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Apple collaborates with new start up during Autism Awareness Month





Children’s illustration and neurodiversity brand, ‘Meet the Pods', was invited to present at the prestigious Apple Store in Covent Garden during Autism Awareness Week as part of an interactive session for families.


As part of a week-long schedule of events at the store to celebrate the Autism Awareness Month, the fun packed session Art Lab for Kids: Cartoons with a Difference with The Pods, led a highly engaged, packed out session, encouraging visitors to actively engage with the eight individual cartoon characters which collectively, make up The Pods.

During the activity, children of all ages and abilities got hands-on and interactive with the brand by using iPads and Apple Pencils to draw The Pods characters and collaboratively created stories celebrating individuality and positivity which were shared across the store on the huge screen within the atrium. 


The session was a key part of the week of events at the store, having been designed to ‘celebrate the creativity of those living with autism in creative sessions covering art, music and dance’ and took place on the 6th April.


CEO and Founder, Alison Bateman became acutely aware of the daily challenges autistic people face, and inspired by this, created the company in 2017, after her son was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, with the intention of creating a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone.


Alison, and lead artist, Patrick Steele-Bodger were joined at the Apple Store by Dee

Steele-Bodger (Patrick’s Mom and autism advocate) along with Alison’s son Roman. Alison and Patrick , who is also on the autistic spectrum, work closely on a daily basis to construct ideas and create an array of content ranging from jokes, motivational quotes, positive thoughts and ‘The Pods’ very own interpretation of world events. Dee plays a very important role in supporting Patrick’s creative talent in a working environment.

Alison Bateman, founder, comments: “We were very excited to be bringing The Pods to the Apple Store. Introducing the characters and the ethos behind them will help to empower children of all abilities and enable them to tap into their creative abilities – the exact ethos behind The Pods.”


The Pods are always looking to engage with bloggers, influencers and artists, if you are interested in collaborating with the brand or for more information, please email Alison@thepods.co.uk.



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