagement Manager for Advanced Health. "Sometimes, people need that extra help to get them the resources they need to be amazing. This tool is what we have been looking for." The Connect Oregon network provides a central point of contact where health and social services providers can securely access and refer people to needed services while monitoring progress and measuring outcomes through Unite Us' HITRUST-certified, HIPAA-compliant platform. "Unite Us helps service providers work together seamlessly to better serve our clients," said Scott Cooper, Executive Director at Alternative Youth Activities, a community organization that supports youth and their families in Coos Bay, Oregon. Unite Us is a software company bringing sectors together through technology to meet people's needs. Unite Us has active networks in 44 states and has supported statewide, closed-loop networks in several states, including Arizona and North Carolina. Unite Us has invested in Oregon by building a team from the communities it serves that will work closely with Advanced Health to impact individual and community health. "The need for collaboration across healthcare and social services has never been greater," said Celia Higueras, Oregon Community and Customer Success Director at Unite Us. "We are grateful to partner with Advanced Health to better establish a holistic level of care when it comes to providing for their patients. "Unite Us and Advanced Health will redefine the quality, impact, and intersection of health and wellness across communities." Nonprofits, community-based organizations, and other providers who want to connect their clients and patients to services within Unite Us' network can reach out to uniteus.com/contact/ . About Advanced Health Advanced Health is a locally owned and operated Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). We serve all communities in Coos and Curry Counties. We proudly connect members to high-quality Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Treatment through local collaboration and innovation. We are dedicated to making a difference in the health and well-being of our members and all communities served.

Espresa Partners with Workday Experts Stormloop Technologies to Deliver Seamless Integration for HR and People Operations

Thu, Sep 28, 2023 00:41 EDT

Espresa works with global clients, most of whom use Workday as their primary HR management system for payroll, employee benefits, and finance. "Our mission has always been to provide next-level service. This partnership with Stormloop, a recognized leader in the Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) space, is another step towards achieving that," discussed Raghavan Menon, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Espresa. HR Technology Doing the Heavy Lifting Integrating Workday with Espresa is straightforward, with simple inbound and outbound configuration on the Espresa Platform. "Workday's EIB generates a full demographic file that creates or updates employees within the Espresa platform," explained Scott Rushton, Stormloop Technologies Workday Services Lead. "The fields on the file are straightforward, and the field reporting is fully customizable to meet the customer's needs for enhanced reporting." Espresa and Stormloop Technologies have forged a dynamic, client-specific solution by leveraging a tailored approach. Rushton elaborated. "Once we've determined the client requirements, the integration can quickly go live, and unless there's a new need, HR doesn't have to think about it again." A Refined and Fast-Tracked Solution for People Operations "Our collaboration with Stormloop simplifies integrations using Workday's EIB," Menon revealed. "In today's fast-paced world, we aim to provide HR with tools that streamline processes and drive success." With Stormloop Technologies and Espresa, HR and people teams don't worry about the technical details but instead focus on employee engagement. "By combining forces, we can deliver quick and easy integrations with Workday," commented Menon." About Espresa, Inc. Espresa, Inc. is Powering Great Workplaces® with benefits people love. Driving global employee engagement programs, Espresa is inclusively available in all languages, time zones, and currencies. And, with Espresa LSA Plus™, companies can power flexibility and freedom of choice with integrated total well-being, recognition, and community in a single app. For more information, visit espresa.com . For media inquiries, please contact press@espresa.com . About Stormloop Technologies Stormloop Technologies specializes in Workday and Adaptive planning processes. Supporting clients during every technical and functional journey phase, Stormloop helps define pre-implementation, implementation, post-production support, and enhancements across all Human Capital Management (HCM) and financial platforms. For more information, visit stormlooptech.com . For media inquiries, please contact info@stormlooptech.com .

