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Just Imagine: EQ is the 21st century superpower


In Aurecon’s latest Just Imagine blog post, Steve Pennisi, Principal - Program Advisory, and Kayla Bolton, Associate, Built Environment, argue that as artificial technology, robotics and automation continue to change the way we work, the role of leaders will be fundamentally changed in the future. As they mentioned in the blog, “In the future, it will be key that ‘soft’ skills such as a human’s EI will outrank ‘hard’ skills so ensuring that our future leaders complement, and don’t compete with AI.” 


Blog excerpt:

From Cleopatra to New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, leadership styles have changed dramatically through the centuries. From the ruthless dictatorship of Ancient Egypt to the empathetic, socially conscious, high EQ trailblazers of today, leaders have adapted their style to keep pace with the changing demands of the world.


Ankle deep in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, today’s leaders face a constant need for reinvention to navigate the trove of managerial trends in the corporate world. Automation is outstripping manufacturing jobs faster than you can say ‘Tesla’, machine learning is reorganising traditional processes, and workforces are being unbundled and reassigned.


But what if AI fundamentally changed the role of a leader?


This article was first published Aurecon’s Just Imagine blog. Just Imagine provides a glimpse into the future for curious readers, exploring ideas that are probable, possible and for the imagination. Subscribe here to get access to the latest blog posts as soon as they are published.



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