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Manage Autumn Anxiety with Neurexan

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September 2020


Manage Autumn Anxiety with Neurexan


The first few weeks of autumn can be difficult for many people as it is the time of new things; new schedules, jobs, schools, timelines as well as changing weather, shorter days and less sunlight.  2020 may pose additional stress for those affected by this years lockdown and the worry of another spike in COVID 19 cases as we enter the winter months.


Stress is a response to demands on the body and life, a response to crisis and fears. If stress gets overwhelming it can cause mental health problems, emotional exhaustion and physical illness and can impact on work, relationships, families, and every aspect of life.


Daytime restlessness impacts on night-time sleeplessness causing a knock-on stress cycle effect1   Neurexan is a natural remedy designed to help break the stress cycle by reducing nervous tension and anxiety during the day and improving the quality of sleep during the night.  Neurexan contains four natural ingredients with well-known beneficial effects:

  • Zincum isovaleraianicum (nervousness and sleep disturbances)
  • Avena Sativa (exhaustion and sleep disturbances)
  • Passiflora incarnata (anxiety and nervousness)
  • Coffee arabica (insomnia)


Neurexan is a well-tolerated, non-drowsy and non-addictive formulation with a fast onset of action, suitable for adults.


Neurexan is widely available from all good pharmacies and health food shops in the UK.  It can also be bought online from www.neurexan.biz. It comes in a handy ‘carry anywhere’ 50 tablet pot RRP £7.55.



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1. Adopted from: Reddy DS. Physiological role of adrenal deoxycorticosterone-derived  neuroactive steroids in stress-sensitive conditions. Neuroscience. 2006; 138(3):911-20.  doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2005.10.016

Notes to editors

Neurexan is manufactured by Heel a German pharmaceutical company which specialises in developing and manufacturing medicines made from natural ingredients. Neurexan is manufactured in state-of-the-art GMP Certificated Manufacturing Facilities in Baden Baden, Germany. It is widely used and is available in over 50 countries worldwide.


It was established in Berlin in 1936 by physician and homeopath Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg not only developed new medicines using purely natural substances, he also pioneered a therapeutic approach based on using those natural medicines to help the body activate its autoregulating mechanisms. Heel became part of DELTON AG in 1977 and currently has its headquarters in Baden Baden.  In the UK Bio Pathica Ltd are sole distributors and importers for Anti-Homotoxic Bio Regulatory Remedies manufactured by Heel.


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