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Leadership Expert Releases Choose Your Comeback Plan, a Timely New Book to Help Business Leaders Recover from Crisis



Leadership Expert Releases Choose Your Comeback Plan,

a Timely New Book to Help Business Leaders Recover from Crisis



Charlotte, NC—Leadership and business strategy implementation expert, Ashley Prisant, Ph.D. releases her timely new book, Choose Your Comeback Plan, aimed at helping managers and small business owners return from crisis with a winning comeback strategy. With its unique approach to problem solving, Choose Your Comeback Plan is part business adventure and part resource guide.


“2020 could be the year that makes or breaks business leaders. They’ve been handed one challenge after the next and some just aren’t able to clearly see a way through,” says Ashley Prisant, Ph.D., principal at Square Peg Solutions, a consulting firm focused on leadership, business optimization, and helping teams pivot with limited resources and comeback challenges. “Indecisiveness is not a viable solution. I created Choose Your Comeback Plan to help leaders deal with the immediate crisis and harness momentum to push their business forward.


In the first half of the book, readers face a series of critical decisions that will take them further into the story as they choose their own path and create their own outcomes. Readers can opt to select the route they would typically take or try a different perspective – without real-life risk. Each story reveals a different outcome and allows readers to choose the ending that works best for them.


The second half of the book is filled with content to help the reader devise their own winning comeback plan using a step-by-step approach that applies a 5-piece pivot plan. This hands-on guide with specific strategies, tactics and questions helps leaders determine how to steer their organization and emerge an even better, stronger team than they were before the crisis.


Ashley Prisant, Ph.D. possesses a multi-faceted background that makes her uniquely qualified as a leadership and strategy implementation expert – from her career as a Naval Officer to her leadership positions at Amazon during its the rapid-fire growth in the early 2000s. Today, she teaches leadership, business and human resources courses for Harvard Extension School and leads Square Peg Solutions, a consulting firm focused on leadership and optimization. Her expertise lies in helping teams deliver results in a short time with limited resources, rapidly increasing productivity, and coaching leaders to maximize engagement while improving their bottom line. Choose Your Own Comeback Plan is Dr. Prisant’s second book, following Go Beyond the Job Description.


Choose Your Comeback Plan (ISBN: 9781735157504) is available on Kindle and in paperback via Amazon. For more information about the author and the book, visit the author’s website


Media requests: To request a sample copy of Choose Your Comeback Plan or to schedule Dr. Prisant for interview, please contact jenn@jennstrang.com.










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