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ARTTRAGrass® to Launch Its Most Sustainable Artificial Grass Ever With 100% Recyclability

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / February 12, 2024 / Homeowners who love the convenience and low maintenance of artificial grass but aren’t sold on the eco credentials of the perennial garden favourite, will soon be able to permanently park their mower without a flicker of guilt thanks to a sustainable new innovation from ARTTRAGrass®. 

The artificial grass experts have long since championed the use of recyclable artificial grass but are set to raise the bar even higher in 2024 with a brand new generation of EcoGrass. Realistic and suitable for spaces large and space, EcoGrass is a 100% recyclable artificial grass particularly suited to residential gardens. ARTTRAGrass have installed the product nationwide since 2019 but are now upping the ante with a new and improved version, set to become available this spring. 

The new generation EcoGrass is characterised by more natural looking yarns and 100% recyclability. It also boasts super water permeability, and strong turf lock. 

Because the newest phase of EcoGrass is made of 100% thermoplastic material, the entire grass turf can now be recycled. Not only does this make the installation and disposal of the realistic, hardwearing, and super durable grass replacement more sustainable, it also solves disposal issues meaning millions of square meters of old grass no longer need to be sent to landfill. 

Luke Samuels, ARTTRAGrass brand ambassador said, “2024 is the year we remove all of the stigma around artificial grass and show just how eco-friendly this product can me. We’re proud to be leading the move away from standard PU and PP materials and are committed to supplying more environmentally friendly products. 

“ARTTRAGrass® EcoGrass an ideal alternative to traditionally backed artificial grass surfaces and not only gives homeowners peace of mind that they’re making sustainable choices, it also delivers on performance and aesthetics, too.”

The reworked ARTTRAGrass® EcoGrass lends itself perfectly to homes in search of a stylish, affordable, and pet-friendly alternative to standard turf or traditional artificial grass. Thanks to its permeability, it’s especially well suited to homes with pets, and won’t degrade or lose its realistic appearance even with regular use.

To find out more, visit: https://www.arttragrass.co.uk/100-recyclable-artificial-grass