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Mud / Boot Room and Rustic Puglia Villa


Alexander Waterworth is a studio that seeks to understand its clients values and their consumers. We look to form partnership, combine philosophies, work cohesively in creating a tailored experience. It is critical for the studio to understand the origin of the idea, to form pillars with the client. We spend a huge portion of time working with people building relationship, appreciating all aspects of the project to ensure that all elements have been considered when presenting a design direction. Alexander Waterworth created a family home for an entrepreneur who has worked abroad and wanted to restores a property near to his home in Puglia.

 The building has a long history, it was once a fortified farmhouse, against Saracen invaders, it now welcomes you for a dreamy break away from the reality of everyday life. We transformed this magnificent villa whilst maintaining the heritage of the building.  Walking through each room evokes a rustic purity to refresh the mind with exposed brick walls, floors and gracefully large, vaulted ceilings, maintaining many of the original features of the farmhouse.

Located in the heart of Puglia, with distinct landscape features, the farm is located amidst 30 hectares of picturesque farmland.  Alexander Waterworth restored and redesigned the Masseria Petrarolo. With 8-bedrooms to restore, we gave each bedroom their own identity with naturally sourced pastel colours that blend seamlessly, providing a light, yet romantically dignified feel to compliment the magnificent views. The rooms of the home consist of 3 kitchens, a dining area, wine room, a pool house and sitting room continue with soothing, rustic, refinement that welcomes you with warmth to wind away your day with comfort and mindful rejuvenation. We made some changes to how the building was used, forming bedroom with ensuites & kitchens.

The team travelled the length of Italy and through Europe, to source antiques and unique pieces of furniture. The spaces were dressed with a mixture of antique pieces. Acquiring antiques took around 6 to 8 months, our team made many early trips to markets & antique dealers. One of our favourite spots was Lille road in Fulham. I loved the small desk we picked up which fitted so well in the property, it was just meant. 

Passion, expectation and high demands are qualities we look to when collaborating with clients, clients who share our value of creating an experience. We love to create timeless, contemporary, intriguingly inviting projects. The Puglia project was extra special as it had not been touched for many years. We worked with the client to understand how the building would be used as a home. There was a strong desire to bring sophistication and comfort to the project. Working with the historic building, we retained many of the existing wall arrangements, staircases and finishes in the building as possible to ensure a natural evolution of the property. We exposed and regenerated the natural finishes of the project and the building has a richness of history throughout. Maintaining the history of the building was a key factor to the design authenticity. 

Along with the client, we felt it was important to create a timeless space that has been there for many years and was considerate to the environment and location. The challenge was matching up the honesty of the surrounding materials, to the architectural finishes both of great interest and intrigue. We embraced matching up the new and old to create a space that worked in situ. We are proud to have rejuvenated Masseria into a home giving life to this property for many years to come. One of our favourite parts of the project is the rejuvenation of the orange orchard, located outside the living room. A place of beauty that can be appreciate internally and externally. A true place of serenity‚Ķ



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