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LOCAL PSA: Lange Financial Group has 5000 KN-95 Masks to Donate

US / AGILITYPR.NEWS / September 10, 2020 / Lange Financial Group has 5000 KN-95 masks available for charitable organizations. Jim Lange, the president, wants to give them to the organizations that would protect the most people per mask. For example, he would rather give a mask to an essential worker that must interact with the public than one who works from home.

Concerned citizens, board members for non-profit organizations, healthcare administrators and/or school superintendents, etc., may submit their request(s) for an allotment of free KN-95 masks -- or nominate an organization that may need them most.

Interested parties may submit requests for free KN-95 masks here: http://paytaxeslater.com/getmasks

Lange Financial Group (www.PayTaxesLater.com) has already donated 5,000 masks primarily to health care organizations. Please note that while these are high quality KN-95 masks, they are not medical quality meaning they would not be appropriate for a surgeon. On the other hand, the Squirrel Hill Health Clinic after receiving several hundred requested and received another 1,500.

Lange Financial Group employs a number of tax and charitable giving experts who are happy to speak with groups (virtually via a webinar service) to ensure they are optimizing their personal and/or foundation funds and donor giving to the greatest extent possible, legally and without pitfalls under the new SECURE Act as explained in Lange’s new book, Beating the New Death Tax. The book has three chapters specifically dedicated to the best way IRA and retirement plan owners can benefit charity and their family. The book is available on Amazon or, if you would like a signed complimentary copy, please reply to this email and we will be back in touch to facilitate your request.


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