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SGS Summarizes UK PSTI Enforcement Penalties

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / AGILITYPR.NEWS / May 15, 2024 / SGS, the world’s leading testing inspection and certification company, has published SafeGuardS 061.24 to remind stakeholders that from April 29, 2024, manufacturers of consumer IoT products selling in the United Kingdom must ensure conformity to the new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulations.

Enforced by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), the UK PSTI Act specifies cybersecurity requirements for manufacturers, importers and distributors of connectable consumer products. They are required to take diligent steps to understand and implement the required security measures.

Failure to conform could result in substantial monetary penalties, including for the purposes of section 36 the relevant maximum fine in relation to a person, is the greater of:

  1. £10 million
  2. 4% of the person’s qualifying worldwide revenue using the most recent complete accounting period for calculation

In addition, a penalty notice given in respect of a relevant breach may also incur a daily penalty to the Secretary of State within a specified period. This will not exceed GBP 20,000 for each day for which the relevant breach continues after the end of the period specified for payment of the fixed penalty.

SGS experts write SafeGuardS to keep stakeholders informed about regulatory and market changes that may impact their ability to trade. Stakeholders should look at SafeGuardS 061.24 to learn more about PSTI and the ways SGS Brightsight can help businesses trading in the UK.

SGS IoT Services

SGS Brightsight offers comprehensive evaluation solutions to help manufacturers and developers of IoT components, platforms and end devices ensure their products are safe and comply with relevant market requirements, including the UK PSTI and EU RED compliance for article 3.3 (d),(e),(f). Compliant products can display the SGS Cybersecurity Mark. After all, it’s only trusted because it’s tested. Learn more about SGS Brightsight.

SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full UK PSTI enforcement date approaches SafeGuardS.

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