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Agility PR Solutions provides powerful yet intuitive media outreach, monitoring, and measurement solutions for PR professionals. The Agility Newsroom is one of three ways we help our clients amplify their content by providing a permanent place to post press releases and news content. We also provide integrated newswire and email distribution through the platform. Agility clients post hundreds of news releases and company updates every week on the Agility Newsroom that are of interest to the media, industry specialists and influencers.
The stories on the Agility Newsroom are a mix of press releases and company announcements written by top-notch PR professionals acting within, or on behalf of, the organization featured in that story. This content will be of interest to the media, industry specialists and influencers. The Agility platform makes it easy to add images and videos to these stories and readers can easily find contact information and links to find more information.
Only Agility PR Solutions clients can post on the Agility Newsroom. In addition to agreeing to our terms and conditions, they must meet editorial guidelines for each story posted. All Agility clients are PR professionals using the Agility Newsroom to amplify their media outreach. If you have any concerns about the content posted, please email us at support@agilitypr.com.
All of our users have agreed to terms and conditions outlined in their agreement and have provided their company name, address and the name, role and contact details of each user. In order to post content on the Agility Newsroom, users must be logged in to the Agility platform and include a headline, source and main body for each story.
The Agility Newsroom does not aggregate content from any other source. Any of our clients posting content on to the Agility Newsroom are free to use the content in other media outreach efforts, e.g. using Agility to email journalists directly.
Clients must agree to the Agility Newsroom terms and conditions and confirm that their story meets the editorial guidelines every time they post content to the site. Press releases are regularly monitored by the Agility Support team for adherence to these guidelines, and we retain sole and absolute discretion to remove any content.
Content posted or requested to be posted by a client to the Agility Newsroom will be subject to review by Agility PR Solutions against the Agility Newsroom Editorial Guidelines, which can be found here. We retain sole and absolute discretion, without prior notice to the Customer, to refuse to post on the Agility Newsroom, or to remove from the Agility Newsroom at any time, any Content (i) that in Agility’s opinion does not adhere to the Editorial Guidelines; or (ii) for which there is otherwise a legitimate basis for refusal or removal.