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Intercontinental Wealth Advisors Offers Perspective on “New Normal” Investment Landscape

SAN ANTONIO, TX / AGILITYPR.NEWS / October 20, 2020 / Special Report “The Dangers and Challenges of Investing in a Low Interest Rate Environment” focuses on accredited investors, current market environment and overarching insights


Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, and related companies, which manage more than $1 billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions, has published a special report, The Dangers and Challenges of Investing in a Low Interest Rate Environment: Navigating the New Normal as an Accredited Investor Today. This timely commentary is intended for accredited investors who want to understand the options and opportunities that may present themselves as 2020 goes down in history as an incredibly interesting and challenging year for so many global citizens with multi-national interests.


“The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis has been enormous in terms of both speed and breadth,” said Juan Pablo Villamarin, CFA, CAIA, Senior Investment Analyst and author of the report. “As a result, its effects will also be long lasting and memorable. No single report can address all of the issues, but we have tried to provide some overarching insights that may help investors think about the current market environment.”




Originally founded as Intercontinental Financial Services Corporation by Isidoro Korngold and John Kauth, the firm has been serving clients since 1981. With 40 years of experience working with high-net-worth families and institutions both in the US and around the world, the firm has broad and deep experience in the range of issues facing their clients. Their comprehensive wealth management services include financial advice and investment management, along with estate and legacy planning, tax strategies and philanthropy consulting provided by an in-house team of credentialed professionals. Many Intercontinental clients are multigenerational families whose second and third generations continue to benefit from the firm’s guidance.


“We have an in-house global culture and diversity which enhances our ability to build relationships with clients,” said president Charles Lutz. “Investment advisory firms with a culture shaded by domestic bias have a narrow field of vision. In contrast, our multi-cultural staff lend a richness to our clients’ experience, along with a deepened understanding of cultural and geographic influences on the creation, management and dissemination of family wealth as well as the effective deployment of institutional resources.”


To watch an introductory video and to download the special report, visit:


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The Partners, Isidoro Korngold and John Kauth, formed their first firm together in 1981, Intercontinental Financial Services Corporation, which helped offshore clients invest in US Certificates of Deposit. From there, a Broker/Dealer was formed in 1991 and then Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, LLC was formed in 1997 to provide investment advisory services to a global client base. Intercontinental Consulting Group, Ltd., formed in 1994, provides consulting services mainly focused on estate planning and Intercontinental Agency, LLC, formed in 2007, provides insurance solutions.


Headquartered in San Antonio, the firm’s success is based on their independence, global perspective, and innovative thinking. They continue to build deep, long-term relationships with clients, serving as fiduciaries to ensure their clients’ needs always come first, in order to craft custom-tailored financial strategies and address their clients’ unique wealth preservation needs. For more information, visit www.IntercontinentalWealthAdvisors.com.


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