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Best Gift for 2020 College Grad: The Definitive Workplace Guide




Best Gift for 2020 College Grad: The Definitive Workplace Guide

Recommend this go-to handbook for 2020 grads to help them get ready for the real world


Austin, Texas [March 25, 2020] – Be sure to share this requisite handbook with your soon-to-be college alums as they prepare to enter the workforce. Communication expert Peter Yawitz, who gives workplace advice at SomeoneElsesDad.com, wrote a timely, practical and humorous guide that will help any new working professional avoid embarrassing mistakes and rock their first job like a pro! Covering the necessities from dealing with a new culture and to mastering email structure and tone to dealing with idea hogs and to translating workplace clichés with ease, his book Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Culture is also a great reminder for those re-entering the workforce or mentoring young professionals.


“There are so many nuances that graduates face when entering the workforce for the first time,” said Yawitz. “Not only will they have to manage a new level of responsibility, but they’ll also enter an environment where they’ll have to quickly navigate different personalities, communication styles and standards of operation.”


“My goal with my book is to help prepare young professionals—and even working professionals coming from other countries—have success and confidence in navigating the ins and outs of workplace dynamics.”


Through hilarious and practical advice, Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish teaches those starting out in their careers how to be more than just professional-ish, making it the perfect gift for anyone uncertain about how they’ll come off at work. This book walks readers through not only written rules of office communication but also unwritten culture norms to help new professionals gain insight sooner rather than later.


Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish candidly introduces you to real life in the workplace, equipping you for success,” noted Leah Cohen-Shohet, former EVP of Growth & Adoption, Symphony and a 2019 honoree of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. “Full of wish-I-had-knowns and great advice, it will save you from a whole lot of headache and heartache. This is a must-read for any new joiner to the workforce.”


Visit peteryawitz.com to learn more about Peter’s book, and contact Greenleaf Book Group to request a media copy for review.


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