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Houston's Insurtech Superstars at ConsumerCoverage Set Their Sights on Helping U.S. Immigrants

HOUSTON, TX / AGILITYPR.NEWS / November 22, 2022 /

Available in English and Spanish, ConsumerCoverage's insurance resources for immigrants and refugees are helping this vulnerable population get the coverage they need, and deserve.

While America may be considered the land of the free, insurance definitely isn’t. For immigrants and refugees, getting the coverage they need to safeguard their financial futures and protect their families can seem like an impossible task. From language barriers to obstacles in accessing basic health care and resources, immigrants and refugees face innumerable systemic and cultural hurdles. 

But ConsumerCoverage is committed to helping. With 14% of U.S. residents—that’s 46,536, 511 people—born outside of the country and one in eight born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, there’s an undeniable need for resources that help newcomers secure access to the protection and peace of mind provided by insurance. 

In fact, America is a country of immigrants, home to the largest immigrant population worldwide by a wide margin (nearly four times the immigrant population of the next largest immigrant destination). 

“We didn’t decide to create these resources on a whim,” explains Hollay Ghadery, ConsumerCoverage’s VP of Communications. “Many of us at ConsumerCoverage are immigrants and children of immigrants ourselves, so the New Immigrants Handbook to Insurance In the USA and infographics are initiatives close to our hearts. We know firsthand how difficult and isolating immigration can be, and we wanted to use our experience, expertise, and platform to make life a little easier for people like us and our families.”

New Immigrants Handbook to Insurance In the USA is available in both English and Spanish and includes information on health insurance, Medicare, auto insurance, home and renter's insurance, as well as life insurance. The handbook, which has already seen a record number of downloads since its soft launch over a week ago, provides readers with an overview of insurance options that’s comprehensive without being overwhelming.

“Immigrants and refugees have enough on their plate,” Ghadery explains. “The point of our resources is to make things easier—to streamline one of the many tasks on a newcomer's to-do list and hopefully, give them some room to breathe.”

New Immigrants Handbook to Insurance In the USA is now available for free at ConsumerCoverage.com. Check out their Pinterest page for English and Spanish infographics. 

Visit ConsumerCoverage at www.consumercoverage.com to learn more. 

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Hollay Ghadery

Hollay Ghadery

VP of Communication


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