New Two-Component Injection-Molded Heavy-Duty Plain Bearings From igus for High Mechanical Loads

Wed, Sep 27, 2023 12:36 EDT

Injection-molded iglide Q3E plain bearing ensures dry-running maximum load capacity performance in efficient high-volume product igus®, a leading global manufacturer of engineered components to increase the service life of customers' machines, has introduced a new two-component injection-molded heavy-duty plain bearing for high mechanical loads. A first for the construction machinery and agricultural machinery industry: With the new iglide Q3E plain bearings, igus has, for the first time, found a way to manufacture heavy-duty bearings made of two layers of high-performance plastic using the cost-effective injection molding process. Until now, a plastic-based multilayer structure was only possible using the winding process, which is more cost-intensive for large series. Excavators lift hundreds of pounds of sand with each scoop of their shovel. This heavy load puts intense pressure on the pivot points of the shovel arm. igus has traditionally used igutex series plain bearings to handle these heavy loads. These bearings are made by winding different materials together. The inner layer has solid lubricants that let the bearing slide smoothly without needing oil. The tough outer layer gives the bearing the strength to handle the excavator's intense loads. "Now we have succeeded in realizing a multilayer structure also in the injection molding process, thus combining materials with complementary properties," says Uwe Sund, product manager for iglide heavy-duty bearings. "Thanks to the new technology, multi-component heavy-duty bearings can now be produced in large series in the particularly cost-effective injection molding process." The challenge: Injecting and fusing two materials in one operation The new iglide Q3E series is the result of intensive cooperation between igus material development and specialists from its own toolmaking department. The biggest challenge was to process the two different materials in the injection molding process in such a way that two components become one. This combines the advantages of both materials. "With the development of iglide Q3E, we had the goal of achieving a similar, multi-part structure as with the igutex series - with the high-performance plastic iglide Q3 for a tribologically optimized core and a particularly reinforced polymer for a mechanically highly resistant shell," explains Sund. "This is achieved in the multi-component injection molding process with complex and sophisticated injection molds." Robust load capacity meets convincing sliding properties The iglide Q3E plain bearings are suitable for heavy-duty applications where plain bearings made of metal or fiber-reinforced bushings are traditionally used, and cost savings are to be achieved, including in the construction and agricultural machinery industry. Their maximum dynamic surface pressure is 75 MPa. "This allows us to cover many heavy-duty applications with iglide Q3E," says Sund. The decisive advantage: The plain bearings do not require grease. Microscopically small solid lubricants are integrated into the polymer of the inner layer, which are successively released during the service life of the bearing. "Especially when servicing construction and agricultural machinery, lubricating the bearing points is one of the most time-consuming tasks," concludes Sund. "By switching to iglide Q3E or igutex, users save maintenance costs and increase the service life of the machines. Because neglected lubrication of classic metal bearings repeatedly leads to expensive damage to shafts and plain bearings."

Darryl Lavery Joins Steptoe & Johnson's Louisville Office

Wed, Sep 27, 2023 11:49 EDT

Darryl S. Lavery has joined the Louisville office of Steptoe & Johnson PLLC as Of Counsel in the firm's Litigation Department. He will focus his practice on product liability matters, toxic tort, and business litigation. "We are pleased to welcome Darryl to our Louisville office," said Steptoe & Johnson CEO, Christopher L. Slaughter. "His 20-plus years of extensive litigation experience will immediately benefit our product liability team as well as our clients in Louisville and beyond." Lavery has a background in representing businesses and major corporations in broad-based civil defense litigation, including product liability matters, personal injury litigation, professional negligence claims, and commercial property damage claims, as well as experience defending railroads. He also served as a Circuit Judge for the Jefferson Circuit Court, Division Two, in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He is a member of the Louisville Bar Association, Kentucky Bar Association, and American Bar Association and is admitted to practice in all Kentucky state courts, the United States District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Lavery earned his law degree from the Indiana University School of Law and his bachelor's degree from The Catholic University of America.

