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Poopie Suits Releases Audio Version of More Sub Tales – Exciting, Real, Submarine Stories


The Poopie Suits Series is a collection of eight books – each with true, non-classified stories from the Silent Service. The realism and action takes listeners on a gripping journey to the depths of the world’s oceans aboard a US submarine.

Nashua, NH 03063: The authors of the Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots series, Charles Hood and Frank Hood, are pleased to announce the launch of the More Sub Tales audiobook, available now exclusively on Amazon. The Poopie Suits Series includes eight books, each of which contains riveting firsthand accounts of what it’s really like to ride and live aboard a US Submarine. 

Each true story is a stand-alone tale spanning events from WWII to the Cold War and beyond. The new audio version of More Sub Tales is the second of four audiobooks from the series and contains 36 fascinating stories about the Silent Service and charts more than a century of seafaring. 

Narrator Joe Courtemanche is a sub vet himself and takes listeners below the surface to experience the real adventures sub-mariners live each day. He said, “These stories would be forgotten if it were not for the efforts of the Hood brothers. They should be shared.” 

Ordeals, sacrifices, and brave acts are covered in detail. With each story in the audio book vetted by a dozen sub vets, care has been taken to omit any classified information. But in no way does this safeguard get in the way of captivating storytelling.

“Fire on the Bonefish”, “The Kick”, “Captain Overboard”, “Depth Charging in WWII”, “How are Submarines Named?”, “Doc -the Corpsman on Every Boat” are just a few of the true stories contained within the audio book. 

The book has been written and is narrated in clear language to appeal to a wide-ranging audience beyond only those familiar with submarine service. Submarine jargon is explained with narration which takes listeners right to the heart of the action.

The More Sub Tales audio book is available from Amazon. To find out more, visit www.subtales.com or follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/2hoodssubbook

Here is an audio snippet from More Sub Tales: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz0_02byc2c