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Saudi Ministry of Culture Announces Commencement of The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cultural Cooperation Award

BEIJING, CHINA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / March 29, 2024 / The Saudi Ministry of Culture has announced the commencement of The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cultural Cooperation Award between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People's Republic of China. The award will foster creative cultural cooperation and further cultural dialogue between Saudi Arabia and China, by supporting cultural convergence, and introducing both countries achievements to the academic, cultural, media, literary, and artistic communities.

The award recognises the contribution of Chinese and Saudi researchers, artists, linguists, and translators, and offer a grant to each winner, to support their valuable ongoing work. The program also enhances collaboration and shared creative production between the two nations.

Following today's announcement, a meeting between His Highness Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Saudi Minister of Culture, and Mr. Gong Qihuang, President of Peking University to emphasize Peking University’s pivotal role in furthering cultural collaboration between the Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China.

His Highness Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Saudi Minister of Culture, said: "The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cultural Cooperation Award is a fundamental pillar for building cultural bridges and enhancing bilateral ties between China and Saudi Arabia, through the arts, literature, and academic research. I am delighted to announce the commencement of the awards, which will celebrate the cultural heritage of our two countries and pave the way for ongoing partnership, encouraging a deeper appreciation and understanding."

A Beacon for Cultural Exchange


The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cultural Cooperation Award consists of four main categories:

Research and studies in cultural areas: Including intellectual, literary, historical, artistic, and social research

Artistic and creative works: Including literature, visual and musical arts, short films and technical or scientific creativity

Translations between the two languages of Arabic and Chinese: Including ISBN identified works in the fields of culture, history, literature, and the arts

The cultural personality of the year: Given to one individual from both countries, who has made an outstanding contribution to culture in terms of their creativity, knowledge and leadership

With the additional categories of Young Researcher, Young Creator, and Young Translator, designed to encourage Saudi and Chinese young people to engage in cross-cultural communication.

Nominations are accepted from Saudi and Chinese individuals as well as governmental, private, and non-profit institutions, and can be submitted by completing the nomination form that will be available on the award website.

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cultural Cooperation Award will culminate in an annual ceremony, celebrating the two nations shared cultural talent, and celebrating the winners in each category.


Notes to Editors:

About the Saudi Ministry of Culture:

Saudi Arabia has a vast history of arts and culture. The Ministry of Culture is developing Saudi Arabia’s cultural economy and enriching the daily lives of citizens, residents, and visitors.

Overseeing 11 sector-specific commissions, the Ministry works towards the support of and preservation of a vibrant culture that is true to its past and looks to the future by cherishing heritage and unleashing new and inspiring forms of expression for all.


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