Introducing Raquex: The Homegrown Specialist Brand for Racket and Hockey Sports

Wed, Sep 27, 2023 06:54 EDT

Fuelled by sporting passion, driven by performance, and designed in Great Britain: there's a new homegrown grip brand in town for racket and hockey sport enthusiasts looking for something a little extra special next time they step on court. The brainchild of former competitive squash player Olly Rose, Raquex grips and tapes are rooted in a love for sport and manufactured from premium materials in an array of colours. Raquex Enhance Replacement Racquet Grips can be applied to any racket and come in a range of colours. They're ultra grippy, soft and absorbent, providing a competitive edge and precision control for every key point, whether that's at a local gym, neighbourhood club or during an intense competition. The thicker profile offers additional comfort, so players can focus on their next shot even hours into the match. A self-adhesive backing and finishing tape ensures application is quick and easy, with grips available individually as well as in packs of four. (RRP: £4.49). Raquex Evolve Racket Overgrips(5-pack) are perfect for the height of competition and are designed to be applied over the existing base grip. The overgrip kicks performance up a notch further and features a unique arrow design which directs moisture away from the surface of the grip. (RRP: £11.49). For those who routinely slug it out, Raquex Endure Overgrips (3-pack) are even longer lasting. Created from the brand's own premium material, these grips are incredibly durable with an anti-slip material and soft feel. (RRP: £6.49). Hockey players can also elevate their match performance with Raquex. Its Cushion Hockey Grip is super grippy, soft and absorbent. The grip is cushioned to minimise vibrations and maximise control with a self-adhesive backing to ensure there is no movement. Highly durable and long lasting, the grip is supplied with black finishing tape from the Raquex range to secure the end. (RRP: 8.99). Other items include string dampeners, headbands, sweatbands, compression arm sleeves, a tennis racket, squash racket, racket bags and covers. "Raquex racket grips are suitable for all racket sports including tennis, squash and badminton and come in a range of options," says founder Olly Rose. "I played competitive squash at a young age, and have poured all my hours of on-court experience into creating grips and overgrips that I wish I'd had at the time. The feedback from players has been incredibly positive and we're proud to be creating great quality products that can take on the bigger name brands and beat them!" To find out more, visit: https://www.raquex.com

SGS publishes overview of US mandatory safety standard for consumer products containing button cells or coin batteries

Wed, Sep 27, 2023 06:13 EDT

SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a SafeGuardS to help stakeholders understand the recent vote by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to mandate ANSI/UL 4200A-2023 as the safety standard for products containing button cells or coin batteries. Voluntary standard ANSI/UL 4200A-2023 (Standard for Safety for Products Incorporating Button Batteries or Coin Cell Batteries) was adopted by the CPSC following a vote on September 11, 2023. It is codified as 16 CFR 1263. The CPSC has determined that the recent update to ANSI/UL 4200A, published on August 30, 2023, does meet the performance and labelling requirements in section 2(a) of Reese's Law. This law mandates the CPSC to promulgate a consumer product safety standard that helps eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of injury to children aged six years or under during reasonably foreseeable use or misuse conditions. SGS has published SafeGuardS 118.23 to help stakeholders gain an overview of the new mandatory standard. In addition to details of the provisions covered in the standard, it also contains details of the enforcement discretion and the separate final rule that will be issued in relation to packaging and labeling. Stakeholders should review SGS's original SafeGuardS 118.23 for more information. SGS battery testing services SGS helps companies deliver well-designed, functional, durable and safe products to their customers. They have the electrical and electronic industry regulatory and technical expertise to provide testing services for abuse, benchmarking, durability, electrical, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental, life cycle analysis, performance, safety standards and transportation on cells, batteries and modules. In the end, it's trusted because it's tested. Learn more about SGS's Battery Testing Services. SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full CPSC Votes to Adopt ANSI/UL 4200A-2023 as the Mandatory Standard for Consumer Products Containing Button Cell or Coin Batteries SafeGuardS. Subscribe here to receive SGS SafeGuardS direct to your inbox. For further information contact: Dennis Lancion Technical Manager (Hardlines) Tel: +1 (905) 364-3757 Email: cp.media@sgs.com Website: www.sgs.com/hardlines LinkedIn: SGS Connectivity & Products

