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Timeshare Resort Club la Costa World Gets Greedy for 2021 Maintenance Fees

UNITED KINGDOM / AGILITYPR.NEWS / September 25, 2020 / Covid-19 has thrown the world into chaos, financial markets have crashed, millions have lost their jobs, towns, cities and countries have been locked down and travel quarantines have been enforced.


Many of those who had holidays booked in 2020 have had them cancelled with hotels and flights refunded. Many timeshare owners were not so lucky being told that their 2020 maintenance fees that they paid in advance would not be refunded!


Another blow to thousands of timeshare owners wanting to travel to hotspots such as mainland Spain and the Canary Islands was the announcement of the 14-day quarantine on their return to the UK. This has had such a devastating effect that Jet2 have cancelled their schedule to Spain until November and alternative airlines have cut back on their flight schedules. 


For those determined to travel the current restrictions make for an unpleasant holiday experience. There doesn’t seem to be any end to the pandemic with more lockdowns and restrictions imposed and figures on the rise.

It therefore came as a surprise when we heard that Club la Costa World have just informed their members that their 2021 maintenance fees are now uploaded onto their client membership area ready to pay.


Even if you have been unable to book this year’s allocation, you still are required to pay your 2021 maintenance bill and who knows if the travel restrictions will still apply in 2021? There is a strong possibility they will!


Furthermore, Club La Costa in the same notification has informed owners that missed out on 2020 usage that they can roll this over to 2021. Assuming that travel restrictions are lifted in 2021, where will all this availability come from to fulfill two years of accommodation requirements in 2021?


So again, you are being asked to pay 2021 maintenance fees with no certainty that you will be able to travel, and even if you can travel there is no guarantee on availability.


So will you be paying your 2021 maintenance fees?

Club la Costa receives tens of millions of pounds in yearly management fees. Tour Operators have been forced to pay back funds to consumers yet timeshare resorts have pocketed all the funds and put their staff on furlough apart from some gardeners and security staff.

On the 23rd September, an email was circulated to all members from CLC Chairman Roy Peires with an update in which he informed owners of more options to use their membership to travel within the UK given the restrictions on overseas travel. Whilst some owners may appreciate that CLC are expanding their inventory options within the UK, most owners who purchased their ownerships in Spain did so to enjoy holidays in Spain and not the UK. This could be seen as a tactic to give relief from the impossible task of accommodating members with not near enough capacity in their resorts overseas, however a UK based Canal boat is not a like for like alternative for a 2 bed apartment in Spain overlooking the sea.

More and more owners of Spanish timeshares are looking to find out if they qualify to claim their money back. News of the exponential numbers of positive judgements and awards in the £millions are resulting in more and more owners finally believing this is a viable route to get out of their ownerships and claim money back!

Pictured: Mr & Mrs Bradshaw v Club la Costa World

European Consumer Claims associated firm of lawyers M1 Legal alone have achieved court success against Club la Costa World with 574 cases in the Spanish courts valued at £12.1million and awards totalling £1.7million

If you wish to discuss your timeshare problems or any other enquiries regarding your timeshare visit www.ecc-eu.com or email news@ecc-eu.com.

Source: European Consumer Claims