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Solo Aging Expert To Speak At Retirement Planning Conference

Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, will be speaking at the September 24-26 Retirement Coaching Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sara’s talk will highlight why retirement planning is crucial for solo agers, those without adult children or other family to help them as they get older. Dr. Geber is the premier thought leader on Solo Aging in the United States today.

At the conference, Sara will be speaking to professional retirement coaches and others who help older adults have a smooth entry into the retirement phase of life and a solid plan for staying healthy and secure throughout the rest of their lives. Solo Agers have special needs in retirement planning. Coaching them requires a heightened understanding of those needs. Sara will be sharing highlights from her 2018 book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers, and emphasizing the role retirement coaches play in that planning.

Dr. Geber’s 2018 bestselling non-fiction book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers, was selected by the WSJ as a “best book on aging well” for 2018. Harry Moody, retired AARP vice president for academic affairs describes Sara’s book and her work as follows “When it comes to aging, you can’t count on your children, especially if you don’t have any! But help is on the way. Sara Geber has given remarkable guidance in her book on Solo Agers.”

Sara Zeff Geber is a Ph.D. in Human Behavior and a Certified Retirement Coach. She was named an “Influencer in Aging” for 2018 by PBS’ NextAvenue and is the co-author of two previous books on retirement and aging: Live Smart After 50 and Not Your Mother’s Retirement. She is a regular blogger for Forbes.com and has been featured in NextAvenue.com, USA Today, US News and World Report, ActiveOver50, SeniorCare.com, the Life Planning Network Journal (Q), Aging Without Borders, RetirementAndGoodLiving.com, Senior Planet, the Revolutionize Retirement podcast, the Wine Country Senior Hour Radio Show and more.

Dr. Geber is available for interviews and provide exeprts and review copies of her book. Her website is http://www.lifeencore.com/


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