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Blastpoint Releases Updated 2021 EV Outlook Report

PITTSBURGH, PA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 10, 2021 / BlastPoint, the predictive A.I. powered platform that generates immediate answers to customer engagement problems, today announced the release of their updated 2021 EV Outlook Report. The report looks at the EV landscape and details some specific trends including: 

  • Sales have surpassed even the most ambitious projections of 2020. The major brands selling EV’s in the US increased Q1 sales anywhere from 50-153% 

  • The most affordable EV’s on the market cost less than $32,000

  • The biggest game changer for the market has been the Ford F-150 Lightning which had 44,500 reservations 48 hours after its announcement

  • The number of charging stations in the US has increased by 15,000 in 2021, with 91% of those open to the public 

  • Growth locations for charging include multi-tenant real estate, gas station chains, and commercial perties

  • Fleet electrification has taken off in 2021, due to new bus and truck vehicles, and strategic partnerships

  • Barriers remain to mass adoption, including sticker shock, and rebate rut

Alison Alvarez, CEO of Blastpoint comments “Early 2021 has brought enormous growth opportunities for stakeholders in the electric vehicle market.Sales have surpassed even the most ambitious projections of 2020. New legislation and robust climate goals being implemented around the world are driving a collective mindset shift and making way for wider participation in the transportation revolution. Here in the U.S. President Biden aims to electrify the federal fleet, extend consumer tax rebates for EV purchases and ramp up the installation of public charging across the country.”

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