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US Sport Scholarships - A Reality for SA Learners

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / December 02, 2019 / Obtaining a United States sports scholarship may seem like a pipe dream for many South African students but Aspire Atlantic is turning aspirations into reality. 

The acclaimed US University Scholarship Agency is encouraging talented youngsters to pursue their dreams of becoming student-athletes in America. 


Aspire Atlantic has a reputation for bridging the gap between talent and providing learners with a viable and exciting opportunity after school. 

A US sports scholarship offers talented youth the platform to showcase their sporting prowess and earn an university degree concurrently.

While some high school learners may still be undecided about their plans after school, they need to begin investigating a sports scholarship in the United States between Grade 9 and 12.


As end-of-year exams wind down and South African students shift focus on their futures, this could include a US sports scholarship offering a global perspective while receiving further education.

Aspire Atlantic urges learners to do their international university search when in grade 10 of high school to ensure their academics, sports and extracurriculars are in order. 


Agency co-founder Tyler Hollingsworth said the exams represent the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

“Studying and pursuing a sports career in the United States is a life-changing experience for our Aspire Atlantic students,” Hollingsworth said.


The exams highlight the importance of earning good grades, especially with an eye on applying for a scholarship in the United States. 


Student-athletes should contact Aspire Atlantic for a consultation on what is required to apply for a scholarship and whether they qualify.

Expert recruitment consultants will assist them throughout the entire university procurement process. Aspire Atlantic helps students with a passion and a drive to achieve their dreams. 


Book a FREE consultation session now on WhatsApp on 064 957 2119 or sign up at https://www.aspireatlantic.com

Photo: Tyler Hollingsworth



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