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Graduate designs new tool to help educate autistic children

SOUTH BANK, LONDON SE1 / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 10, 2021 / Graduate designs new tool to help educate autistic children


A tool to help autistic children, smart AR glasses to prevent motion sickness, an air purifier that uses fully biodegradable filters, children’s playground equipment that fits any space … these are just a handful of the 140 products developed by graduates of Brunel University’s design department and being shown at Made in Brunel: Above the Fold at London’s Oxo Tower Wharf 17-20 June (11am-6pm daily, admission free).

This show kicks off Oxo Tower Wharf’s New Creatives graduate show season which provides a platform for emerging talent from the UK’s leading art and design courses. The season features seven graduate shows from product design to fine art, illustration to fashion, animation to interior architecture and runs till the end of July.

At Made in Brunel: Above the Fold visitors can see the incredible work from the next generation of innovative thinkers. Showcasing an extraordinary variety of design ideas solving everyday problems that span all aspects of the industry. Health, wellbeing and the environment are at the core of many of the designs on show. 

See inspiring work from the resilient individuals shaping our future and how the constraints of a pandemic have cultivated their creativity.


A selection of the 140 projects on show at Made in Brunel: Above the Fold … 


The Tool Coach - Jake Chamberlin

The Tool Coach provides sensory and motor supports to operate tools safely and effectively, making the process of using non-powered hand tools safe and comfortable for autistic children. Secondary school children with an autistic spectrum disorder are at risk of exclusion from certain aspects of Design and Technology lessons due to their condition. The Tool Coach combines both the physical and emotional requirements of the user into a single product.  


HORIZON - Jay Bedi

Smart AR glasses aimed at preventing and mitigating the effects of motion sickness during travel. One in three people worldwide suffer from motion sickness. Current medication fails to tackle the root of the problem, simply acting as a short-term blocker that can induce further side effects and leave users fatigued and disoriented, even after travel. The glasses overlay a virtual horizon onto the user’s view which mimic the position and orientation of the real-world horizon during motion.

OLUS - Louie Duncan

OLUS uses organic materials and biophilic design to develop a more sustainable, efficient and compact air purifier. The first air purifier to use fully biodegradable plant-based filters which remove 99% of particulate air pollution. Currently 6000 tonnes of used air filters are sent to landfill every year. OLUS not only improves physical health, it helps boost productivity and alleviate stress by delivering clean air within a biophilic design. Working alongside a house plant, it also absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen to further create a healthy home.

Play Hive - Diana Cirlig

Play Hive aims to solve the problem of the continuously shrinking primary school playgrounds by providing a set of parts that can be assembled to fit any space. Playing outdoors has always played a massive part in children’s development as it improves the child’s well-being, health and learning abilities. However, 9 in 10 primary schools are losing play space due to their expansion to accommodate more children. Play Hive helps schools use the space they have more efficiently.


Viu - Alex D’Souza

Viu is a webcam that offers a completely new way to communicate over online video, transforming any flat physical surface into a shareable platform. Developed during lockdown, Viu makes sharing physical notes, sketches, mind maps, or anything generated off computer possible without large or intrusive equipment. Viu utilises image geometry correction to warp the surface in view to appear as if the camera is directly above. The all- in-one solution fits seamlessly into users existing work-from-home setup.


Mabel - Lauren Ord

A reuse and refill beauty and personal care product service system designed to reduce the dependency on single-use bathroom packaging, to lower the environmental impact created by the beauty and personal care (BPC) industry. The BPC industry makes up 40% of total landfill waste in the UK. Mabel’s products are accompanied by an assistive application allowing users to customise their subscription frequency and track environmental impact.

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Visit the shows in person! Admission is FREE.

The exhibitions take place at Bargehouse and gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH.


Find out what’s on when and how to get there https://coinstreet.org/new-creatives or social media @oxotowerwharf



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