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Does a valuation tell you what your jewellery is really worth?

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / November 08, 2019 / People buy jewellery for many reasons - as a token of love, as a gift to be treasured, as a fashion item, to add to a collection or to hand down to future generations.

However, it is a misconception that jewellery is always an investment; many factors influence the value of the item and how it performs on the open market. For example, buyers may not always appreciate that when purchasing a piece of jewellery, the full retail price paid in a high street shop includes the necessary profit margin as well as VAT and tax.

  • Denise Cowling of Gildings Auctioneers would like to submit an article exploring the various ways jewellery and watches are valued for different purposes and why it’s important to understand this when purchasing in a significant piece of jewellery. These include:Retail value: jewellery bought from a shop includes a margin for the business’s necessary overheads and taxes.
  • Auction value: the estimate given by an auctioneer is the bidding starting point, determined by quality, condition, age and provenance of the item. The ultimate selling price will depend on variable factors such as demand on the day and whether the piece is currently fashionable.
  • Insurance value: this reflects the retail cost of replacing the item like-for-like.
  • Probate value: valuations for inheritance tax purposes, to reflect market value.

If you would be interested in this article, please contact louise@idealmarketingcompany.com with any deadline and word count.

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Denise Cowling (FGA, RJ Dip) is the resident jewellery, watch and silver expert at family-run Gildings auctioneers. Denise achieved her professional gemmological qualifications whilst working within the jewellery retail sector before transferring her expertise to the auction trade where she has worked as specialist jewellery valuer for over 25 years.