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Microvast Europe Launches an Ultra-Fast-Charging Power Cell to Tap Into the Heavy-Duty EV Market

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / October 13, 2020 /  

  • Outstanding ultra-fast-charging capability
  • Excellent fit for hybrid and heavy-duty vehicles which require high power and long cycle life
  • Start of serial production in September 2020


Microvast, a world leading traction battery solution provider, unveiled a new power cell MpCO 17.5Ah, which can be charged from 0% to 100% within 20 minutes. The first prototype orders are being produced and will be delivered to a Norwegian marine OEM this month. Microvast is also nominated by a leading port equipment manufacturer who has chosen MpCO 17.5Ah for its future electric port vehicle.


Microvast further strengthens its power battery portfolio

The launch of MpCO 17.5Ah cell presents the European OEMs with several appealing characteristics that makes it an ideal choice as All-rounder for middle and heavy-duty vehicles. This new power cell can be fully charged in less than 20 minutes. It fits the demanding charging profile of certain vehicle types, such as passenger car, commercial vehicle, special vehicle, port vehicles, trains and boats. It shortens the charging interval and the vehicle idling time, and thus greatly improves the operational efficiency.

MpCO 17.5Ah cell outperforms other similar cell products, because it can reach twice as much the cycle life as those of a comparable cell product on today’s market. Furthermore, the new cell ensures vehicles to operate smoothly even under extreme freezing weather conditions. The cell can perform in excellent condition even at minus 30 degrees.

The inticing price-performance ratio has aroused great interest even before its official launch. The first prototype battery packs with MpCO 17.5Ah cell are on its way to Norway. It is also pre-selected by a leading port equipment OEM as one of the battery solutions in its electrification roadmap.

Microvast can integrate the MpCO 17.5Ah cells into its standard module and pack products. The launch of the new power cell has further strengthened the power battery portfolio of the Microvast Group. The flexible modular design can capture the various challenging demands from OEMs across the globe. 


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Founded in 2006, Microvast, Inc. is a rapid growing market leader in design, development and manufacturing of ultra-fast charging, long life traction battery systems with superior safety features for electric vehicles. Microvast is renowned for its cutting-edge cell technology and the vertical integration capability which extends from core battery chemistry (cathode, anode, electrolyte, membrane separator) to application technologies (battery management systems) and other power control electronics. By integrating the process from raw material to system assembly, Microvast is able to provide customized solutions with reduced project development time and at controllable costs. Microvast GmbH is the EMEA headquarter of Microvast, Inc.


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