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The US Consumer Products Safety Commission Approves Final Rule for Safety Standard for Stationary Activity Centers in the United States

Adopting ASTM F2012-18e1 (Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Stationary Activity Centers) with no changes, the United States’ (US) Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) approved a Final Rule, 16 CFR 1238, effective from December 18, 2019.


According to ASTM F2012-18e1  standard, an activity center is, “a freestanding product intended to remain stationary that enables a sitting or standing occupant whose torso is completely surrounded by the product to walk, rock, play, spin or bounce, or all of these, within a limited range of motion”.


The standard is composed of four parts:

  1. General requirements:
  • Hazardous sharp edges or points
  • Small parts
  • Wood Parts
  • Latching or locking mechanisms
  • Openings
  • Scissoring, shearing, pinching
  • Exposed coil springs
  • Labeling
  • Toys
  • Protective components
  • Spring supported stationary activity center
  • CPSIA requirements
  1. Performance requirements:
  • Structural integrity (dynamic and static load)
  • Leg openings
  • Stability
  • Motion resistance for open base stationary activity centers
  1. Marking and labeling
  2. Instructional literature


Testing for Compliancy to the Standard

As from December 18, 2019, all manufactured stationary activity centers must adhere to the requirements of 16 CFR 1238 and has to be 3rd party tested by a CPSC accepted test laboratory. SGS is proud to have CPSC 3rd party tested approved laboratories located around the world and are able to work with manufacturers of stationary activity centers according to their specific needs.


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