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Global Purpose Led Businesses Unite to Impact Industries in Need

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / July 30, 2020 / Over 1200 businesses globally have come together to unite on purpose through a campaign spearheaded by UK founded company, Business of Brand (BoB). These businesses are now campaigning to reach out and support the industries and businesses around the world that have been most impacted by COVID-19 as we move through the economic recession.

To provide further support, the L&D foundation, set-up by BoB, is gifting 100 places on the BoB Earth platform - a platform for good and the first purpose-led platform in the world. These programmes will support people and businesses around the world who would not otherwise have the means to come onto such programmes, as well as to start-up businesses from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds and countries.


#help100 will support businesses by gifting them a place on a programme that will shape 21st-century thinking and encourage innovation and agility to transition during this challenging period. BoB’s intention thereafter is to gift a further 1000, 5000, 10,000+ places to drive the value of purpose within businesses. 


“This is just the beginning” commented Linzi Boyd, founder of BoB and BoB Earth, “We want to encourage businesses to come and join the quiet revolution and help 100 businesses during this difficult period and share our global knowledge”

To create unity around the world, the campaign will run for 1 year.





LAUNCH DATE: Thursday 30 July

INTERVIEWEE : Linzi Boyd https://www.linkedin.com/in/linziboyd/  HERE

BACKGROUND: Businessofbrand.com/unite bobearth.com HERE or see below.

VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/LinziBoydBoB/videos/285523406044723 HERE


Linzi Boyd – Founder – BoB (Business of Brand)

Visionary leader, Linzi Boyd is the woman known for building famous brands and speaking on the world stage about global trends. Here to create the face of the modern world, she is also a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, the Founder of BoB, and BoB Earth. 

By age 24 Linzi had set up and sold two businesses. Her second company was sold to Caterpillar and her third business, Surgery, championed some of the most well- respected brands known today.

Linzi also founded BoB Earth - the first purpose-led platform that connects business around the world to trade and connects business to unite so that they can learn together in the BoB home-schooling classes to trade with each other to impact change.


She is changing the way modern business operates and is known for creating the face of modern business and the face of the modern world.

About Us

BoB Earth, the Business of Brand & the Campaign Objectives

When BoB was set up as a business in 2016 their deepest driver was their value and ability to build brands to shift industries to change the world. The value that sat around that was unity, bringing both sides of the coin, the left and the right-hand side of the brain, the her and the him; two sides of energy. 

The team at BoB have been building businesses since 2016 and have transitioned 5200 businesses globally from 20th-century business models to 21st-century business models leading with purpose and driving impact and change. 

These businesses have been shown how to drive the value of their business up with the value around purpose, not just driving commercial value alone. 

When the pandemic hit BoB launched the BoB Earth tech platform, which was created to enable businesses, leaders, owners and entrepreneurs from around the world to unite. They learn together and grow, having accountability and a support network, not learning alone and in isolation. They create engagement and partnerships that drive action. They are trading together in the new trading economy through BoB Earth. Coming together to impact change, bringing value to businesses and the world at large. 

Through the pandemic and on BoB Earth they wanted to teach businesses how to unite on purpose - how to come together as a collective and to create modern businesses and become the new face of the world. The belief within BoB and the L&D foundation is that everyone should be seen and heard. 

Taking the two sides of the coin again empowering businesses and leaders to unite on purpose, do it on purpose by being purposeful and do it as well to unite on business purposes to shift industries to change the world. 

The unite on purpose campaign kicks off on the 30th July to bring people together around the world to unite on purpose. 

The L&D foundation is gifting 100 places to start-up businesses from underprivileged backgrounds or countries, diverse backgrounds, and people from industry and business who would not otherwise have the means to come onto such programmes. #help100 initially sets out to help 100 businesses and gift them a place on the programme but after that BoB wants to gift 1000, 5000 possibly 10,000 to drive the value of purpose within businesses.

Since 2016, BoB have already gifted over 900 bursaries in co-ordination with partners like The Mayor’s office on their International Business Growth Programme. They are working with the Hispanic Nation in America to see how they can gift and share their IP to benefit their community. 

As leaders and their companies come through the programme BoB invite them to pay it forward by donating 5% or 10% to the foundation to allow the #help1000 #help10000 become a reality. 

Our purpose, their approach and their IP is affiliated with the United Nations

“We at the UN Global Compact support platforms such as BoB Earth, helping the growth of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business enabling them to connect, learn and trade together to impact positive change in the world.”

The vision is to kick start the economy – purpose-led business models kick-starting the economy and doing good in the world. This is far beyond commercial value and gain. BoB Earth is a platform for good – the first purpose-led platform in the world, known for being a platform for good and allowing leaders and businesses around the world to connect, learn and trade. 

If BoB can unite people together to be on purpose they can potentially create a brand new earth and the face of the modern world. 

They are here to remodel traditional businesses, to help them lead with purpose and to drive commercial and cultural conversations to increase their value. BoB are working with accountants, wealth managers, engineers, new tech, service industries, the tourism industry, arts & culture, healthcare, retail - normal traditional businesses, enabling them to be part of the community of businesses that kick start the economy around the world. 

Building and enabling businesses to be purpose-driven.


•   5200 Businesses have participated in BoB Growth programmes

•   11 cohorts for London Mayors Programme and London Stock Exchange

•   1200 Businesses joined the Community when COVID-19 hit

•   17 Webinars have been run since the start of the pandemic with 2500 Businesses attending over 17 weeks

•   450 Business have joined the 18 month L & D Programme (L Shape Recession Driving into Growth)

•   900 Bursaries have been awarded

Case Studies – Testimonials: 

Partner Testimonials:

Elite – “BoB's contribution to Elite has focused on helping our companies understand how running a brand-led business drives value. Our entrepreneurs have also benefited from learning more about the importance of a personal brand. The key message being “your brand is your business!” Umerah Akram: Head of ELITE UK and Global Business Development at the London Stock Exchange Group

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