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Find Your Calm With This Mindfulness Guide Centering Busy Women and Moms




Find Your Calm With This Mindfulness Guide Centering Busy Women and Moms

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AUSTIN, TEXAS [Aug. 18, 2020] – Get to know a deeper part of yourself through this upcoming mindfulness read! Own Your Present: A Psychiatrist’s Guide To Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle by psychiatrist, business owner and mindfulness advocate Candace Good, MD, guides readers through wellness tips, therapy techniques and more. Good’s activities help women begin or deepen their mindfulness practices and rediscover their authentic self to be fully present for those who matter most in their life. Join Well Spirit Press as they celebrate their inaugural title by joining Good’s book waitlist ahead of its official release on Aug. 25, 2020.


“This book is a much-needed read for anyone trying to juggle everything and do so perfectly,” says Meghan Fritz, LCSW, Co-founder of Change Your Story. “Dr. Good provides laugh-out-loud examples of the ridiculous standards we, as women, mothers, colleagues and partners, put on ourselves to do it all and then some more. She gives us permission to be perfectly imperfect and to stop abandoning ourselves daily to care for everyone else but ourselves. Own Your Present is heartfelt, relatable and hilarious.”


Own Your Present invites busy mothers and women to learn to live in the moment regardless of what else is happening in the world. Good shares personal stories of her struggles with anxiety to impart to readers a genuine look into moving beyond our past and silencing our inner critic to accept our individual imperfections.


Watch Good’s book unboxing video to learn more about Own Your Present, and join the waitlist for book release updates. Media can request a copy to review at media@greenleafbookgroup.com and share this release to their websites and blogs.


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