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Haunting animation warns world leaders to act to protect the planet's wildlife.

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / November 24, 2022 / Haunting animation warns world leaders to act to protect the planet's wildife.

Link to the animation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ro1pw6o28iyjklt/The%20Animals%20Went%20In%20Two%20By%20Two.mp4?dl=0

A thought-provoking animated film, set to a haunting version of a well-known children’s nursery rhyme, has been specially created to send a powerful message to world leaders attending the global biodiversity conference in Montreal in December, COP 15.

The lyrics, a variation on the song “The Animals Went In Two By Two,” convey a stark warning of the threats facing more than one million of the world’s species if urgent action isn’t taken to save them. The poignant words accompany moving scenes of the animals’ increasingly desperate search for help to save them from extinction.

The “Two by Two” animation joins the animals on their journey to the COP 15 biodiversity conference where their fate will be decided by delegates from all over the world. But are world leaders paying attention? The film marks a pivotal point in the “Are You Listening” campaign by conservation NGO International Animal Rescue. IAR is gathering signatures from across the globe on a letter to world leaders attending the conference, demanding urgent action to halt and reverse the biodiversity crisis before it is too late.

The animation is being launched on 23rd November to turn up the heat on delegates attending the conference which starts two weeks later on 7th December. The final words of the song, “Will you make the change?” directly challenge those in power to avert the looming environmental tragedy that has been brought about by human activity.

Says Alan Knight, IAR President: “The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Human activity has devastated the natural world to such an extent that, without urgent, meaningful action we stand to lose thousands, perhaps more than a million plant and animal species.

“We now know that the global decline in biodiversity is having as powerful and devastating an impact on our planet as climate change. Delays to this crucial meeting have cost two years of precious time when action could already have been taken to put the brakes on the biodiversity crisis. The clock keeps ticking. Are the COP 15 delegates listening? I sincerely hope so. The world’s wildlife can’t afford any further failures to act.

The animation is the brainchild of creative marketing agency Amplitude. The team worked pro bono to develop the idea and deliver the finished product. They also secured the support of Grammy-nominated composer and orchestrator Amie Doherty and soulful singer and songwriter Billy Lockett.

Knight adds: “We’re incredibly grateful to the team at Amplitude, and to Amie and Billy, for creating the perfect vehicle to convey such an important message. We’re urging everyone to watch the animation, sign the letter on our website and share the film on social media so that world leaders are in no doubt of the urgent need for action to protect the planet’s precious wildlife before it’s too late.”

For further information please contact Lis Key at IAR on +44 7957 824379.

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At International Animal Rescue we not only save animals from suffering, we also rehabilitate and release them back into the wild and work to protect their precious natural habitats. Our work includes cutting free and caring for captive bears in India and Armenia, rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans and other primates in Indonesia and treating injured and orphaned howler monkeys in Costa Rica. Our aim is to return animals to their natural environment wherever possible, but we also provide a permanent home for those that can no longer fend for themselves.

Our vision is a world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems. Our mission is to build awareness and implement effective systems such that habitats and animals are protected.

As human populations expand, wildlife comes under increasing threat. By rescuing individual animals belonging to species like the orangutan and reintroducing them into protected areas in the wild, our work also plays a role in the conservation of the species as a whole.