V-TAC Unveils Solar-Charging Power Bank for Wireless Utility

Tue, Sep 26, 2023 12:14 EDT

V-TAC Technologies has introduced its wireless-charging solar power bank for a better and more climate-friendly charging experience. V-TAC is a London-based solar technology company that offers solar products and services. The company says the device is designed to keep users powered up and connected, while upholding global environmental standards. Co-founder of V-TAC Technologies, Dinesh Sajnani, says what makes the V-TAC wireless solar power bank different is its integrated solar charging capability. Mr. Sajnani says, with this device, users can bid goodbye to the limitations of traditional power sources and embrace the power of the sun. Mr. Sajnani describes V-TAC as a global provider of high-quality lighting and energy solutions, dedicated to delivering innovative and eco-friendly products to customers worldwide. He explains that the high-efficiency solar panel which has been seamlessly integrated into the device, allows users to tap into renewable energy, while helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and ensure users' devices stay powered throughout the day. "With two impressive battery capacities of 30,000mAh and 10,000mAh, this power bank is a true workhorse. It's engineered to keep users' devices charged for extended periods, making it perfect for travel, camping, or even busy daily routines. Users need not worry about low battery notifications anymore, as this power bank is built for heavy duty and can serve users round the clock. The Solar Power Bank also offers wireless charging for your compatible devices. Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone or device on the designated charging area, and watch as it charges effortlessly, he explains. Mr. Sajnani adds that this solar-charging power bank also puts users' safety first! According to him, the solar power bank features advanced safety measures, including overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control, while guaranteeing the safe and efficient charging of devices. He asserts that the power bank is the perfect answer to all charging needs, describing its substantial battery capacity, solar charging capabilities, wireless convenience, and intelligent design, as the ultimate companion for adventurers, travellers, and anyone who values staying powered-up and connected. "The solar-charging power bank is an epitome of convenience in charging technology. It has both wireless and wire charging features, allowing users to stay connected even when using a cord is not convenient. The sleek black exterior isn't just stylish; it's also built to withstand the rigours of life on the move. LED indicators display the power bank's remaining battery, ensuring you're always aware of when it's time for a recharge. Multiple USB ports and a USB-C port enable you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal for solo travellers and group outings," he says. Regarding future goals, Mr. Sajnani says V-TAC's vision is to create a sustainable future, while striving to make a positive impact on the environment through energy-efficient technologies. He says the company will continue to play a significant role in achieving a truly sustainable future for the coming generation.

Multinational EU consortium 5G-Timber will be exhibiting: Digital Twin Enabled Augmented Reality Solutions for the Wood Industry

Tue, Sep 26, 2023 11:24 EDT

On 26 September, 2023, 5G-Timber will be taking part as an exhibitor in the Manufacturing Partnership Day, organised by the European Factories of the Future Research Organisation, in Brussels. Tauno Otto, from 5G-Timber project coordinator Tallinn University of Technology, will be exhibiting: Digital Twin Enabled Augmented Reality Solutions for the Wood Industry This exhibition, using innovative digital-twin technology, represents a key element of the 5G-Timber Project's commitment to: Accelerate the twin green and digital transition of the manufacturing and construction sectors. Create green, flexible and digital ways to build and produce goods. Increase the attractiveness and safety in timber manufacturing. Set out credible pathways to contributing to climate-neutral, circular, and digitalised energy-intensive industries. Increase the global competitiveness of European energy intensive industries. Contribute to a substantial reduction of waste and CO2 emissions. Professor Muhammad Mahtab Alam, from project coordinator Tallinn University of Technology, notes that 5G_Timber is highly focused on promoting the use of innovative technology within the EU timber industry to "...increase wood-based materials recycling by 50%, increase productivity by 15%, reach 99% of the work done in the factory, reduce on-sitework by 10%, reduce product nonconformities by 10%, and increase workers' safety in wooden houses production and onsite assembling." The Timber Helix 5G-Timber is a key project within the Crowdhelix Timber Helix - an international open innovation community of specialists in the area of wood and timber engineering, manufacturing, advanced production and process technologies, industry 4.0 and related disciplines. It was launched to accelerate the twin transition by sharing innovative ideas and opportunities, improving commercial and scientific exploitation of projects results, and partnering for new projects that could benefit the timber industries.