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Kukun Aims to be a Homeowner’s Best Friend by Transforming the Home Renovation Industry

Introducing Kukun, the digital platform aiming to be a homeowner’s best friend. Americans spend about $340 billion annually on home improvement and repairs which is why Kukun aims to be there for homeowners during the process. 

The first, and often greatest hurdle to any home renovation project is setting the budget. What you thought would be only a thousand dollar kitchen upgrade can quickly become ten times that. Even with the most rigorous google research, that initial estimate can be little more than a hopeful guess.

Kukun’s most popular feature is the home renovation cost estimator which provides valuable data to the consumer on how much renovation costs, how much it will improve ROI and what the steps are to get the process started. This tool is available on the Kukun website, as well as financial partners including Chase, SoFi, and additional financing platforms. It is the ONLY cost estimator personalized to a home that provides consumers with real figures instead of estimates. 

Kukun was founded by Raf Howery (CEO), who started the company with a mission to transform the home remodeling industry from an offline, fragmented and frustrating undertaking to an online, modern and user-friendly experience. 

Anyone interested in learning more about how Kukun takes the guesswork out of home renovation can connect with Raf Howery to learn more firsthand and/or answer any questions you may have. Raf can also provide decor and design tips. His early career began with an interest in pursuing work as an architect before going on to work in the technology sector. In his personal life, Raf bought and renovated old homes as a hobby throughout the years, which allowed him to learn the secrets of the renovation trade.