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G7 UK 2021 Media Experts

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 10, 2021 / The following experts are available for comment and interviews on the key topics and priority areas under discussion at the summit.


Professor Simon Tormey, Professor of Politics and Dean of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Bristol

Topics: General commentary around what G7 means for UK, reboot of US-China relations, climate change, and taxes on large corporations.

Simon can also do interviews in French.

Contact details: Email dean-fssl@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7970 302 692 

Dr Winnie King, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies and International Political Economy at the University of Bristol

Topics: International trade with American politics, China-US and China-EU political and economic relations, national and economic security, military relations, economic recovery post-pandemic, American multilateralism and embedding its vision for world post-Trump, Biden’s focus on the Blue Dot Network and what this means for power politics in Global South.

Contact details: Email winnie.king@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7862 249 361

Dr Nilu Ahmed, behavioural psychologist at the University of Bristol

Topics: General commentary relating to behavioural psychology issues. For instance gap between pledging to tackle climate change and actioning this, including leading by example. Leading recovery from the pandemic by developing resilience among individuals and communities.

Contact details: Email n.ahmed@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7377 657 256


Professor Daniela Schmidt, Professor of Palaeobiology and Faculty of Sciences Research Director at the University of Bristol

Topics: Net zero, supporting transition to a low carbon economy, resetting our relationship with nature, action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, ocean action, and tackling illicit threats to nature.

Contact details: Email d.schmidt@bristol.ac.uk Phone: +44(0) 7967 327 675

Dr Colin Nolden, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow in Energy and Climate Governance at the University of Bristol

Topics: Net zero and the Paris Agreement/COP26, transition to net zero, energy demand and supply, technological innovation, Human and community-centred energy and transport systems.

Contact details: Email colin.nolden@bristol.ac.uk (he will also be checking email over the weekend)

Dr Kate Hendry, Associate Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Bristol

Topics: Ocean action including net zero oceanographic capability.

Contact details: Email khendry@bristol.ac.uk (Kate will be checking emails over weekend

Professor Jane Memmott, Professor of Ecology at the University of Bristol and President of the British Ecological Society

Topics: Resetting our relationship with nature (wellbeing & nature, managing and using ecosystem services – pollination and pest control), action to halt and revers biodiversity loss (nature reserves, restoration ecology, rewilding etc.).

Contact details: jane.memmott@bristol.ac.uk

Dr Tommaso Jucker, Research Fellow at the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute for the Environment

Topics: Supporting the transition to a low carbon economy – the role of forest conservation and reforestation in mitigating climate change, and action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss – ecosystem restoration.

Contact details: t.jucker@bristol.ac.uk

Professor Theo Tryfonas, Professor of Infrastructure Systems & Urban Innovation

Topics: supporting the transition to a low carbon economy from an information and ‘smart cities’ perspective.


Contact details: Email theo.tryfonas@bristol.ac.uk



Dr David Matthews, Reader in Virology in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol and a member of the 'G2P-UK' National Virology Consortium

Topics: Vaccines, Global health security.

Contact details: Email  D.A.Matthews@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7754 378 430

Professor Helen Lambert, Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of Bristol and UKRI Challenge Leader for Global Health

Topics: Global health security, Antimicrobial resistance.

Contact details: Email h.lambert@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7771 546 744

Professor Matthew Avison, Professor of Molecular Bacteriology and Lead of the Bristol AMR Interdisciplinary Research Network at the University of Bristol

Topics: Antimicrobial resistance.

Contact: Email matthewb.avison@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7584 650 209 

Dr Kristen Reyher, Reader in Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health at the University of Bristol

Topics: Antimicrobial resistance, Antimicrobial stewardship, Antimicrobial use, Epidemiology.

Contact details: Email kristen.reyher@bristol.ac.uk Phone (01275) 217723 and +44(0) 7949 431 077 (landline has better reception)


Professor Guy Howard, Global Research Chair Environmental and Infrastructure Resilience at the University of Bristol

Topics: Water and sanitation (water supply, clean water, sanitation, diarrhoeal disease), Climate change (adaptation, resilience, more limited on low-carbon energy), Public health (disease prevention, not vaccination), Aid policy, Aid effectiveness.

Contact details: Email guy.howard@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7773 816 429

Professor Martin Parker, Professor of Organisation Studies at the University of Bristol and author of Life after Covid: The Other Side of Crisis

Topics: How we build back better and role of G7, why system change is needed to prevent species-threatening climate change.

Contact details: Email martin.parker@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7930 852 218

Dr Mary Zhang, Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol’s Poverty Research Institute

Topics: Climate change, food insecurity, mental health as well as girls' rights in nutrition, healthcare and education in low- and middle-income countries.

Contact details: Email mary.zhang@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7450 320 056

Dr Lydia Medland, Senior Research Associate in Global Political Economy at the University of Bristol

Topics: Food systems, food security, food justice, horticultural and seasonal labour, long and short supply chains (or production networks), and free trade agreements for food and local economies.

Contact details: Email lydia.medland@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7716 937 179

Professor Leon Tikly, Global Chair in Education at the University of Bristol

Topics: Build back better.

Contact details: leon.tikly@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7710 290 923 (Leon is unavailable over the weekend)


Dr Clair Gammage, Associate Professor in International Economic Law at the University of Bristol

Topics: World Trade Organization (WTO) reform, trade and health including WTO’s work on public health and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) encompassing non-communicable diseases, digital trade and e-commerce, trade and climate policy including sustainable development and WTO’s approach to green and blue economy.

Contact details: Email c.gammage@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7960 831 014


Professor Richard Davies, Professor of the Public Understanding of Economics and former Chief Economics Advisor to the Chancellor

Topics: All aspects of economy including protecting jobs, global economic recovery, tax challenges, global economies reaching net zero targets, support for world’s most vulnerable countries.

Contact details: Email richard.davies.mobile@gmail.com and richard.davies@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7719 774 058


Professor Awais Rashid, Professor of Cyber Security at the University of Bristol

Topics: Internet safety including protecting children and online fraud, darknet markets, privacy issues and data exploitation.

Contact details: Email awais.rashid@bristol.ac.uk (Prof Rashid will be checking emails over weekend, but is unavailable for interviews/comment on Sunday).

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Head of Bristol Digital Futures Institute at the University of Bristol

Topics: Telecoms diversification, developing UK native capability in the telecoms sector.

Contact details: Email dimitra.simeonidou@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7780 707 035

Professor Mark Beach, Professor of Radio Systems Engineering at the University of Bristol

Topics: Wireless digital technologies, cyber vulnerabilities if the attack is via the antenna.

Contact details: Email m.a.beach@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7768 530 669

Dr François Dupressoir, Senior Lecturer in Cryptography at the University of Bristol

Topics: Cryptography, software security, privacy and privacy-preserving technologies, security evaluation, international cryptographic standards, trusted computing and hardware roots of trust.


Contact details: Email f.dupressoir@bristol.ac.uk Phone +44(0) 7498 543 081


Victoria Tagg

Media & PR Manager (Research)


University of Bristol

Phone: +44 7973681921