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'The Last Screenwriter': First Ever Feature Film Written by AI to Premiere at Prince Charles Cinema, London


"Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?" "Can you?" This is perhaps one of the most memorable lines from 2004 science fiction film 'I, Robot'. Twenty years later, we find ourselves asking similar questions about artificial intelligence in real life - and seeking answers. Can artificial intelligence write a feature film? Would it be any good? 

Spotlight Media Productions has set out to answer that very question by producing the first ever feature film entirely written by AI - 'The Last Screenwriter'. 

This groundbreaking film will have its world premiere on Sunday, June 23rd, at 6PM at the prestigious Prince Charles Cinema in London. Following the screening, a post-film Q&A session with the cast and crew will take place, offering audiences an exclusive insight into this innovative project.

'The Last Screenwriter' explores the fascinating intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence, questioning what it means to be a storyteller in the digital age. At the centre of the story is Jack, a celebrated screenwriter who finds his world upended when he encounters a cutting-edge AI script-writing system. Initially sceptical, Jack soon realises the AI not only matches his skills but surpasses him in empathy and understanding of human emotions. Torn between his pride and fear of obsolescence, Jack is offered the chance to collaborate on a film solely written by AI. 

The film, which began as an experimental endeavour, aims to explore whether artificial intelligence can successfully write an entire feature film. Produced by a professional team, this 72-minute film seeks to make unprecedented contribution to the global filmmaking community, highlighting a unique moment in film history as AI technology reshapes the creative landscape. 

Director Peter Luisi said, "We are excited to premiere 'The Last Screenwriter' in such a fantastic venue. We hope the film will be a valuable contribution to the current discussion on AI in the film industry."

With tickets costing between £5 and £8, this is an event no film lover or AI enthusiast will want to miss. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit https://princecharlescinema.com/film/31616687/the-last-screenwriter-world-premiere.