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Communications Expert Releases a Must-Read for 20-Somethings New to the Workplace



Communications Expert Releases a Must-Read for 20-Somethings New to the Workplace

Founder of communication company pens book to help Gen Z, millennials, recent graduates and non- Americans navigate workplace culture


AUSTIN, TEXAS [January 14, 2020] – Plunging into your first job is nerve-wracking. Though navigating your way around the office is a quick win, when it comes to approaching a manager, dealing with a nosy coworker, and even telling helicopter parents to not hover around your place of work, there is a steeper learning curve. To address these concerns and many others, Peter Yawitz, founder of Clear Communication, released his first book every soon-to-be college graduate and recent graduate must read. Now available everywhere books are sold, “Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Culture” helps 20-somethings and non-American professionals adjust to workplace culture. This guide — filled with humor and hard-hitting advice —tackles everything from how to understand office clichés, write a compelling email or ask for a raise.


“My goal with this book is to give young people straight-forward advice on how to communicate at work, show a lot of real-world examples, and make them laugh along the way,” Yawitz said. “Senior professionals often tell me, ‘Gosh, if only I had this book when I was younger. Think of all the mistakes I would have been able to avoid.’”


As a global communication and marketing professional, Yawitz works with people in all age groups and different cultures. During his seminars for young professionals, he began to answer workplace questions that companies weren’t necessarily addressing. Yawitz gathered a list of those topics and founded the website Someone Else’s Dad, which offers an advice column, podcast, and fun videos that answer many embarrassing — and not-so-embarrassing —workplace questions.


To learn more about Yawitz and his new book, please visit www.peteryawitz.com


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