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Chancellor Hunt Ignores the OBR and Keeps Fuel Duty at the Current Level

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / March 15, 2023 / Reaction to Budget from from MPs and FairFuelUK Founder, Howard Cox

Priti Patel MP says: “This is a great victory for drivers campaigning to keep fuel costs down and families and businesses across the country will welcome the Chancellor’s decision to maintain the freeze on fuel duty. With FairFuelUK we’ve been campaigning to keep fuel costs down to support efforts to curb inflation and to help the economy to grow and I am pleased that the Chancellor has listened. Freezing fuel duty will save businesses thousands of pounds a year and help families every time they fill up their cars.”

Jonathan Gullis MP says: "I am delighted that the Chancellor has listened to FairFuel supporters and the 37 million motorists who rely on their cars each and every day by keeping the cut in fuel duty. It proves the Chancellor has our backs and this government backs the great British motorist! This will ensure people keep more of their hard-earned money, which is particularly important in those cost of living crisis and help the Prime Minister and Chancellor in their aims to halve inflation and growing the economy."

Craig Mackinlay MP and Fair Fuel APPG Chair, says: “It is pleasing that the Chancellor has confirmed there’ll be no fuel duty rise in this Budget. We have been lobbying hard for months to get common sense to prevail. This is good news for the millions of motorists who have experienced the most extreme fuel prices over the past year. One of the primary aims of the government is to reduce inflation so I am not altogether surprised. It would have been perverse in the extreme to add to inflation with a tax rise. Thank you, Chancellor.”

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK says: I am delighted our intense campaigning and lobbying with so many in touch MPs, led by Priti Patel, Craig Mackinlay and Jonathan Gullis, has been highly effective in convincing the Chancellor to keep Fuel Duty frozen. The longest ever consumer tax levy freeze, thankfully continues. It would be churlish not to warmly thank Mr Hunt for today’s welcome news, even though drivers actually wanted a cut in this regressive tax. The Chancellor has inteligently ignored that November 23% bombshell forecasted rise in duty announced by the OBR, by being pragmatic and listening to our fact-based economic reasoning. Remember, this is a road user levy that hits the poor hardest and dictates economic growth, cost of living, and jobs. Today’s favourable fiscal announcement will be received very well by motorists, small businesses, low-income families, and truckers. But it’s time the Treasury ensures the unchecked profiteering on the forecourts via the secretive price manipulation in the fuel supply chain is at last, made transparent, fair, and honest. The Government must urgently introduce PumpWatch. Add that to keeping Fuel Duty low and the Tories genuinely stand a chance of winning the next general election.”

Media Contact: Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign and the Secretary to the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers -

Contact details : howard@fairfueluk.com Tel: 07515421611

Background: Since 2011 the APPG for Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers has examined major issues that impact on UK drivers. Along with FairFuelUK, it has been a major influencer on keeping Fuel Duty frozen since 2011. As well as fuel taxation, other issues addressed by the APPG that impact on drivers, have included congestion charges, ULEZ/CAZs, parking costs, roads investment, unfair treatment for fossil fuelled vehicle owners, solutions to lower emissions, cleaner fuel incentives, alternative technology options and transparent pricing at the fuel pumps with a continual call for PumpWatch. With the expected decline in Fuel Duty revenue, the APPG will also formulate a long-term approach to the future of road taxation and a positive transport strategy for all road users. https://fairfueluk.com 

Since 2010 FairFuelUK has saved drivers over £160bn in planned tax hikes in duty and VAT through constructive and objective campaigning. Had FairFuelUK not campaigned to scrap the fuel duty escalator, fuel tax today would be 90p/lt rather than 57.95p/lt. Today we would be paying £2.40+ per litre at the pumps had FairFuelUK not fought for the World's highest taxed drivers. Because of the Campaign, inflation is down 6.7% and £24bn has been put back into consumer spending each and every year since 2011.

FairFuelUK is a public affairs team with no shareholders to satisfy, just an award-winning campaign representing the real concerns of hard-working motorists, families, small businesses, commercial drivers and hauliers across the UK. Decades of fiscal exploitation by successive Governments with little in return, warrants the need for FairFuelUK.

For 12 years, this award winning campaign has been funded by the RHA, Logistics UK and other respected organisations, 1.7m supporters and 146 MPs . FairFuelUK is fronted by the Campaign's Founder Howard Cox. Previous backers have included the RAC, Association of Pallet Networks, UKLPG and many others.


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