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Cheers to 100+ years! Six care home residents share the secrets to a long life

OXFORD / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 07, 2024 / Press release

May 2024

Cheers to 100+ years! Six care home residents share the secrets to a long life

A care home in Cassington, Oxfordshire has revealed the number of centenarians living in its residence.

Churchfields Care Home, which specialises in nursing care, is home to six residents over the age of 100, which equates to 20% of residents.

The centenarian residents are Marian at 100 years old, Win and Diana who are aged 100 and 101, Claire who is 102 in July, John who turns 103 this month and finally, Beryl who is their oldest resident and already 103 years old.

The residents at Churchfields attribute their long lives to a number of reasons, from happy marriages and families, finding lots of laughter, a love of dogs and a little tipple along the way.

When asked for the secret to a long life, 103-year-old Beryl said: “a gin and tonic a day has kept the doctor away!” Marian, who will turn 101 on 29th June said that “a glass of sherry also helps.”

Lesley Parkin, the care home manager at Churchfields care home, said: 

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have such a vibrant community of centenarians here at Churchfields. Their stories and experiences are a constant source of inspiration and it’s wonderful to see them enjoying life to the fullest. It’s clear that a combination of loving relationships, a positive outlook, and perhaps a tipple every now and then, is a winning recipe for a long and happy life.”

All of Churchfield’s superb centenarians are old enough to remember several historical events including women receiving the right to vote in 1928, the conception of the NHS, the launch of commercial television and the introduction of the internet to homes nationwide.

If you have a loved one who would be interested in Churchfields Care Home, you can find out more information by calling 01865 881440.


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