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New ‘Inc. Original’ Book for Strategic Leadership Is Like an MBA on Steroids


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New ‘Inc. Original’ Book for Strategic Leadership Is Like an MBA on Steroids


Inc. Magazine’s official publishing imprint selects adventurous Detroit business leadership coach for October release


Austin, Texas [May 28, 2020] – Inc. Magazine’s publishing imprint is excited to announce the upcoming release of Alignment Strong: A Strategic and Human-Centric Handbook for Competitive Leadership by executive leadership coach John E. Quinlan, president of Growth Strategies Global LLC.


“John Quinlan is an entrepreneurial polymath with a depth and breadth of experiences few can match,” said Patrick Hainault, Vice President Corporate Business Development at Mansueto Ventures - Inc. Fast Company. “John has proven himself to be an insightful change agent in rebuilding and scaling businesses.”


A company president who was coached by Quinlan adopting the Alignment Strong framework said it felt to her like an MBA on steroids.


Quinlan’s first book, Tau Bada was a memoir of a personal and professional quest for greater depth and meaning. The quest led him to the remote rainforest of Papua New Guinea, where he and his wife worked with 2,300 small-scale farmers to build a significant coffee exporting business — and where they barely survived a rival’s assassination attempt.


Now, his second book, leveraging off this experience, including 30 years of business coaching practice, provides road-tested methods for immediate and long-term leadership alignment for CEOs and competitive posture for their organizations. Quinlan said, “Alignment Strong links purposeful core values, strategic vision, mission efficacy, team leadership and clear goals to a management performance system, underscored by an appetite-for-change culture. My book cuts to the chase and instructs, without academic exhaustiveness, how to use a ten-component alignment framework for a sustainable competitive -leadership posture.”


Throughout, Alignment Strong conveys Quinlan’s humanistic and vulnerable leadership ethos. It will be available Oct. 13 everywhere books are sold. To stay informed about Quinlan’s upcoming book, visit johnequinlan.com. Media may contact Greenleaf Book Group to request a review copy.

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