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English Schoolboy Becomes Youngest Person in the World to Attain FIDE Chess Rating of 2200

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 11, 2024 / In an extraordinary display of talent and determination, nine-year-old Ethan Pang has made history by becoming the youngest person in the world to achieve a FIDE chess rating of 2200. This feat, accomplished during a chess tournament in Newmarket, has earned him the prestigious title of Candidate Master (CM). 

Ethan's journey to chess mastery began at the tender age of five during the COVID-19 lockdown. Like many other children forced to stay at home, he sought ways to entertain himself. He started playing chess and watching videos online and quickly developed a passion for the game. Recognising Ethan's burgeoning talent, an extremely supportive chess coach at his school encouraged him to pursue the game more seriously.

From playing chess in the afterschool chess club, Ethan began participating in local over-the-board chess tournaments in London. His natural aptitude for chess quickly became apparent, and by the age of seven, Ethan was fortunate enough to be selected to represent England at the European Youth Chess Championship 2022. The following year, he also competed at the FIDE World Cadet Championships 2023 in Egypt.

Ethan’s father, Raymond Pang says, “We’re really proud of Ethan and will continue to be his biggest supporters for as long as he wants to play.”

Ethan's ascent to a FIDE rating of 2200 was sealed when he drew against an International Master (IM) in Newmarket. This achievement, at just nine years and two months old, makes him the youngest person to achieve this ranking. He is also currently the highest-ranking child in the under 9 age group worldwide. 

Ethan's guiding principle is “Never give up!” as inscribed by one of his earlier chess coaches.