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New App Uses Progress and Plants to Reverse and Prevent Expensive Health Struggles

BETHLEHEM, PA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / April 06, 2021 / ProdHealth Launches New Digital Health App 

New App Uses Progress and Plants to Reverse and Prevent Expensive Health Struggles 

ProdHealth, a company which offers a whole systems approach to health and sustainability, announces the launch of its new digital health app. 

ProdHealth is an engagement-driven, wellness platform designed to help individuals and employers take a proactive, comprehensive, and preventative approach to health. Backed by science and supported by a team of health & wellness professionals, your journey begins with an at-home lab kit and becomes a team sport with a personalized plan for success.

In 2015 30.8 million Americans suffered from three or more chronic diseases, and that number almost tripled by 2018. Imagine what those numbers look like after 2020 - the year of bad eating habits, disrupted sleep schedules, mental fatigue, social anxiety, less movement and minimal time outdoors. Right now, America must decide how they want to persevere into the new post-COVID normal. We are at a fork in the road and we have the power to choose our path.

Healthcare is the #2 cost for employers, yet it continues to be reactive and highly fragmented, frequently creating an ineffective, vicious cycle. And for individuals wandering through an overburdened system with too few resources, healthcare costs can be financially devastating. We don’t need another ”better way” to navigate the system, we need to lower our dependency on the system.

“When we hear about an unfortunate car accident, we immediately think “Were they wearing their seatbelt?” Why do we think that? Because we know that wearing a seat belt will cut serious injuries or death in half, and not wearing it is just reckless. There are on average 32K deaths per year from car accidents. There were 660K from cardiovascular disease in America in 2020, and up to half of those are preventable, I would argue even more. ProdHealth's mission is to help people become aware of their nutrition and lifestyle - their health seatbelt - and make it a natural thing to wear. You can still drive fast and have fun, just wear your seatbelt and don't be reckless. ” says ProdHealth Founder & CEO John Dieser. 

So how does it work? 


The secure, HIPAA-compliant ProdHealth platform and mobile app connect you to experts in nutrition and wellness, giving you unprecedented access to knowledge and expertise of a plant-forward approach to improve your lifestyle with hands-on coaching. In addition, the at-home lab kits allow you to track your metabolic health and analyze the results of your lifestyle changes side-by-side. 

Whether you’re an employer looking to improve your health and productivity costs, a family who wants to get healthy together or a single rider ready to get off the health rollercoaster - ProdHealth is ready to team up with you, to educate you on how what we eat impacts our bodies, and how we treat ourselves can drive our happiness every day.  


Visit www.prodhealth.com to learn more and download the app from Google Play or the Apple App store! 




ABOUT ProdHealth 

ProdHealth is a digital health wellness platform that aims to disrupt the current approach to chronic care management. Employers and individuals alike should no longer have to feel this burden, and we are here to show them how. Contact us to find out how simple changes can greatly affect your financial, environmental, physical and mental wellness. 






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