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QuietKat To Boost Support For Hunter Education

EAGLE, CO / AGILITYPR.NEWS / May 25, 2023 / QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) brand, is proud to announce that they will be donating products to help raise money for the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA). They join another Vista brand, Federal Ammunition, in their support and investment in hunter education through IHEA-USA.

IHEA-USA is dedicated to educating people of all ages and abilities about the benefits of hunting. Working with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as numerous nonprofit conservation groups, they help match experienced hunters and mentors with those hoping to learn more and hunt in their local area. Along with their printed publications, they also have websites such as LearnHunting.org and videos in their Hunters Connect line that help to educate and build confidence in new and learning hunters.

Executive Director of the IHEA-USA, Alex Baer, stated, “With the help of companies like QuietKat we can reach larger audiences and educate more people on how to safely hunt wild game as well as how fair chase hunting benefits the national ecosystem. This helps us promote a healthy and safe experience for everyone involved while achieving our educational mission to communicate about the positive impacts of hunting.”

“Hunting is the foundation of our company and for us to continue finding ways for QuietKat to recruit new hunters, young or old, is not just important but it’s a way for us to give back to a lifestyle and an industry that has given so much to us. IHEA-USA helps to conserve and safely teach practices that make it possible for all of us to enjoy our time outdoors but it also takes into consideration the future generations who will be enjoying it long after us.”, stated Jake Roach, President and Co-Founder of QuietKat. 

QuietKat was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake & Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado, with the goal of helping people to enjoy the outdoors more quietly than other traditional motorized methods. QuietKat is now part of the Vista family of brands, which includes Goldtip, Primos, Hoppes, Federal Ammunition, Remington and more. QuietKat has earned a reputation as a reliable and very rugged eBike built by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, establishing them as the top trusted eBike brand in the country. 

Contact QuietKat Marketing Director Michael Mayer for additional information @ Michael@quietkat.com or Justin Moore at jmoore@dangersoup.com for public and media relations. 


About Us

About QuietKat Founded in 2013 in Eagle, Colo., QuietKat is the leader in off-road electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Built for all-season utility, QuietKat electric bikes and accessories are designed to go further and explore more while carrying everything you need for your adventure. Riding a QuietKat e-bike has a low impact on the environment and a high return of utility and adventure. QuietKat strives to enhance the outdoor experience by building robust and reliable products with solid construction, powerful electric motors, and high performance in the field. QuietKat features a wide range of electric bikes and accessories including bags, racks, trailers, and everything you need for the outdoor lifestyle. For more information please visit www.QuietKat.com


About the IHEA-USA

The International Hunter Education Association – USA (IHEA-USA) is the professional hunter education association affiliated with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service hunter education programs. These programs employ 55,000 instructors, many of whom are volunteers, teaching hunting and shooting safety and responsibilities throughout the United States. For more information please visit www.ihea-usa.org.