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Leading Hybrid Book Publisher Announces Anticipated Titles Set for Spring

AUSTIN, TEXAS / AGILITYPR.NEWS / April 07, 2021 / Greenleaf Book Group highlights 26 Spring 2021 titles within business, fiction and nonfiction

Greenleaf Book Group will publish a fleet of titles in Q2 of 2021 touching on topics such as how to sell your business for a profit, how to prepare for retirement, and how to heal the nation’s political divide. Greenleaf is excited to continue partnering with business leaders, influential brands and debut authors to present their knowledge and expertise to the world. The independent publishing and distribution company continues their partnership with Fast Company and Inc. Magazine’s official imprints to elevate innovative business leaders.


“This season’s new titles nicely showcase the range of expertise Greenleaf authors bring to readers,” said Corrin Foster, Director of Branding and Marketing at Greenleaf Book Group. “Whether that’s financial advice, career guidance, political commentary, or stories that allow readers to escape to another place and time, Greenleaf is proud to play a role in bringing these ideas to life.”


Greenleaf’s Spring 2021 business title releases:

  • Present Future by Guy Perelmuter (Fast Company Press) available 2/23/21
  • Before the Mic by Glenn Gibson (River Grove Books) available on 3/4/21
  • Knock by Rebecca Leder (An Inc. Original) available 3/23/21
  • Redefining Financial Literacy by Cindy Couyoumjian (Greenleaf Book Group) available on 4/6/21
  • Career Choreography by Ken Lindner (Greenleaf Book Group) available on 4/6/21
  • Upstream Marketing by Tim Koelzer and Kristin Kurth (Greenleaf Book Group) available on 4/13/21
  • Fall Down, Gritty Up by Dr. Kasey Lynn (River Grove Books) available 4/13/21
  • Houses for Love and Money by June Rosenthal (June Rosenthal) available 4/15/21
  • Growing Up at Work by Yael C. Sivi and Yosh Bier (River Grove Books) available 5/25/21
  • Exit Rich by Michelle Seiler Tucker (An Inc. Original) available on 6/22/21
  • Rock the Boat by Danelle Barrett (Greenleaf Book Group) available on 6/22/21

Greenleaf’s Spring 2021 fiction title releases:

Greenleaf’s Spring 2021 nonfiction title releases:

  • A Matter of Scale by Preston Urka (River Grove Books) available 4/27/21
  • Overliked by Rob Singleton (Greenleaf Book Group) available 4/27/21
  • Tales from the Pumpkin King's Cameraman by Pete Kozachik (River Grove Books) available 6/1/21
  • A Philosopher on Wall Street by David Ewing Duncan (Greenleaf Book Group) available 6/22/21
  • Barking at the Moon by Tracy Beckerman (River Grove Books) available 6/29/21
  • American Schism by Seth David Radwell (Greenleaf Book Group) available 6/29/21

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Greenleaf Book Group continues to partner with thought leaders to connect readers with valuable and quality content. For a full list of Greenleaf Book Group titles, visit greenleafbookgroup.com. Media can request review copies at media@greenleafbookgroup.com.


Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor located in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering authors. Greenleaf’s hybrid publishing model is uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. To learn more about Greenleaf, visit www.greenleafbookgroup.com.