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Zyler Virtual Try-On Test Launches on Moss Website

LONDON, UK / AGILITYPR.NEWS / April 02, 2024 / Anthropics Technology has announced a trial of its AI-powered virtual try-on technology Zyler with Moss, a leading UK retailer of men’s formalwear. As part of an A/B test, customers will now have the opportunity to experience this cutting edge AI technology firsthand. Zyler redefines the online shopping experience, offering users a realistic way to try on clothes without a physical product.

By uploading a headshot and inputting their measurements, shoppers can see themselves on the screen in various outfits. For retailers, this personalized approach not only increases browsing time but also results in higher engagement levels.

Powered by the latest advancements in AI, Zyler sets a new standard for virtual try-on experience. It creates a lifelike representation of the user, allowing them to see how different outfits appear on their unique body shape.

Anthropics’ CEO, Alexander Berend, is excited about the potential impact of Zyler Virtual Try-On on the men’s fashion industry: “By offering a more convenient and realistic experience for trying on clothes prior to purchasing, we believe Zyler has the potential to redefine the entire landscape of the menswear industry. Our goal is to empower customers with a seamless, lifelike virtual try-on experience that not only enhances their shopping journey but also increases confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

This innovative AI technology is set to give retailers an advantage in a competitive market and also serves as a valuable tool for boosting customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more about Zyler Virtual Try-On, please visit: www.zyler.com. Please contact press@zyler.com with any media queries.

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About Zyler

Zyler is an AI-powered virtual try-on solution for fashion brands and retailers that allows customers to try on clothing in just a few simple steps. Zyler was created by Anthropics Technology, an AI technology solutions company and the world leader in AI clothing software, based in London, UK. Virtual try-on helps customers discover styles and outfits and is designed to improve the shopping experience. Only a headshot and sizing information are required for the customer to start trying on clothes virtually on the retailer’s website or in-store. Further details can be found at https://www.zyler.com/. 


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